Even though all three of Wednesday's broadcast network evening newscasts reported on President Obama's decision to attend the climate change summit in Copenhagen, they also continued to ignore email evidence that scientists who push global warming theory have distorted data to support their assertions while trying to suppress the views of dissenters. FNC's Special Report with Bret Baier gave attention to the Climategate controversy on Monday and Wednesday, while Wednesday's The Situation Room on CNN, guest hosted by Suzanne Malveaux, ran what appears to be CNN's first story on the controversy, but correspondent Brooke Baldwin downplayed the story's significance. The... continue reading
The Weekly World News is infamous for alien encounters with U.S. Presidents (" Space Alien Backs Bush for President! " and " Obama Invites Alien Choir to White House "), but one alien admires and wants to meet President Obama. Actress Morena Baccarin, who plays "Anna," the leader of the malevolent aliens on ABC's sci-fi 'V' series , told USA Today that "I would love to meet Obama" since he's "charming" and a "smart, smart guy," though, she lamented, "it took us all of 30 seconds to turn against him." A Tuesday USA Today "Life" section article provided this quote... continue reading
Speaking with Brookings Institution analyst Michael O'Hanlon on Tuesday about President Obama's upcoming decision to increase troop levels in Afghanistan, CBS Early Show co-host Harry Smith worried: " much is this going to cost him on the Left? Because I'm - I've got this sense that there will be people on the Left of President Obama who are not pleased by this." Despite representing a liberal leaning think tank, O'Hanlon dismissed the political concern: "Of course that's right, Harry. But I think the real risk is if the war isn't won. You know, the Left won't like this, but if... continue reading
As of Tuesday morning, the broadcast networks still haven't uttered a single word about the revelations late last week of e-mails showing scientists on the left-wing side of the global warming debate plotting to hide data and silence those on the other side in an effort prop up the notion of a "consensus" on the issue. But when the liberal side of the debate charged that their opponents were involved in a "conspiracy" to tilt the debate in their favor, those same networks eagerly jumped on the story and castigated the evil "deniers." In 2007, as Brent Baker chronicled at... continue reading
Monday's NBC Nightly News took up the story of liberal Congressman Patrick Kennedy's public feud with the Catholic Church, and NBC's Ron Allen implied something improper in how "the Catholic Church is flexing its religious and political muscle." When Catholic officials endorse liberal initiatives like immigration reform or oppose an execution, the networks don't worry about the separation of church and state. But with traditional stands against abortion and gay marriage in the crossfire, NBC's screen graphic asked if the church was "Crossing the Line?" A secular-left lobbyist accused the church of being "not above spiritual and political blackmail." NBC... continue reading
Long after conservatives and the American people figured it out, CBS on Monday night came to the realization President Barack Obama has a "credibility" problem fueled by the "disconnect" between Obama's promise to reduce the deficit as he pushes for massive new spending. Back in August, the CBS Evening News denigrated the town hall questioners as " unruly protests ," but on Monday reporter Chip Reid warned: The American people are increasingly questioning the President's credibility. He says the stimulus has saved or created 640,000 jobs, but only seven percent of Americans believe it has created any. And he's repeatedly... continue reading
On Monday's Situation Room, Suzanne Malveaux became the latest CNN personality to use the offensive "teabagger" label to describe opponents of ObamaCare. Malveaux asked senior political analyst Gloria Borger, "Do we expect to see the kinds of big rallies and... the circus atmosphere that we saw ...over the summer when you were talking about controversial policy, 'teabaggers' and all that other thing?" [audio clip available here ] The CNN anchor and correspondent, serving a substitute for the vacationing Wolf Blitzer, questioned Borger about the upcoming battle over health care "reform" in the Senate, after a 60-39 vote over the weekend... continue reading
At the end of CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday, host Bob Schieffer fretted over massive government spending but avoided blaming current Democratic proposals: "I'm not even talking about the cost of health care....It is now costing $1 million a year to keep one U.S. soldier on the ground in Afghanistan , not to mention that for every soldier there, we have one civilian contractor." Schieffer also cited reconstruction costs in Iraq: "I picked up the New York Times to discover we have spent more money rebuilding Iraq's schools, hospitals, water treatment and electrical plants - $54 billion - than... continue reading
A trove of emails back and forth among climatologists stolen from a server at the University of East Anglia in Britain has caused shock waves and may even have repercussions against the idea that humans are making a significant and harmful contribution to global warming. The emails include some shockingly shoddy science and venomous attacks on climate-change dissenters by ostensibly objective climate scientists. In a Saturday front-page story, environmental reporter Andrew Revkin showed, albeit too politely, that the emails show global warming propagandists in a bad light: " Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder For Climate Change Dispute ." But why... continue reading
Good Morning America's Bill Weir on Sunday defended the $300 million in pork that Senator Mary Landrieu acquired for her state, spinning, " The people of Louisiana sent her to Washington to get as much sausage as they could, you know, she could." Landrieu provided the 60th vote on Saturday to bring the Senate's health care bill up for debate. In return, millions in new funding will go to Louisiana. Guest George Stephanopoulos touted the money as a real bargain: "But I think Democrats are saying it's a pretty cheap vote. $300 million. Without Senator Landrieu's vote yesterday, this bill... continue reading