On Sunday's Meet the Press, Mark Halperin of Time and formerly with ABC News, hailed President Barack Obama: "He's done, I think, an extraordinary job running the government...under difficult circumstances. He managed the economic crisis and kept the world from going into a depression..." The co-author of the new book, 'Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime,' however, didn't see everything as rosy: "The problem has been is he's not inspired the country to feel a sense of optimism and renewal and to be unified in a bipartisan way." During the same... continue reading
On Sunday's Today show on NBC - during which correspondent Savannah Guthrie filed a report which seemed to credit President Obama for "managing to avoid a depression," while also acknowledging that "the President's once sky-high approval rating slumped as unemployment stubbornly stayed in double digits" - after Guthrie's report, anchor Jenna Wolfe wondered if Republicans were partly to blame for Obama's plunging poll numbers. Hosting former Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card and former Clinton White House Spokesperson Joe Lockhart, Wolfe at one point asked Card: "Andy, you mentioned earlier about the President's popularity. Yes, it's down. Recent polls show... continue reading
On Saturday's Today show on NBC, anchor Amy Robach brought aboard MSNBC's Joe Scarbarough to talk about President Obama's handling of the relief effort in Haiti, and the President's efforts to prevent Republican takeover of the Massachusetts Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy. Robach introduced the segment referring to the possibility of a Democratic loss of the seat from Obama's point-of-view of being a " potential political crisis here at home ." After Scarborough answered her first question about relief aid in Haiti - at one point complaining about "carping from the far right" - Robach segued from the... continue reading
Far-left actor Danny Glover , during an online interview this week, proposed global warming caused the devastating earthquake in Haiti. FNC caught up with the silliness Friday night, as Jim Angle led the "Grapevine" segment: Actor Danny Glover says the earthquake in Haiti is a result of global warming. Glover told GRITtv that it could have happened to any of the Caribbean island nations, quote: "They are all in peril because of global warming." Then, he lamented the failure of the climate summit in Copenhagen. As a result of that failure, he says, "this is what happens." The ludicrous Glover... continue reading
An ad for a new Chris Matthews special featured the MSNBC host complaining about tea party protesters who are "threatened" by an African American President. As pictures of protests appeared onscreen, Matthews derided, " For the first time, we have an African American head of state. But, there's always going to be people who challenge it, who are threatened by it." The special, Obama's America: 2010 and Beyond, will air live at 10pm on Monday. (The ad has been running all week on MSNBC.) It will include a town hall discussion and liberal radio host Tom Joyner. The announcer in... continue reading
A new survey from Scott Rasmussen finds that more than half of all voters (51%) believe "the average reporter is more liberal than they are," and two-thirds (67%) think the media have "too much power and influence over government decisions." Rasmussen's poll was released Thursday. Perhaps proving the point, on Friday, MSNBC anchor Savannah Guthrie reacted to polls showing the Democrats losing ground in Massachusetts by exclaiming: " This is bad ." According to Rasmussen: " Only 20% of all voters say most reporters try to offer unbiased coverage of a political campaign. Seventy-two percent (72%) say most reporters try... continue reading
On Friday's CBS Early Show, People magazine editor Betsy Gleick discussed the latest issue, featuring an interview with Barack and Michelle Obama on their one-year anniversary in the White House, declaring: "I think the headline is that they are feeling optimistic that the country is back on track, and that they do feel that there are still some, obviously, huge challenges ahead." Co-host Harry Smith added his own insight into President Obama: "...sometimes when you're not talking to him, in particular, about the news events of the day, he says a lot about himself and what his experience has been... continue reading
Perhaps providing a window into the mind of journalists, MSNBC's Savannah Guthrie on Friday appeared shocked that a Democrat might lose in next week's Massachusetts Senate election. " This is bad ," fretted the Daily Rundown co-host. [Audio available here .] She prefaced that comment by ominously observing, "With just four days to go in the race for Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat, a new poll is terrible news for Democrats ." Discussing the numbers with co-host Chuck Todd and NBC political director Mark Murray, Guthrie marveled, "Chuck, I'm interested now. NBCs deputy political director, Mark Murray, joins us now. This... continue reading
With Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown surging in the polls, NBC's Today show, on Friday, assigned Kelly O'Donnell to highlight the race for the open Senate seat in Massachusetts pitting Brown against Martha Coakley and the NBC reporter - even after airing Brown's zinger that "it's not the Kennedy's the people's seat," - ordained it "the Kennedy seat." Today co-host Matt Lauer, in introducing the O'Donnell piece (that incidentally was accompanied by the on screen headline: Will Democrats Lose Ted Kennedy's Seat?") also read from the same song book: "Now to politics and the race to fill Ted Kennedy's... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Thursday's Hardball, trashed Sarah Palin, for all things, not quickly responding to a Glenn Beck question about who her favorite Founding Father was. After playing a clip of Palin telling Beck, initially, that she liked, "all of them," before settling on George Washington as her favorite Founding Father, the MSNBC host portrayed Palin as the dumb student: MATTHEWS: You know in school when you didn't read the book and you had to answer the essay question of the book and you hadn't read it. "I thought the book was interesting at times, sometimes it was boring but... continue reading