At the end of Sunday's This Week, George Stephanopoulos announced it was his last broadcast as the host ("That's our show for today. It is also my last regular Sunday here at This Week. Thanks to all of you for watching so faithfully for all these years and thanks to the outstanding crew and staff here at This Week for making it the special program it will always be") and an item in Sunday's Boston Herald revealed that ABC had to purchase a special chair for Stephanopoulos, in his new job as co-host of Good Morning America, so Robin Roberts... continue reading
Appearing as a guest on Thursday's Countdown show on MSNBC to discuss Obama's latest speech on terrorism, Newsweek's Howard Fineman charged that, referring to Republicans, "they're about division and they're about fear." At one point, Fineman even made it sound as if President Bush had been obsessed with leaving office before the next terrorist attack just so he could "claim he kept us safe," as if he were more worried about his legacy than keeping America safe in the long term. Fineman said: "And George Bush, even George Bush said that, you know, we could be attacked tomorrow. He didn`t... continue reading
On Friday's Good Morning America, co-host George Stephanopoulos aggressively pushed Rudy Giuliani to admit that Barack Obama has "taken responsibility" for the government's reaction to a failed Christmas Day bombing. However, when he chatted with Democratic operative, and friend, James Carville on Thursday , the ABC anchor mostly worried about the "political fallout" for the President. [Audio available here .] After discussing the criticism for Obama's handling of the attempted plane bombing, Stephanopoulos fussed at the former mayor, " So, bottom line right now, the President has stepped up. He's taken responsibility. He's calling it a war. Are you satisfied... continue reading
Left-wing talker Stephanie Miller inaccurately claimed on CNN's Larry King Live on Thursday that former President Clinton " put the Cole bombers in jail ." Miller also predictably blasted former President Bush for not "taking responsibility for 9/11," in contrast to President Obama's recent acceptance of responsibility for intelligence failures prior to the attempted underwear bombing on Christmas [audio clip from the segment available here ]. Host Larry King first turned to the leftist talk show host during a panel discussion which began 12 minutes into the 9 pm Eastern hour: "Stephanie, the President said the buck stops with him... continue reading
The latest media buzz is that longtime Nightline anchor Ted Koppel, who left ABC News back in 2005, might soon return to the network to replace George Stephanopoulos as host of This Week. Here's a hint of the perspective Koppel might bring with him to his potential new job: appearing Thursday night as an analyst on BBC's World News America, Koppel insisted that President Obama's first (non)reaction to the attempted bombing of a U.S. airline on Christmas Day "was the right one," but media "yapping" and "24-hour cable channels going at it, hour after hour after hour" pressured Obama into... continue reading
For the second time in two days, ABC attempted to exonerate Barack Obama from responsibility for a failed Christmas Day airline bombing. On Friday's Good Morning America, Brian Ross spun, " Well, like another young president almost 50 years ago, Barack Obama found the so-called intelligence professionals, the veterans, the old hands, failed him and failed the country ." [Audio available here .] After placing the blame on everyone but the President, Ross oddly continued, "And as John Kennedy did when the CIA blew an invasion of Cuba in 1961, President Obama took responsibility for the failure to stop and... continue reading
Friday's CBS Early Show previewed an upcoming "60 Minutes" interview with former McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt as co-host Harry Smith declared: "John McCain's former top adviser comes out swinging and tells "60 minutes" Sarah Palin often struggled with straight talk." A clip was played of Schmidt claiming "there were numerous instances" when Palin "said things that were not accurate." Co-host Maggie Rodriguez later teased the interview by describing how Schmidt "gets tough on Sarah Palin" and referred to it as "explosive." While introducing a brief preview clip of the interview, set to air on Sunday's "60 Minutes", Rodriguez proclaimed:... continue reading
On Thursday's World News, ABC correspondent Kate Snow filed a report that avoided portraying Tea Party activists as extremists, instead conveying the movement's growing appeal and the fact that even some former Barack Obama supporters have signed on. Snow: "The majority of supporters are long-time Republicans like Danita, but there are growing numbers of independents, and even some former Obama supporters." After recounting the movement's recent successes in bringing down moderate political figures for not being conservative enough, Snow related that "moderates are scrambling to show their support." The piece also included a soundbite of ABC News contributor Matthew Dowd... continue reading
Two quick items from Thursday's World News. ABC anchor Diane Sawyer heard "an echo of another young President in another time" in President Obama's "the buck stops here" taking of responsibility for the failed Christmas Day terrorist plot as George Stephanopoulos explained her reference: "John Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs....The President took responsibility, his popularity shot up. The White House is calculating with the President taking personal responsibility, they can put this behind them." Minutes later, after a report on cold weather, Sawyer considered it evidence of "climate change." She asked Sam Champion, a global warming devotee : "We've... continue reading
Andrea Lyon, the attorney for accused child murderer Casey Anthony, was invited on Thursday's Today show to discuss the case and promote her new book and was given a platform to call the death penalty "A barbaric institution," and to spout that the U.S. is in the "company of Iraq and Iran and China." NBC's Meredith Vieira conducted the live interview with Lyon but not before Kerry Sanders set the table in a story accompanied by a headline that championed: "Angel of Death Row, Casey Anthony's Lawyer Takes On The System." In his piece Sanders touted: "The once tie-dyed idealist... continue reading