In yet another testament to liberals celebrating liberals, on Thursday the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism announced that CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric won the Alfred I. duPont award for excellence in broadcast journalism for her slanted 2008 interview with vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. In the interview, shown over a number of days on the CBS Evening News in September of 2008, Couric routinely sought trip up Palin. As NewsBusters' Brent Baker reported, on the September 29 broadcast , Couric pounded Palin on Pakistan, despite lobbing softballs to Joe Biden on the economy.'s TVNewser obtained note... continue reading
Good Morning America's Claire Shipman on Thursday highlighted Keith Olbermann's slam of Pat Robertson as "the devil" for comments he made about the earthquake in Haiti. Co-host also George Stephanopoulos questionably spun Reverend Robertson as "one of America's top religious leaders." [Audio available here .] After explaining how Robertson asserted that the people of Haiti, long ago, "swore a pact to the Devil" and have been "cursed" ever since, Shipman featured this over-the-top rant from the lefty Olbermann: " Sir, because of your tone deafness and your delight in human misery and your dripping, self satisfied, holier-than-thou, senile crap, I'm... continue reading
The devastating earthquake in Haiti, which may have killed tens of thousands or more, "reminded" MSNBC's Keith Olbermann of why ObamaCare is needed in the United States as he saw "what health care reform really means" in Haiti's "awful message of nightmarish reality." Later, he seriously contended the Haiti disaster makes "a good frame of reference in terms of the health care issue," as he speculated about a quake destroying Los Angeles: How would survivors of something like this here fare in terms of getting on their own feet economically afterwards, with the health care system we have in place... continue reading
Earlier this week Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show, predicted he would be accused of racism, for merely referencing Harry Reid's "light-skinned" remark about Barack Obama and sure enough it happened as Chris Matthews, on Wednesday's Hardball, did precisely that. After playing an out-of-context clip of Limbaugh claiming Barack Obama would gain "credibility with the black community...both light-skinned and dark-skinned" with his handling of the earthquake in Haiti, Matthews questioned his guest Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee, "What do you make of that kind of commentary, stirring the pot on race in this country?" What Matthews failed to tell his viewers... continue reading
CNN's Jack Cafferty highlighted the research of "some scientists [who] insist the earth is entering a cooling trend" in a commentary on Cafferty detailed the harsh winter weather in the northern hemisphere over the past weeks, and noted that the research "could undermine...what we've been told about the warming of the Earth being caused only by man-made greenhouse gas emissions." The editorial on CNN's website would have been read by the commentator during his usual 6 pm Eastern hour "Cafferty File" segment on The Situation Room, but it was preempted by CNN's wall-to-wall coverage of the earthquake in Haiti,... continue reading
Former Democratic aide turned Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday derided Sarah Palin's debut as a Fox News analyst, asserting that the Republican " was in pretty loving hands there with Bill O'Reilly ." The former Clinton operative, seriously asserted, "...I went through this transition, going from politics to being an analyst. It's very different going from being an advocate to someone who steps back and analyzes the news." [Audio available here .] Stephanopoulos even proclaimed Palin's political career over: "I gotta say, I don't think she's going to come back into politics...I think this is the alternative... continue reading
While speculating that Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien may move to Fox in the wake of NBC shaking up its late night schedule, on Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez referred to Sarah Palin becoming a contributor for Fox News: "Sarah Palin his sidekick? Because she's on Fox now, too." Co-host Harry Smith couldn't resist getting in a shot of his own as he replied that Palin could "lead the band" for O'Brien's Fox late night show. Of course if O'Brien made the move, he would be on the Fox broadcast channel, not Fox News. Earlier, co-host Russ Mitchell... continue reading
Newsweek's Howard Fineman appeared on Tuesday's Countdown show on MSNBC to discuss Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's controversial remark that Barack Obama does not have a "negro dialect," and, when asked by host Keith Olbermann why Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to comment on the subject, Fineman argued that Republicans are afraid to engage Democrats in a battle over the issue of race relations, charging that they are "going to really look bad." He went so far as to suggest that Americans are nearly unanimous in viewing the Democratic party more favorably on racial issues, and, after citing the... continue reading
Provoked by charges made in Game Change that Sarah Palin had to be tutored in basic foreign policy facts, Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball, took shot after shot at the former vice presidential candidate's intelligence as he wondered, "Is it possible that her head was really that empty?...Has she ever taken an SAT afternoon exam?" and mocked "Don't put her on Jeopardy!" Matthews invited on Game Change co-authors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin to chat about various nuggets from the book but it was their stories about Palin that got the MSNBC host revved up, as he painted an absurd... continue reading
Good Morning America reporter Dan Harris on Tuesday lamented the fact that Barack Obama has " repeatedly been thrust into the role of America's racial referee ," this time over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's controversial "Negro" remark. Harris even spun previous racial issues involving the President, saying Obama has, "once again, [been] dragged into a race-based scandal." Harris hyperbolically announced, " Republicans are still howling for [Reid's] head over that newly-revealed comment from 2008 that then-Senator Obama could become President because he's 'light-skinned' and doesn't 'speak in a Negro dialect.'" The ABC correspondent did point out inconsistencies in the... continue reading