Appearing Monday on MSNBC during the 10AM ET hour, CNBC White House correspondent John Harwood worked to whip up support for the health care bill passed by Senate Democrats while slamming its liberal opponents: " much of the commentary I've heard has been really idiotic. Liberals who want universal health care ought to be thanking Harry Reid for getting this thing done..." Speaking to anchor Contessa Brewer, Harwood told left-wing critics to stop "talking about what's inadequate in the bill" and said that if they think "that Harry Reid can do better than what he's done.... they ought to lay... continue reading
CNN senior political analyst David Gergen went so far to compare the Senate's cloture vote early Monday morning on ObamaCare to the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision. Seconds after the Senate concluded its vote, Gergen lamented the party line vote, and contrasted it with the unanimous finding of the Supreme Court which ended the segregation of schools [audio clips from segment available here ]. The analyst appeared during CNN's midnight special coverage as the Senate concluded its debate on its version of health care "reform" legislation. Sixteen minutes into the 1 am hour, anchor Tom Foreman asked the... continue reading
"There's a lot in" the health care bill as it now stands - even without the "public option" or expanded Medicare - "that people are going to like" and a "lot of people are going to like a whole lot once they see what's in it," ABC News veteran Cokie Roberts contended on Sunday's This Week as she blamed Democratic messaging, not the substance, for declining support: "I think the Democrats lost control of the argument - the message - and that's why the polls are as they are." If the public just understood all the great things in it,... continue reading
ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson, a long-time advocate of government-centered universal health care, again shared his personal view he "absolutely" favors passage of the current ObamaCare bill, though "I would personally prefer to have public option and/or Medicare expansion directly challenging private insurance." Without irony, about twelve minutes later as he signed off as anchor of his final newscast, Charles Gibson promised he's always tried to deliver an "objective" newscast and lamented "objectivity is not universally in favor in our business these days." Approaching Johnson Friday night with liberal complaints the bill has been watered down too much, Gibson related how... continue reading
Centering a Friday night story on how, as anchor Katie Couric explained, "Republicans are doing everything they can to block" the "health reform" bill, "including delaying tactics in this race against the clock," CBS put front and center Senator Robert Byrd's "shame, shame" admonition of Republicans. Reporter Nancy Cordes began her story by showcasing the aging Democrat: "As he was wheeled into the Senate chamber shortly after 1:00 AM, 92-year-old Robert Byrd made it clear how he felt about being pulled out of bed to vote." CBS showed a wide-shot of the Senate chamber with the area around the wheelchair-bound... continue reading
All three morning shows on Friday skipped Senator Al Franken's disrespectful snub of Joe Lieberman during a health care debate. Good Morning America, bizarrely, played video of the incident over a news brief, but never once mentioned what happened. While presiding over debate in the Senate on Thursday, Franken cut off Lieberman and then denied him an opportunity to finish his remarks. A surprised Lieberman responded, "Really?" And yet, GMA, CBS's Early Show and NBC's Today all ignored the exchange. As ABC news anchor Juju Chang read a generalized report on health care, video from the dust-up can clearly be... continue reading
Just a day after Today featured a wildlife expert exploiting the cuteness of an Arctic fox to scare viewers about the threat of global warming, NBC's Ann Curry, on Thursday's Today, invited on a polar photographer to show off his pictures of cuddly creatures, he believes are threatened by climate change. In the 9:30 am half hour Curry prompted photographer Paul Nicklen, "What have you seen about what's happening in these parts of the world where we don't get to go, that, that relates to this issue of climate change?" to which Nicklen pronounced the "Debate's over." The following is... continue reading
CNN's John Roberts and his guest, Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, pushed for President Obama to break a campaign promise to not increase taxes on those who make less than $250,000, and implement a more "broad-based" tax hike. Sachs revealed his leftist stance by blaming the trillions of dollars in debt on not taxing the rich and banks enough and calling for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The CNN anchor, who described his guest, a regular contributor to the left-wing Huffington Post , as merely a "leading international economic advisor, and director of the Earth Institute... continue reading
New Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos and the rest of the morning show crew couldn't help laughing at Sarah Palin on Thursday. News anchor Juju Chang highlighted a story broken by the tabloid TMZ that the former vice presidential candidate was seen at a Hawaii beach wearing a blacked out McCain visor. [Audio available here .] After Chang noted that Palin said she was simply trying to be "incognito," Stephanopoulos, the former Democratic operative, started giggling and scoffed, " Trying to be incognito? Okay. That'll do it. " Joining in, Chang, who is also new to the show, joked,... continue reading
At the top of Thursday's CBS Early Show, correspondent Nancy Cordes excitedly proclaimed that Senate Democrats "are tantalizingly close" to passing a health care bill and derided Republicans for trying to "thwart" the legislation using "stall tactics." Cordes reported on the urgency of Democratic efforts to get 60 votes in the Senate: "Leaders are trying to craft a compromise that everyone can live with and pass a bill by the holidays, they must file the bill by this Saturday." She lamented that "...they could get thwarted by Republican stall tactics....[who] suddenly demanded that clerks read a 767 page health... continue reading