At first glance it appeared that NBC's Meredith Vieira and David Gregory, on Friday's Today show, did a decent job of recounting all of the struggles the Obama administration is dealing with from unemployment to foreign policy, but ultimately the pair concluded, in every instance, they weren't actual problems, but merely problems of " perception ." First up Vieira mentioned Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner being criticized on Capitol Hill for 10.2 percent unemployment, something that Gregory wrote off as simply " a perception problem that the administration has to deal with." Then on Obama's recent trip overseas Vieira queried Gregory:... continue reading
One year ago tonight, Thursday, November 20 - like today, the Thursday one week before Thanksgiving - MSNBC ridiculously plastered "BREAKING NEWS" on-screen for video of Sarah Palin at a turkey farm just after pardoning one, running more than three minutes of video of some turkeys being slaughtered by a man in the background behind her. Palin, then just weeks off the presidential campaign trail, was simply answering questions from reporters in her role as Governor of Alaska. Filling in as host of Countdown, David Shuster scolded Palin: "She neglected to notice what was happening directly behind her - in... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Thursday's Hardball, took GOP Congresswoman Virginia Foxx to task for claiming that Republicans "passed civil rights bills in the sixties" as he accused her of having a bad memory, going as far as to compare her to one of the androids from the science fiction classic Blade Runner : Up next wait 'til you hear the latest from Congresswoman, whoa! Wait 'til you catch this. Well this is another version of The Dream, let's put it that way. This is Virginia Foxx, in action. She's actually trying to say - remember this? It was the Republicans, don't... continue reading
On Thursday's CBS Early Show, after Rudy Giuliani suggested the Obama administration was trying to "satisfy left-wing critics" by trying 9/11 terrorists in civilian court, incredulous co-host Harry Smith saw no such connection: "But Hang on. So it's - so the idea of them being tried in open court is a left-wing political agenda?" Smith began the interview with the former New York City Mayor by skeptically wondering: "You said yesterday that this was a political decision. How is it - do you think it's a political decision?" Giuliani responded: "Well, it's a political decision because I believe that this... continue reading
ABC's Robin Roberts on Thursday pressed a government official on rationing and a new recommendation that women under the age of 50 shouldn't get regular mammograms. Talking to one of report's authors, she chided, "Dr. [Thomas] Wilt, you know many are feeling that this is trying to save money, that this is a political move." Roberts challenged Wilt, who is with the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force. Although she didn't specifically use the word rationing, the implication was clear: "You are an independent panel, but federally funded independent panel. How do you respond to those who feel that this is... continue reading
NBC's Chuck Todd and CBS's Chip Reid both concluded their interviews with President Obama conducted in Beijing by worrying about the "stress" of his job. "He laughed off the speculation about his reported weight loss," Todd relayed on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, "but admitted the burden of the office does weigh on him." The online video of the entire interview disclosed Todd's obsequious inquiry: I've had a couple people ask me this at NBC, are you losing weight, do you feel the stress? Where is this coming from? Or at the one-year point, do you feel like, "Oh my... continue reading
MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell on Wednesday interrogated a young woman who supported Sarah Palin in 2008, demanding this new voter explain her reasons for admiring the ex-Alaska governor. "What is it that you most like about her? What policy," she grilled. [Audio can be found here .] When this Palin fan, Jackie Seal, applauded the Republican for "uphold[ing] the Constitution," O'Donnell insistently queried, "Specifically?" The correspondent, who filed her report from a mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan, had a cue card with her and read a quote pointing out that Palin supported the bailout of Wall Street. She repeatedly brought this... continue reading
MSNBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman appeared on Wednesday's Morning Joe and justified reducing the number of women in their 40s who get mammograms. "No, it is rationing. Let's be clear ," she admitted. Confusing private actions by American citizens and the government, the Dr. Nancy host compared, " But, you ration what food you eat. You ration how much sleep you get. And this is saying we should question about how we spend our health care dollars ." Of course, the government doesn't control how much food and sleep Americans get. Host Joe Scarborough made the same point, though he didn't... continue reading
Citing an interview the President gave to White House correspondent Chip Reid, at the top of Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith declared: "An outraged President Obama says heads may roll when he returns from Asia, telling CBS News he's furious over leaks about Afghanistan." The leaks in question have highlighted the administration's inaction on the war. Rather than press the President on why he has failed to make a decision on Afghanistan, in the taped interview, Reid explained: "I asked the President if he's as angry as Defense Secretary Robert Gates about all of the leaks coming out... continue reading
NBC's Matt Lauer invited on Newsweek managing editor Dan Klaidman, on Wednesday's Today, to answer Sarah Palin's charge that the magazine's recent cover photo of her, in a jogging outfit, was "sexist," but Klaidman denied the accusation as he claimed: "Well, what it really represented was what the story was about, and that's what our mission is. I mean, look, since she's been on the national stage, there have been these questions about her gravitas, about her seriousness." The photo - which was a reprint of a Runners World cover - was, as Palin noted "taken out of context," and... continue reading