Good Morning America weatherman and global warming alarmist Sam Champion asserted on Twitter that ClimateGate is " not reportable as such ." This analyst queried him on the site about why the morning show has completely ignored hacked E-mails showing that some climate scientists are faking data on global warming. On Wednesday, Champion Tweeted back : "i kno what u refer to! there is quite a controversy surrounding the veracity of that stolen info...not reportable as such." [Grammar original to post.] Not reportable as such? Whether or not one likes the story, the scientists are not disputing that the hacked... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Thursday's Hardball, cast Barack Obama in the role of savior of the neo-cons as he pondered if the President's Nobel Peace Prize speech could, "Lead those neo-cons...out of the valley of evil?" Matthews wondered if Obama could rescue Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Michael Gerson and other neo-cons from their "belief in torture and Gitmo." Cynthia Tucker, of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, joined Matthews in declaring "This speech won't make Dick Cheney happy." The following exchange was aired on the December 10, edition of Hardball: (Begin clip of speech) BARACK OBAMA: I believe the United States of America must... continue reading
On Thursday's Good Morning America , it was announced that news anchor Chris Cuomo would be leaving the program and taking over as co-host of 20/20. Since joining ABC in 1999, the journalist has frequently spun for liberals and slammed conservatives. This has included worrying about American "racism" and wondering if it would be better to "nationalize the whole economy?" While interviewing then-presidential candidate Barack Obama on December 20, 2007, he fretted, " What do you think the bigger obstacle is for you in becoming President, the Clinton campaign machine or America's inherent racists- racism ?" On April 1, 2009,... continue reading
ABC and CBS discounted the scientific relevance of the admissions and obfuscations displayed in the ClimateGate e-mails, but on Wednesday night they finally devoted full stories to the controversy and quoted the "most-damning" of the e-mails, the ones referring to a "trick" to "hide the decline" in a temperature measurement and in which a scientist fretted "we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment, and it is a travesty that we can't." The two networks, however, painted the "stolen" e-mails not as laudatory whistle-blowing, but as an unwanted impediment to the left's global warming agenda. "Just as... continue reading
Thursday morning, ABC News is expected to announce that former Clinton campaign operative George Stephanopoulos will start Monday as co-anchor of ABC's Good Morning America . He'll also keep his job as the host of ABC's This Week , at least for the time being. Here's one yardstick for measuring the media's response: Back in 1997, CBS announced that ex-GOP Representative Susan Molinari (pictured at right) would take over as co-host of Saturday Morning . Journalists quickly howled at the breaching of the sacred " barricade that is supposed to exist in journalism between the political people and the officials... continue reading
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday used the very loaded term of "denier" to deride global warming skeptics. Talking to liberal host Rachel Maddow, she referenced Sarah Palin's opposition to the Copenhagen climate conference and chided, "Her Facebook entry says, you know, 'Mr. President, boycott Copenhagen.' How do you rationalize the deniers and the impact that they are having? " [Audio available here .] "Deniers" is a word that climate skeptics find quite offensive, as many liberals equate not believing in man-made global warming to denying that the Holocaust occurred. (In January of 2007, CBS reporter Scott Pelley famously compared, "If... continue reading
NBC's Meredith Vieira, on Wednesday's Today, invited on radical leftist Howard Zinn to promote a new History Channel documentary, The People Speak (based on his revisionist book A People's History of the United States), in which the Today co-anchor pointed out Zinn makes "a very interesting point that the Declaration of Independence was a, was a statement of, you know, hope and, and positive democracy. And then the Constitution came along and sort of negated that." [ audio available here ] Vieira offered Zinn and his co-producer Chris Moore a platform to toss our their left-wing version of history and... continue reading
CBS and NBC on Tuesday nightly eagerly pounced on the latest UN pronouncement about a warming world, without any regard for ClimateGate disclosures about manipulation of past data and without mentioning, as the AP noted , "the United States and Canada experienced cooler conditions than average." CBS anchor Katie Couric announced: "At the world climate conference in Copenhagen today, scientists said this decade is on track to become the warmest since records were first kept back in 1850." NBC anchor Brian Williams touted "a big headline from that climate meeting going on in Copenhagen . The United Nations weather experts... continue reading
On Tuesday, the Washington Post's Health & Science section was headed by a story contending global warming skeptics need a psychologist . David Fahrenthold's piece was headlined: "It's natural to behave irrationally: Climate change is just the latest problem that people acknowledge but ignore." It began: To a psychologist, climate change looks as if it was designed to be ignored. It is a global problem, with no obvious villains and no one-step solutions, whose worst effects seem as if they'll befall somebody else at some other time. In short, if someone set out to draw up a problem that people... continue reading
Inspired by Chris Matthews complaining about all the money spent on defense, instead of upgrading America's rail system, Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm endorsed the MSNBC host, on Tuesday's Hardball as she exclaimed: "You should run for office!" During a discussion about how federal money should be spent on essentially make-work jobs, Matthews cited his own children's love of high-speed trains in Europe, "My kids talk about getting through the a couple of minutes," and (pun intended) railed, " Why can't the federal government use the power of the workforce...and build a train we can - and this... continue reading