Wednesday's CBS Evening News With Katie Couric and Thursday's Early show completely ignored any mention of the fact that the deficit has risen to a staggering $1.4 trillion, triple what it was a year ago. The Early Show, however, did find time to report the incredibly important news that Levi Johnston will be posing for Playgirl. Just one year ago, on October 7, 2008, Katie Couric made sure to single out the " record federal deficit ." She intoned, "Today the Congressional Budget Office reported the red ink totaled $438 billion for the budget year that ended last week. Now,... continue reading
Following the talking points of the Democratic Party, at the top of Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez declared a win for health care legislation being pushed by Montana Senator Max Baucus: "President Obama's health care plan gets a green light from the Congressional Budget Office, as a key bill not only pays for itself, but actually saves billions." Rodriguez later introduced a report on the CBO estimates by declaring: "This morning Democratic leaders are cheering a report that shows that the Senate Finance Committee's health care bill actually saves money." Correspondent Nancy Cordes followed: "The new bill would... continue reading
Proving yet again how out of touch the publication can be, the October 12 issue of Newsweek seriously asked the question: " Was Russia Better Off Red ?" The "Back Story" page of the magazine featured a graphic comparing life under communism to now and bizarrely asserted: "Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia has seen an increase in oligarchs and Louis Vuitton outlets. But by many other measures, Russians are worse off." Yes, despite the fact that 20 million people were murdered in Soviet Russia, this unsigned feature in Newsweek contrasted the crime rate under communism,... continue reading
Hard-left "anti-war" protesters - so far to the left that they're protesting Barack Obama - were awarded the top left of The Washington Post on Wednesday. This "event" protesting the eighth anniversary of war in Afghanistan not only topped page one, it covered about 75 percent of page A6, including four color photographs. The headline was "For Antiwar Protesters, the Cause Isn't Lost: But Will D.C. Rally Spark Groundswell?" Post reporter Eli Saslow softly implied it wasn't going well, that "this time the organizers believed they could revive the beleaguered anti-war movement, once such a force in U.S. policy. The... continue reading
MSNBC's Contessa Brewer on Wednesday angrily agreed with Democratic claims that the National Republican Congressional Committee made a sexist slam against Nancy Pelosi. Appearing on Morning Meeting, Brewer attacked the critique of the House Speaker as "not good" and a "poor move." After recounting how the GOP organization released a statement mocking the Democrat as "General Pelosi" and hoping that the top commander in Afghanistan will "put her in her place," a visibly annoyed Brewer complained, " Really? Put the first female Speaker of the House in her place? Not good. " (Pelosi had given an interview in which she... continue reading
"You can't see it, but there's a quiet cultural revolution under way at the White House," gushed the AP's Nancy Benac in the lead to her Tuesday night dispatch headlined: " Modern art hits 1600 Pa. Ave ." Benac heralded: The Obamas are decorating their private spaces with more modern and abstract artwork than has ever hung on the White House walls. New pieces by contemporary African-American and Native American artists are on display. Bold colors, odd shapes, squiggly lines have arrived. In the celebration of the kind of art the Obamas have chosen to display in office and residential... continue reading
For the second night, CBS devoted time in its " Afghanistan: The Road Ahead " series - which consumed the entirety of Tuesday's CBS Evening News - to stressing how the decision to go into Iraq undermined success in Afghanistan. Lara Logan, CBS's chief foreign correspondent, rued "the U.S. allowed Osama bin Laden to escape from the Tora Bora mountains" and then, in endorsing the view she credited to "many," she contended: What many here see as the gravest error of all: Afghans were wary as the U.S. turned its attention to invading Iraq. And they were right. Everything from... continue reading
Democratic strategist Paul Begala can be relied upon to use the "drug card" against Rush Limbaugh whenever the talk radio host is brought up, and he was true to form on Tuesday's Situation Room. When anchor Wolf Blitzer asked what it would mean if Limbaugh bought the St. Louis Rams, Begala snarked: " Just don't put him in charge of the team's drug policy....Don't give him access to that medicine cabinet " [audio clip from the segment is available here ]. Blitzer brought up Limbaugh just after the bottom of the 6 pm Eastern hour during in a panel discussion... continue reading
NBC's Ann Curry, on Tuesday's Today show, called longtime liberal White House correspondent Helen Thomas her "inspiration." As part of an ongoing series "Today's Mentors and Inspirations," Curry visited the former UPI reporter and current Hearst columnist in Washington and offered a bouquet of a profile to her hero as, over video of Thomas challenging former presidents Curry gushed: CURRY: Affectionately called the First Lady of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas has made 10 presidents sweat- HELEN THOMAS: Charged with perjury- CURRY: -stammer- GEORGE W. BUSH: That's where, that's where- CURRY: -and answer to the people. She first... continue reading
According to ABC correspondent Claire Shipman, the botched Olympic bid by Barack Obama is actually a "good" thing for the President. Writing an online column for True/Slant, Shipman (see file photo at right) bizarrely spun, "It would have been great had he come home a winner. Great for all of us. But maybe not so much for him. Why? Because then he would have then [sic] really irked his critics." Continuing this theory that a loss by Obama will calm some sort of seething rage, the Good Morning America reporter added, "They're [critics] already secretly and not so secretly peeved... continue reading