Reporter David Herszenhorn posted early Thursday afternoon on the paper's health care blog from an anti-Obama-care rally taking place on Capitol Hill. His unsympathetic description of the protest, organized by conservative Rep. Michele Bachmann, started with the meant-to-be-menacing image painted by his lyrical headline: " On the Hill, Protesters Chant 'Kill the Bill' " Thousands of opponents of the Democrats' health care legislation are gathered outside the Capitol, for a noon news conference and rally led by Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, and the chants are already underway, echoing across the Mall. "Kill the bill!" they are shouting. "Kill... continue reading
On June 12, 1987, as the liberal media elite were toasting the leader of the Soviet Union as a great champion of progress, President Ronald Reagan stood at the Berlin Wall and challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to put his money where his mouth was: "General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" Gorbachev did not open the gate or tear down the Berlin Wall, but two years later the people of... continue reading
During the 2009 Virginia gubernatorial election, the Washington Post waged a relentless campaign to defeat Republican Bob McDonnell. Starting on Wednesday, after the GOP nominee received almost 59 percent of the vote, the newspaper began dispensing advice: Raise taxes. On Wednesday, a Post editorial assessed the "lessons" of the election and whined, "We remain skeptical of the flimsy filigree he passed off as a transportation plan, which rejects any fresh taxes to pay for new roads. But by dint of his victory he has earned the right to show it will work." [Emphasis added.] Even though voters overwhelmingly opposed the... continue reading
CBS's Bob Schieffer on Wednesday night offered the hindsight that everyone knew the Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Virginia and New Jersey would lose, they did lose and so the losses mean nothing. "I think what we saw last night were snap shots. I don't think we saw predictors," Schieffer declared on the CBS Evening News in absolving President Obama of any culpability. "I don't think they told us much except that people are very frustrated out in the country." And that, apparently, has nothing to do with Obama. Schieffer recited what happened with remarkable prescience: In Virginia, "they run someone... continue reading
The New York Times' Election Day 2009 coverage emphasized three liberal themes: # The Republicans won by appearing moderate. # The congressional race in upstate New York revealed deep divisions within the G.O.P. # These off-year elections don't mean much anyway (except when Democrats win). Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney modeled the NYT's conventional wisdom on Campaign 2009 perfectly, emphasizing all three of the Times' campaign themes in his Wednesday "news analysis," " A Year After Dousing, Republicans' Hope Is Rekindled ." The text box: "Republicans win but face continued upheaval." First, Nagourney recited the "deep divisions" cliche: The Republican... continue reading
How much is a Washington Post endorsement worth? Not a lot, apparently. The Post endorsed 26 candidates in Virginia's November 4 elections. Only 12 of them won. The liberal newspaper's picks for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, all Democrats, lost, averaging only 42.4 percent of the vote. Almost 239,000 Virginians voted against the wishes of this establishment news outlet. The Post lobbied heavily for their gubernatorial candidate, Creigh Deeds (who received only 41.2 percent of the vote), offering a seemingly endless number of stories about Republican Bob McDonnell and a thesis he wrote in 1989. (McDonnell garnered 58.6 percent... continue reading
Maine's successful referendum to repeal a newly-imposed "same-sex marriage" law would have been a huge national story if the gay left had won. But since they narrowly lost, the broadcast network morning shows on Wednesday barely acknowledged it. In fact, NBC avoided the news for its entire four hours of Today. The Early Show on CBS offered 20 words from Jeff Glor early in the show: "In Maine, a loss for supporters of gay marriage yesterday. Voters voted down a law that had legalized same-sex marriage." ABC's Good Morning America led the pack with two quick mentions. In the first... continue reading
Former Democratic aide turned journalist George Stephanopoulos appeared on Wednesday's Good Morning America to spin the loss of a Conservative Party congressional candidate in New York as a " big loss for Sarah Palin. " He enthused, " A big win for the Democrats who poured it on in the final days especially Vice President Biden who came in the final day. " Stephanopoulos seemed much more animated in discussing the New York race than he did the Republican gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia. He extolled, "The bottom line, when there is a civil war inside the Republican... continue reading
UPDATE: At 10:15AM ET during America's Newsroom on Fox News Channel, co-host Martha MacCallum reported that in a gaggle with reporters Wednesday morning White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs claimed that President Obama did not watch election results Tuesday night but rather watched an HBO special about his 2008 campaign. A tipster contacted NewsBusters questioning that report and after having acquired a transcript of the press gaggle, we have confirmed that the Fox News report was incorrect and Gibbs did not make any such statement. Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett corrected the record during Studio B in the... continue reading
NBC's David Gregory, on Wednesday's Today show, downplayed the huge GOP wins in New Jersey and Virginia as merely reflecting the "anti-incumbency mood," and "the change message that Obama" started last year. Gregory, however, did play up Democrat Bill Owens' win over Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the New York 23 congressional race, and even more absurdly Bob McDonnell's win in Virginia as evidence that the Republican's path to victory is to go moderate, as the Meet the Press host postulated: "What's striking is you have the results in New York 23, which Democrats will hold up as a... continue reading