Chris Matthews just can't stop implying some sort of racist motives behind tea-partiers as on Tuesday's Hardball, the MSNBC host - in a segment about which candidate they would gravitate towards - asked his guests why the protestors were all "monochromatic," and to add insult to injury repeatedly called them "teabaggers." The following exchanges were aired on the January 5 edition of Hardball: CHRIS MATTHEWS: So who will lead the tea-baggers? Will it be Rick Perry down in Texas? Will it be Michele Bachman out in Minnesota? Will it be Sarah Palin? You first Mark [McKinnon] it's your idea. The... continue reading
Meredith Vieira peppered RNC chair Michael Steele, on Tuesday's Today show, with a line of questioning that made the GOP out to be "partisan" in its criticisms of Obama's national security policies and questioned recent comments by Dick Cheney's were "hurting the Republicans." Vieira began the interview by questioning if a Peter Hoekstra fundraising letter was an example of the GOP playing politics with terrorism, even reciting the Democratic spin, as if the Democrats never raised money with that issue during the Bush years: MEREDITH VIEIRA: You know the Republicans have been pretty critical of President Obama's handling of this... continue reading
NBC's Today show invited on Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Census Bureau Director Robert Groves to promote their Portrait of America road tour as a way to encourage people to fill out the Census forms or risk, as Locke warned, miss out on "$400 billion of federal funds," to which Matt Lauer underlined, "This is vitally important to communities." The entire Today cast braved 20 degree weather outside to stand alongside one of the vans set to tour the country to publicize the Census that, as the former Democratic Governor of Washington state alerted viewers, "will determine the allocation of... continue reading
During the 3PM ET hour of live coverage on MSNBC, anchor David Shuster claimed that Fox News political analyst Brit Hume "denigrated Christianity" when suggesting that scandal-ridden golfer Tiger Woods convert to the faith. Shuster made the comments while discussing the issue with MSNBC political analyst Pat Buchanan, asking: "Doesn't it also denigrate Christianity when you do that on a Sunday political talk show? This isn't church, this isn't some sort of holy setting, this is a political talk show....Doesn't that minimize the significance of Christianity, when you bring a discussion of Christianity into a conversation about politics?" Buchanan replied:... continue reading
A "march" from Miami to Washington on behalf of illegal immigrants consisting of a grand total of four marchers somehow merited a 780-word New York Times article by reliably pro-amnesty reporter Julia Preston, " To Overhaul Immigration, Advocates Alter Tactics ." By contrast, a massive anti-Obama rally that attracted over 100,000 people to the Capitol on September 12 resulted in virtually the same level of print coverage in the Times: A 932-word article. The text box to Preston's story on Saturday read: "Hoping that a four-person walk will resonate in a way mass marches did not." That lack of resonance... continue reading
On Saturday's CBS Evening News, anchor Jeff Glor teased an upcoming story on Switzerland's health care system by wondering: "Could Switzerland's health care be a model for America?" He later introduced the segment by claiming that the Swiss system could be "a glimpse of what the U.S. health care system of the future might look like." Correspondent Richard Roth touted the Swiss "love of capitalism," but then went on to praise their socialized health care system: "The law, finally approved in a 1994 national referendum, guaranteed health care for everyone by requiring everyone to have insurance....They choose their own doctors... continue reading
On Monday's Good Morning America, ABC featured Democratic aide James Carville to sing the praises of former Democratic aide George Stephanopoulos, now the co-host of the ABC program. Carville cooed, " I once said, 'If you converted his IQ to Fahrenheit, you could boil water. '" An ABC graphic reinforced this by proclaiming, "George Is Smart." The outspoken political operative later commented on the attractiveness of his friend: "[Stephanopoulos] was kind of an idol and young college girls would go nuts." (One could make the joke that smitten, "young college girls" were the last thing the Clinton White House needed.)... continue reading
NBC's Matt Lauer, on Monday's Today show, used the occasion of the bombing attempt of Northwest Flight 253, to press Republican Senator Jim DeMint to stop being the last "hold-out" and "come around," on approving Obama's pick for TSA director Errol Southers. However Lauer failed to mention Obama took eight months to make his choice as well as the fact that DeMint is concerned that Southers' choice could lead to collective bargaining that would "bring the security concerns of TSA under the authority of union bosses." The following exchange came during the 7am half-hour of the January 4 Today show:... continue reading
CBS's Sunday Morning featured a commentary in which New Yorker magazine staff writer Rebecca Mead looked back at the past decade and hailed the "remarkable...election of a certified intellectual as President" before she cited "unforeseen blights of the era," listing: "small plates, Sarah Palin, Chinese dry wall, jeggings." A fine encapsulation how the New York-based media elite's view the world. In her opinion piece tied to confusion over what to call the just-completed decade, she also characterized "the cumulative casualties of war and the infringements of civil liberties that took place under President Bush" as "evidence of at least partial... continue reading
On Sunday's This Week, fill-in host Terry Moran, along with Ron Brownstein and Cynthia Tucker, took swipes at Rush Limbaugh for his contention that his good experience at a Honolulu hospital demonstrated the U.S. health system doesn't need repair. (Friday night NB item " Rush Limbaugh Leaves Hospital 'Feeling Strong and Rested '") After running a clip of Limbaugh from Friday saying "based on what happened to me here, I don't think there's one thing wrong with the American health care system. It is working just fine, just dandy," Moran couldn't resist pointing out "the delightful irony" that "Hawaii mandates... continue reading