Showing that the media sees every act by the Obamas as an historic achievement, at the end of Sunday's Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer was amazed by the romping of First Lady Michelle Obama: "Michelle Obama took it to another level as she set records as the first First Lady to run barefoot across the White House lawn. She also became the first to jump rope there." Schieffer began his pointless rambling by looking at how past first ladies, all wives of Democratic presidents, shaped the position: There was a time when presidential wives were seen on occasion but... continue reading
In the midst of all the elite upset over the Fox News Channel's supposedly over-the-top opposition to President Barack Obama, Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz pointed out in a Saturday story across the top of the "Style" section that the apparent two finalists to replace Diane Sawyer (who is moving to World News in January) on Good Morning America "have politics, but little else, in common." Liberal Democratic politics, that is, since the two names in play are George Stephanopoulos and Chris Cuomo . Kurtz began his October 24 story: "One helped elect a president, the other grew up... continue reading
On Sunday's CBS Evening News, political analyst John Dickerson brushed aside criticism from former Vice President Dick Cheney that the Obama administration was "dithering" on Afghanistan: " puts Cheney out there as a kind of boogie man the administration can point to. He's not terribly popular outside of conservative some ways, Dick Cheney is a gift for the White House." Dickerson, who is a contributing writer for the left-leaning blog, has also filled in for Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer twice in the last six months, on the October 18 and July 5 broadcasts. He was responding... continue reading
The Washington Post, which features the motto "An independent newspaper" at the top of its editorial page, endorsed Democratic candidates in 22 of 26 races for the November 3 elections in Virginia. In addition to supporting the Democrats running for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, the paper on Friday , Saturday and Sunday weighed in on the state's House of Delegates races and picked 19 Democrats and only four Republicans. The Post, which for months has been attacking Bob McDonnell, the GOP's nominee for governor, also relied on very personal, angry attacks against most of the Republicans in the... continue reading
Discussing the Obama White House's quest to discredit and banish the Fox News Channel, NPR's Nina Totenberg declared going "on the offensive publicly against Fox was not too bright" and she recalled how, in contrast, the Bush White House "just cut people dead, it froze them out, you know it froze whole institutions out, didn't talk about it." Putting it in the most-nefarious light, she charged on the weekly Inside Washington: "It was much more like the Mob." Seemingly ruing Team Obama's miscue in not matching the Bush method, Totenberg asserted that "when you talk about it, you diminish your... continue reading
"They report and the White House decides it's not fair. The President's feud with the Fox News Channel," Katie Couric teased at the top of Friday's CBS Evening News in the first broadcast network newscast foray into the subject. Plugging the story before an ad break, she flipped the emphasis on which party is acting unfairly: "The White House singles out and freezes out the Fox News Channel. Is that fair?" As if both parties are equally at fault, Couric asserted: "We've never seen anything quite as intense as the feud between President Obama and the Fox News Channel." Veteran... continue reading
Conservative columnist Ann Coulter debated no less than two former Clinton operatives on Friday's Good Morning America, guest host George Stephanopoulos and former State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin. On the show, she decried President Obama's handling of Afghanistan as a "Hamlet routine." Despite facing off against two liberals, Coulter went on the attack. She labeled 2009 as a "year where it's still Bush protecting us from terrorism. But the next four years, Obama's going around creating disasters across the world. He is lighting matches and throwing in gasoline." Interrupting Rubin's defense of the Obama White House's Afghanistan policy, Stephanopoulos, who... continue reading
NBC's Brian Williams allocated a few seconds Thursday night to how a new Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey discovered the percent of Americans who, in his words, "believe there's solid evidence of global warming...has dropped off significantly" while "the number of people who say they don't believe in climate change at all has doubled in that time." (If it's a scientific issue, what does "belief" have to do with it?) But instead of crediting Americans for recognizing the media-fueled case global warming is a threat has been undermined by reality since global temperatures have not... continue reading
MSNBC anchors David Shuster and Tamron Hall on Thursday lashed out at a speech Dick Cheney gave that was critical of Barack Obama, speculating on whether the Vice President is of a "rational, healthy mind. " Attempting to attack the Bush administration's handling of Afghanistan for eight years, News Live co-host Tamron Hall dismissed, "Is it selective amnesia?" Shuster and Hall seemed particularly upset over Cheney's speech on October 21 where the Vice President accused Obama of "dithering" on an Afghanistan strategy and also being "afraid" of making a decision. Talking to Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff, Hall bristled, "As a... continue reading
Discussing Obama administration efforts to limit executive pay in companies that took TARP funds, on Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith asked Congressional Oversight Panel Chair Elizabeth Warren: "Chuck Schumer, some others, have said...why wouldn't we...make this law across the board and put a governor on compensation for everybody in private enterprise?'" Warren seemed very open to the idea: "Well you know, it reminds us that there is a compensation problem in American industry....executive compensation right now is - has got the wrong set of incentives in it....what we really need to do are change the basic laws to... continue reading