Newsweek's Evan Thomas regretted the Fort Hood mass murderer, Major Nidal Hasan, is a Muslim because of how that reality will be abused by conservatives. On this weekend's Inside Washington, Thomas, now Editor at Large with Newsweek after stints as Assistant Managing Editor and Washington bureau chief, rued: I cringe that he's a Muslim . I mean, because it inflames all the fears. I think he's probably just a nut case. But with that label attached to him, it will get the right wing going and it just - I mean these things are tragic, but that makes it much... continue reading
On Saturday's Huckabee show on FNC, host Mike Huckabee interviewed the former director of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Texas, Abby Johnson, who became a pro-life activist after witnessing an ultrasound of an abortion while she assisted in a procedure. She charged that the abortion provider tries to "increase the number of abortions they do" for the purpose of making money, and described the emotional experience of watching an unborn baby at 13 weeks pregnancy "trying to get away" as its life was being ended. Johnson: "I saw the probe going into the woman's uterus. And at that moment,... continue reading
Noting Monday's 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw claimed on Sunday's Today show that East Germans were "still adjusting to the harsh economic realities" of life after communism. But a recent poll of former East bloc countries by the Pew Research Center actually discovered that the people of what was East Germany are actually the biggest enthusiasts of the shift to capitalism, with 82% approving, higher than any other ex-communist country. Brokaw did note, however, that the current "center-right" Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, was "born and raised in East... continue reading
ABC doubled the length of its evening newscast on Friday night and World News used its second half hour to suggest an exculpatory reason behind Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan's mass killing at Fort Hood - as anchor Charles Gibson reasoned "treating the mentally wounded can be stressful" - then to devote a story to the plight of Muslim soldiers: "It's not easy for anyone serving in the armed forces these days, but with America fighting Islamic enemies overseas, Muslim troops face a unique burden." Reporter Bill Weir despaired: The Pentagon has made a real concerted effort to create a military... continue reading
Appearing on the Dr. Nancy program on MSNBC Friday, NBC News terrorism analyst Roger Cressy warned against labeling the mass shooting at Ft. Hood as terrorism, despite the apparent radical views of the shooter: "We've heard some family references that he was being criticized for his Muslim faith, that's all we know right now.... It's still premature to draw the terrorism conclusion." Prior to Cressy's assessment, host Dr. Nancy Snyderman spoke with Dr. Stevan Hobfoll, director of the Traumatic Stress Center at Rush University Medical Center and asked about the mental health of the attacker, Major Nidal Hasan. Hobfoll made... continue reading
All three morning shows on Friday identified the man who killed 12 at an Army base in Texas as a Muslim. However, Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer repeated a concern from Thursday's World News: "... We heard Martha Raddatz say last night that the wife of a soldier said 'I wish his name had been Smith,' so no one would have a reflexive question about [a religious motive]. " In comparison, on Thursday's CBS Evening News and NBC's Nightly News both programs failed to reveal the religious faith of Hasan. GMA, as well as CBS's Early Show and NBC's Today,... continue reading
Despite the mass shooting at Fort Hood, the ABC, CBS and NBC newscasts Thursday night squeezed in full stories pegged to a "kill the bill" anti-Pelosi/ObamaCare rally outside the U.S. Capitol attended by "angry protesters" as all the stories a lso stressed how President Obama got a "boost" from "big," "powerful" "key" and "major" endorsements from the AARP and AMA. NBC's Brian Williams contrasted "big endorsements by two influential groups" with "a big, noisy rally urging lawmakers to just say no," while reporter Kelly O'Donnell minimized the conservative event as "a few thousand protesters." ABC's Jonathan Karl, however, recognized how... continue reading
Neither the CBS Evening News nor NBC Nightly News, in their East coast feeds Thursday night, noted the Muslim religious beliefs of the mass killer at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas, but ABC anchor Charles Gibson wasn't cowed by political correctness as he teased World News, "Fort Hood tragedy: An Army officer, a Muslim convert, is the suspect in a shooting spree..." Introducing his first story, Gibson referred to how Major Nidal Malik Hasan "an army officer, a Muslim, opened fire with handguns..." (With a range of frequency, during late afternoon/early evening coverage, CNN, FNC and MSNBC all... continue reading
Thursday's CBS Early Show looked back at 1954 as part of its 'Time Machine' series, with co-host Harry Smith praising former CBS anchor Edward R. Murrow for taking on Senator Joseph McCarthy: "McCarthy was on a kind of a witch hunt. Ed Murrow boldly recognized that and took him on....It was very gutsy and very risky on Murrow's part.... McCarthy was a bully. Ed Murrow said 'I'm not going to stand for it.'" Smith made the comments during a pre-taped video montage in which he and the other Early Show co-hosts reminisced about the time period. The montage concluded with... continue reading
Scott Wolf, the star of a new show about evil aliens who use superficial journalists to take over the planet, appeared on Monday's Good Morning America and compared his "morally compromised" character to real-life CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. The V star asserted that "Chad Decker" doesn't have much "gravitas" and added, " He's more of Anderson Cooper-y ." In the program, which premiered November 3 on ABC, Wolf's fictional reporter scored an exclusive interview with "Anna," the lead alien, who is secretly plotting to take over the planet. She instructed him, " Just be sure not to ask anything that... continue reading