In advance of Time magazine's Person of the Year choice being revealed on Wednesday's show, NBC's Today show brought on managing editor Richard Stengel yesterday , to reveal the seven finalists, and on Tuesday's show NBC's Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira gave the results of an on-line poll of their viewer's picks and it wasn't good news for Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker of the House finished dead last among the seven candidates but Lauer pitied Pelosi as he cheered on: "C'mon Nancy you can do better." The following exchange was aired on the December 15 Today show: MEREDITH VIEIRA: So... continue reading
Some of the clearest examples of MSNBC's liberal bias can be found in the onscreen graphics selected for the network's programming. In the span of 20 minutes on Tuesday, three such Morning Meeting images stated a pretty clear opinion about Joe Lieberman's opposition to parts of the health care bill. At 9:20am, one whined, " Joe Blowing Health Reform? " At 9:01, another graphic actually used an exclamation point, not often seen in supposedly objective reporting: " Say It Ain't So, Joe! Lieberman: No on Buy-In. " At 9:14, a picture of the senator appeared onscreen with the words "... continue reading
Beginning his last week as anchor of ABC's World News before retiring on Friday, Charles Gibson ended his final Monday newscast by reminiscing about the political stories he's covered over his career. But he displayed distinct favoritism toward liberals over conservatives. Gibson hailed Jimmy Carter as "always gracious in an interview" and humanized Barack Obama and Joe Biden by commiserating with their tribulations while re-playing archive clips demanding Ronald Reagan address Iran-Contra, George H.W. Bush accept he was "out of touch" and Sarah Palin explain "what insight into Russian actions...does the proximity of the state give you?" - all before... continue reading
Let no one say the New York Times is blind to media bias. It's uncovered it at the (conservative) New York Post and (conservative) Fox News - although admissions of the paper's own clear liberal tilt are few and far between. David Carr's Monday media column, " Tilting Rightward At Journal ," found a conservative slant at yet another Rupert Murdoch-owned media outlet, The Wall Street Journal. The text box: "Under Murdoch's rule, a new tone in the news pages." Carr wrote: Sunday was the second anniversary of the sale of The Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation... continue reading
World News anchor Charles Gibson appeared on Monday's edition of The View to tout his own objectivity and to swear, " I'm very fond of John McCain. I carry no water for Obama. " Speaking of the 2008 election, he marveled, "It was an amazing moment to say to the country that we have elected and African American as the 44th president of the United States.... It was just an amazing moment for the- for the progress of this country..." [Audio available here .] Asked by co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck about the difficulty of maintaining objectivity, the ABC anchor, who famously... continue reading
Time's managing editor Richard Stengel joined Meredith, Matt, Ann and Al, on Monday's Today, to play a guessing game of who will become his magazine's Person of the Year and praised one of the finalists, Nancy Pelosi, as the "strongest Speaker of the House in decades," who has "piloted what is probably the most important legislation in decades." Others making the final list included Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, General Stanley McChrystal, the Chinese (not the American) worker and of course Barack Obama, as Today co-anchor Meredith Vieira pointed out, "was the choice last year," and pressed, "Have you ever... continue reading
Prompted by NBC's Meredith Vieira, on Monday's Today show, Avatar director James Cameron revealed the liberal undertones in his new blockbuster as he told the Today co-anchor the plot centers on how greed and imperialism " tends to destroy the environment ..." and how the human characters in the sci-fi flick " are doing the same thing on another pristine planet that we've done on earth." [ audio available here ] Big Hollywood's John Nolte reports , in his review of the film, "Avatar is a thinly disguised, heavy-handed and simplistic sci-fi fantasy/allegory critical of America from our founding straight... continue reading
In an unusually tough interview with President Obama on Sunday's 60 Minutes on CBS, correspondent Steve Kroft described the President's West Point speech as being "greeted with a great deal of confusion" and that "some people thought it was contradictory." He later said of the health care bill: "some people think is incomprehensible....I've not met anybody who's read it." Kroft began the interview by asking about the new Afghanistan strategy and made some observations about Obama's announcement of the plan: "In your West Point speech, you seemed very analytical, detached, not emotional ....There were no exhortations or promises of victory... continue reading
NBC's Matt Lauer, on Monday's Today show, in his first question to RNC Chair Michael Steele, asked if opponents to Barack Obama's health care reform bill, were going to deprive the President of politically joyous holiday season, as the Today co-anchor pressed: "So is the President's stocking going to be empty on Christmas Day?" Lauer then went on to question if the Republican's entire strategy was that of simply "delaying and stalling," as seen in the following exchange: MATT LAUER: Let's talk about health care reform. The President says he thinks the Senate will pass his version of the bill... continue reading
On his first day as the new co-anchor of Good Morning America, former Clinton aide turned journalist George Stephanopoulos lobbied for a windfall profits tax on the bonuses of bankers. Also on Monday's program, senior White House advisor David Axelrod reminded viewers of Stephanopoulos' liberal background. [Audio available here .] After the rookie GMA host asserted that Axelrod "has an office right next to the President," the Obama official retorted, " Used to be your office, George. " A laughing Stephanopoulos quickly spun, " That's right. A long, long time ago ." The journalist clearly hasn't lost the habits of... continue reading