NBC's Anne Thompson, on Monday's Today, covered the Climategate story only to essentially dismiss it in a nothing-to-see here, move along fashion. CBS's The Early Show had a brief mention of it, and ABC's Good Morning America did nothing. Thompson, reporting live from Copenhagen, opened her piece declaring that delegates determined "this could be their last best chance to deal with the consequences of climate change ," but then added "overshadowing all of this is a scandal involving some stolen e-mails that has skeptics, once again, questioning the whole idea of global warming." Thompson went on to air criticism from... continue reading
More than two weeks after ClimateGate broke, ABC's World News finally got around to mentioning it on Sunday evening, but not to explore how the e-mails discredited leading scientists who insist mankind is causing global warming as, instead, ABC declared "the science is solid" and NBC assured viewers "the evidence is overwhelming that man is behind climate change." ABC reporter Clayton Sandell merely included, in a larger story about the Copenhagen conference, how "global warming naysayers are claiming that e-mails stolen from" East Anglia University "show climate scientists discussing how to fudge results to promote the idea that humans are... continue reading
On Sunday's Reliable Sources, CNN's Howard Kurtz brought up the scarcity of media attention paid to the revelation that high-profile Democratic Senator Max Baucus nominated his girlfriend to be a U.S. attorney for his home state of Montana, as the CNN host even took to task CNN for ignoring the scandal, calling it a "stunning lapse in judgment," and recounted that he had monitored the news channel on Saturday and did not see Baucus mentioned. Kurtz: "Washington Post has it on page three, New York Times has it on page 33. I watched CNN all day yesterday. I didn't see... continue reading
ABC's Good Morning America maintained its blackout on ClimateGate this weekend, even as Sunday's show carried a preview of this week's climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. Reporter Clayton Sandell showcased two scientists, both of whom argued that the U.S. was failing to do enough to combat global warming, and he seemed distressed that public faith in the claims of a human-caused catastrophe are on the decline in spite of "growing scientific evidence." Despite growing scientific evidence that humans are to blame for warming the planet - rising sea level, melting glaciers, more intense droughts - polls show the number of... continue reading
Before the Democratic primary vote on Tuesday in Massachusetts to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy, a chance to catch up with how just before Thanksgiving, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin - a Bay State resident and a favorite of NBC News where she regularly pops up to deliver conventional liberal wisdom in the guise of historic insights - crossed into partisan politics to campaign for one of the four liberal candidates. On Sunday, November 22, Kearns was the star at a "Women at Work" event for Steve Pagliuca , the co-owner of the Boston Celtics who is third in the... continue reading
Two weeks after the scandal broke, NBC Nightly News on Friday night became the first broadcast network morning or evening news program to inform viewers about " ClimateGate ," but only in the most cursory manner as correspondent Anne Thompson, a long-time ally of the environmental left, despaired the e-mails may end up "giving politicians from coal and oil-producing states another reason to delay taking action to reduce emissions. The government's leading scientist told Congress there is no time to lose." Anchor Brian Williams had teased: "ClimateGate, they're calling it. A new scandal over global warming and it's burning up... continue reading
Responding to President Obama criticizing media coverage of the White House jobs summit, on Friday's Hardball on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews wondered why the President wasn't more appreciative of all the media's help: "Why would you ride the ref when he's calling all the plays for you? What's he out there bashing the media for?" During a town hall meeting in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Friday, Obama remarked: "I noticed the press yesterday, because we had this jobs forum at the White House, they said 'Obama's finally pivoting to jobs.' As if what we haven't been doing for the whole nine... continue reading
On Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith asked Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer about all the problems facing President Obama: "it was Afghanistan, now it's Do you remember a time when a president had as many irons - critical irons - in the fire , as this one seems to have right now?" Schieffer replied: "Oh, I suppose during the dark days of World War II." Schieffer went on to lament that " we approach this Christmas season it doesn't look like there's going to be very much under the tree for this administration." He referred to... continue reading
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan on Friday aggressively took on the subject of ClimateGate, informing a global warming scientist that the " perceived integrity of what you are saying is diminished by scientists who appear to be hiding something ." If MSNBC can debate this serious subject, why have the three major networks ignored it for 14 days ? [Audio available here .] The Morning Meeting host brought on Yale scientist Dan Esty and Michael Shermer, executive director of the Skeptic Society, to debate the revelation that hacked E-mails to a climate change institute show a willingness to fake data. An appalled... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Thursday's Hardball, admonished one of his panelists, April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks, for using the term "homeland," because "it sounds like Russia," and worried that use of that term could lead to calling the United States "motherland," and "fatherland," and "that's when we are getting imperial." The discussion with Ryan and Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, began with Matthews rationalizing President Obama's decision to send more troops into Afghanistan because "his administration is so stacked with people who are more hawkish than he is." The following exchange was aired on the December 3, Hardball:... continue reading