Then: Barack Obama "wants the country to fail." Now: "He might be guiding us in the wrong direction." Legendary singer Andy Williams has backed off the sharp edge of his criticism of President Obama. About three weeks after he told a British magazine "Obama is following Marxist theory" and "wants the country to fail," Williams, prompted by ABC's Chris Cuomo on Tuesday's Good Morning America to agree he was "taken out of context," concurred: "Well that's taken out of context, a lot of it." Williams complained "it was an interview that I made to a reporter by phone in London... continue reading
In the second part of her interview with Rush Limbaugh, on Tuesday's Today show, NBC's Jamie Gangel attempted to broker a beer summit between the radio talk show host and the President. Gangel, during the mostly friendly interview with Limbaugh, suggested a meeting between the two to promote "more unity," as seen in the following exchange: JAMIE GANGEL: Do you think the Republicans can win? RUSH LIMBAUGH: Yes. GANGEL: Do you think they will win? LIMBAUGH: Too soon to say but I think it's entirely possible. We do have Obama, and he's truly polarizing the country. So, there will be... continue reading
For the second time on Monday, in the 3 PM EDT hour MSNBC cited a dubious "quote" from Rush Limbaugh in which the conservative radio host supposedly said that "slavery had its merits." The source? A linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Discussing Limbaugh's interest in owning the St. Louis Rams, News Live host David Shuster asserted that "James Farrior says Limbaugh should be denied the privilege of owning an NFL franchise for comments like 'slavery had its merits.'" An onscreen graphic appeared that read "Limbaugh remarks: Slavery 'had its merits.'" In the bottom corner of the screen, the citation is... continue reading
NBC's Today show on Sunday devoted a three-minute report to President Obama's speech to "gay rights" proponents, where he promised a repeal of the military's 'don't ask, don't tell" policy. The report had several sound bites from homosexual critics of the President, and none from proponents of keeping the policy. On the other hand, ABC's GMA on Sunday had only one 23-second news brief on Obama's speech. Correspondent Mike Viqueira's report on President Obama's speech to the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign opened the NBC morning show. Viqueira featured seven sound bites total during the segment- two each from Michelangelo Signorile,... continue reading
Add USA Today to the growing list of media outlets smearing Rush Limbaugh as a racist to support their opposition to Limbaugh becoming an NFL team owner as part of a group bidding to purchase the St. Louis Rams. In a column featured on page 3 of Monday's Sports section, Drew Sharp, a columnist for the Detroit Free Press - which like USA Today is owned by Gannett - declared "the NFL should pass on Rush." Sharp argued: The league cannot be that hamstrung in finding deep-pocketed financiers that it's left with no alternative but embracing someone whose occupational practice... continue reading
Speaking with political analyst John Dickerson on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith asked about the latest Obama administration attack on Fox News: "Anita Dunn, the communications director for the White House, pushed back against Fox. This is the first time that we've seen somebody really come out, out loud and say what she had to say....Now there seems to be a full frontal assault." Dickerson replied by describing the White House mud slinging as a win-win: "..the White House website where they talked about the 'lies of Fox News,' which is stronger language than you usually hear. This... continue reading
On Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez declared: "Washington's largest gay rights rally in a decade puts pressure on President Obama." Co-host Harry Smith later introduced the story: "An issue that was on the back burner for President Obama suddenly got turned up to high over the weekend. Thanks to a group that is normally supportive of the President, gay rights activists." The Early Show coverage failed to label the protestors as being liberal or part of the left-wing base of the Democratic Party. Instead, they were simply referred to as "gay rights supporters." White House correspondent Bill Plante... continue reading
MSNBC on Monday featured the Nation magazine's sports editor to rant against Rush Limbaugh as a "unreconstructed racist," a "swine" and also lobby that the conservative host shouldn't be allowed to purchase the St. Louis Rams football team. Morning Meeting guest host Contessa Brewer completely ignored the left-wing affiliation of Dave Zirin and identified him only as "sports writer." [Audio available here .] Raging against the idea that the Limbaugh might soon own a football team, Zirin asserted that the issue is " about having somebody in an NFL owners box who [players] know views them with naked and open... continue reading
Hardly shocking news, but it's always good to note for the record whenever a mainstream media journalist admits - or boasts - of voting for the more liberal presidential candidate. The Nobel Peace Prize going to President Barack Obama prompted such an admission from long-time Washington Post reporter Ruth Marcus, the paper's deputy national editor from 1999 through 2002 ( bio ) and now a columnist. In an opinion piece in the Saturday Post, Marcus called the selection "ridiculous - embarrassing, even." Then she offered up what gives her the credibility to make such a judgment: I admire President Obama... continue reading
Veteran reporter Thomas Edsall is again sounding the alarm on the political imbalance of today's news media, though his proposed solution, illustrated by the headline to his Thursday post at Columbia Journalism Review, might not satisfy critics: " Journalism Should Own Its Liberalism ." Edsall, now a professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, was quite the liberal reporter himself during his days as national political correspondent for the Washington Post. Yet he has also long seen a problem with modern media's clear liberal tilt. The floodtide of e-mails and letters to New York Times ombudsman Clark Hoyt after... continue reading