In his swan song interview with President Barack Obama, which consumed more than ten minutes of World News, ABC's Charles Gibson couldn't have provided a friendlier or more empathetic platform to Obama on the "weight" of sending troops to war and how "devilishly difficult" it's become to pass a health care plan because of a few rogue Senators. Gibson, set to retire Friday, teased his last Wednesday newscast: Welcome to World News. Tonight, we broadcast from the White House. And in the headlines, one on one. Our conversation with the President in which he says he lost sleep over his... continue reading
In what had to be a tough admission for him to make, Chris Matthews, on Wednesday's Hardball, claimed the 2 to 1 positive rating for the tea party movement, in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, was a sign of " The power of Fox." However, the MSNBC host went on to write off the tea partiers, even trashing his company's own poll in the process, as he suggested the 41 percent positive to 21 percent negative rating was due to a "leading" question that portrayed the protestors as "just a group of conservatives," and not as the "screaming,... continue reading
In the third part of an interview on's Media Beat , ex-CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather shared some thoughts on various media personalities. He labeled Fox News host Glenn Beck "controversial," while hailing MSNBC Countdown host Keith Olbermann: "Love him, as a person, as a journalist. Don't always understand what he's trying to do on his program, but I like Keith." Rather bizarrely went on to explain part of his admiration for the left-wing bomb thrower: "For one thing, he's a Yankee fan....give him credit. That Keith Olbermann has been with the Yankees through thick and thin, through... continue reading
On Wednesday's Today show, the co-hosts of the 10am hour, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, invited on David Mizejewski of the Wildlife Federation to participate in that talk-show time honored tradition of the animal segment but viewers couldn't enjoy the cuddly creatures without getting a dose of global warming alarmism. As the camera closed-in on the eyes of the Arctic fox that he was trying to control, Mizejewski preached to the Today audience: "If anybody needs a reason to care about global warming it's animals like this, they are threatened by the Arctic warming up." The following moment of... continue reading
Former Democratic operative turned journalist George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday pleaded with Howard Dean, warning that his opposition to the current health care bill could harm Barack Obama. The new Good Morning America co-host fretted, " The President's poll numbers at new lows. And a lot of leading Democrats believe that if this bill goes down, it will cripple the Obama presidency. " [Audio available here .] As though he was a representative of the Obama administration, Stephanopoulos challenged, " Are you prepared to do that? " Dean, the former Democratic National Committee Chairman announced his opposition (from the left) on... continue reading
A night after MSNBC's Keith Olbermann demanded Senator Joe Lieberman "just resign already" as he shrieked "you are embarrassing humanity!" , CBS joined in targeting Connecticut's "independent Democrat" for daring to oppose liberals on health care. "He holds the 60th vote needed to get the health care reform bill passed in the Senate," anchor Katie Couric intoned, "and Nancy Cordes tells us supporters of reform are angry and confused about Lieberman's position." Cordes soon expanded the exasperation to include "Democratic Senators Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson" who "successfully blocked the public option even though the other 55 Democrats... continue reading
CNN's Larry King equated efforts against further regulation of the banking industry to letting the mentally ill run their psych wards on his program on Monday. King pressed conservative columnist S. E. Cupp: " Banks are lobbying against a bill to tighten regulatory controls. Are you going to let the inmates run the asylum? You don't think we should regulate banks? " [audio clips from the segment available here ] The CNN host moderated a panel discussion on the economy during the first segments of the program. The panel surprisingly leaned to the right on economic issues. Besides Cupp, King... continue reading
On Monday's Nightline, co-host Martin Bashir conducted a one-sided, hostile profile of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "brutal regime" and attacked his crackdown on illegal immigration as "racial profiling." The 11 minute investigation of the Maricopa County law enforcement official was almost totally negative. [Audio available here .] After the Arizona sheriff asserted that his critics don't like him because they oppose immigration enforcement, Bashir opined, " They don't like it because stopping people on the streets because they look Hispanic is racial profiling. " In an interview with Newsmax , Arpaio claimed, "We've arrested and detained over 33,000 illegal aliens, 25... continue reading
CNN's David Gergen played up the difficulties that President Obama has faced on Monday's Anderson Cooper 360, underscored the importance of the coming week for the executive, and compared him to an iconic movie damsel in distress: "For a president who's had more trials than anybody I can remember in a long time, sort of ' The Perils of Pauline ' all year, this has become a climactic week for his presidency." Host Anderson Cooper brought on the senior political analyst to comment on the latest development on the health care debate, the Obama presidency in his first months, and... continue reading
In a Monday interview on's weekly video series Media Beat , disgraced former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather shared his concerns over the credibility of internet journalism: "The difficulty with some of the things on the transparency and accountability about who's responsible for what's on." columnist Gail Shister sparked the discussion by asking Rather: "Are you concerned at all that there is the absence of quality control when it comes to so much of the modern platforms?" Rather went on to fret: " can put something on the internet that's really terrible about your neighbor or... continue reading