Chris Matthews got together with the Politico's Jeanne Cummings and the Chicago Tribune's Clarence Page to look down their collective noses at the concept of Sarah Palin as a writer on Tuesday's Hardball, with Matthews even questioning the former vice presidential candidate's mental state as he pondered: "Is this delusion here?" After playing a clip of Barbara Walters' interview with Palin, in which Palin says of a possible talk show hosting gig that she'd "rather write than talk," the MSNBC host called the idea "daffy," and Cummings giggled, "It's all illusion and delusion. Smoke and mirrors everywhere!" while Page insultingly... continue reading
NBC and CBS's morning shows on Tuesday completely ignored the revelation that the Obama administration's website claims to have saved or created jobs in congressional districts that don't exist. ABC's Good Morning America devoted 21 seconds to the developing story. On , Jonathan Karl wrote, "In Arizona's 15th congressional district, 30 jobs have been saved or created with just $761,420 in federal stimulus spending." There is no 15th congressional district in Arizona. On Monday night's World News, the network did manage a full report by Karl. He elaborated, "And it lists $34 million spent in Arizona's 86th district... continue reading
Only four days after airing faked photographs purporting to be of Sarah Palin wearing a bikini and holding a gun, MSNBC hosts on Tuesday decided they were qualified to fact check the ex-governor of Alaska. Contessa Brewer chided Palin's new memoir: " But can this book really be classified as fact, fiction or a little of both? Okay, so here is a bit of fact-checking ." Brewer, who was part of the Morning Meeting segment on Friday that also featured a doctored photo of Palin's head on the body of someone wearing a black mini-skirt, delighted in mentioning John McCain... continue reading
On Tuesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez previewed an exclusive interview with Levi Johnston on the CBS entertainment show, The Insider: "Levi Johnston says he is winning the war of words between Sarah Palin and him. We'll hear from him." Later, correspondent for The Insider, Chris Jacobs, declared: "Sarah Palin lashing out at Levi and now Levi fires back." Rodriguez has conducted three exclusive interviews with the estranged father of Palin's grandson in the last six months, the latest on October 29 . In The Insider interview, Johnston is given the opportunity to continue his vicious, personal, and unsubstantiated... continue reading
NBC's Matt Lauer, on Tuesday's Today show, actually asked Lou Dobbs, formerly of CNN, if he and the network parted ways because he was "too conservative" and if CNN was okay with Dobbs' push for immigration reform when he was attacking George W. Bush but wasn't happy when Dobbs started slamming the Obama administration on the issue, as he queried the former CNN host, "You got much less kickback from CNN than when you started to speak out about the policies of Barack Obama. So, was this an issue that CNN wants to appear neutral but maintain a more liberal... continue reading
On CBS's Sunday Morning, New York Daily News Washington correspondent James Meek related President Obama's visit to the graves of Iraq and Afghanistan war dead at Arlington National Cemetery: "Now, cynics may say this was just an Obama photo-op. But they weren't there looking him in the eye. I saw a man fully carrying the heavy burden of command on a weighty day." In an article Meeks wrote for the Daily News on Thursday , he used harsher terms to denounce any "cynics" critical of Obama's visit: "If they'd been standing in my boots looking him in the eye, they... continue reading
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan apologized on Monday for using photoshopped images of Sarah Palin firing a gun while wearing a bikini. The pictures, which were first brought to light on NewsBusters , appeared during a November 13 segment on the former governor and also included a doctored photo of the Republican in a black mini-skirt. The Morning Meeting host explained, " I want to apologize to Governor Palin and all of our viewers. On Friday, in a very misguided attempt to have some fun in advance of Sarah Palin's upcoming book Going Rogue, our staff mistakenly used some clearly photoshopped images... continue reading
ABC's Good Morning America finally picked up on the deep bow President Obama performed for the Emperor of Japan over the weekend. Co-host Diane Sawyer ran through how other U.S. Presidents have greeted either Emperor Akhito or his father, the late Emperor Hirohito over the years - some bowing, some not. Sawyer claimed that Americans are "not trained to greet royalty" and "it's just too confusing." Actually, the government employs lots of experts on culture and protocol to make sure that our presidents are fully "trained" on what to do when they represent our government overseas - which is not... continue reading
Good Morning America on Monday began a week of coverage on Sarah Palin's new book by repeatedly fact checking claims from the Republican and highlighting a attack by the liberals' favorite "conservative," New York Times columnist David Brooks. Reporter Kate Snow asserted that "even conservatives are on the attack" against Palin. She then played a clip of Brooks from Sunday's This Week , who has previously gone after Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others: "Yeah, she's a joke. I mean I just can't take her seriously. The idea that this potential talk show host is considered seriously for the Republican... continue reading
Appearing on Monday's CBS Early Show to discuss Sarah Palin's upcoming book tour, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer dismissed the former vice presidential candidate's political ambitions: "I think she's going to sell a lot of books. I think she'll be a great attraction out, you know, as an amusement....But I can't imagine that she has much future in politics. I really don't." Early Show co-host Harry Smith began by asking Schieffer about Palin's criticism of the McCain campaign in her book, 'Going Rogue.' Schieffer responded: "Well, this is Sarah Palin's turn to get even....I don't think it's going to... continue reading