Appearing on Tuesday's CBS Early Show, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele criticized potential Democratic efforts to delay seating Republican Scott Brown as the Senator from Massachusetts as "unseemly," but co-host Maggie Rodriguez replied: "Is that fair? Because wouldn't your party do the exact same thing?" Rodriguez went on to argue: "Isn't it true that when the GOP had the majority and the Democrats would filibuster something, you know, you didn't like that....They're trying to keep you from doing the same thing to them that you did when you were - had the majority." Steele began to reply: "You're mixing... continue reading
During a Monday video interview with the New York Times' The Caucus blog , the new White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer, joined his predecessor Anita Dunn in declaring that Fox News Channel is not a news organization: "I have the same view of Fox that Anita had, which is that Fox is not a traditional news organization." Responding to a question by Times reporter Jeff Zeleny about Dunn's feud with Fox, Pfeiffer explained: "They [FNC] have a point of view. That point of view pervades the entire network both the opinion shows, like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, but... continue reading
On Tuesday's Good Morning America, former Democratic operative turned journalist George Stephanopoulos appeared glum about the prospects of Democrats in Massachusetts' special Senate election. He intoned, "And White House and congressional Democrats are hoping for a miracle but they're expecting, right now, the Democrat, Martha Coakley to lose." In a previous segment, reporter John Berman spun, "And, finally, perhaps, civility is at stake " in the Senate election. As videos of health care protests appeared onscreen he added, " President Obama promised to reach across the aisle to govern. Yet, Scott Brown has been able to tap into voter anger... continue reading
In an obvious last-minute attempt to tip the vote in Massachusetts, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann unleashed against GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown on Monday's Countdown, calling him "an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against woman." In a "Quick Comment" rant - the 90-second version of Olbermann's notorious multi-minute screeds, usually directed towards conservatives, Republicans, or Democrats who fail to get with the liberal program - the host hauled out every element of Democrats' desperate whisper campaigns against the potential 41st vote against ObamaCare: Lost in the angst about Obama and Coakley is the little-recognized real headline... continue reading
On Monday, Washington Post reporter Howard Kurtz assessed the new book Game Change by liberal elite journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann and questioned its anonymous sourcing. He also noticed that the staffers of election winners never seem to have any gripes about their leading man. Halperin and Heilemann sounded like they're still offering valentines to Obama on the campaign trail: Obama is the one candidate in Game Change who most closely resembles his public persona. During the Rev. Jeremiah Wright uproar, his performance - "calm, methodical, precise and strategic - impressed his team immensely," with strategists Anita Dunn thinking... continue reading
ABC on Monday night again empathized with the Obama White House's disbelief that they could lose "Ted Kennedy's Senate seat" - and thus ObamaCare - if Republican Scott Brown beats Democrat Martha Coakley in Tuesday's special election in Massachusetts. George Stephanopoulos saw a "Shakespearean" tragedy just over a week after PBS's Judy Woodruff, on ABC's This Week, described such a scenario as "a tragedy of Greek proportions." Stephanopoulos conveyed on Monday's World News how "Democrats in the White House and Capitol Hill are braced for a shattering loss. And it's really hard for them to wrap their head around it,... continue reading
In a bizarre twist of logic, on Monday's Morning Joe program on MSNBC, Time magazine's Mark Halperin argued that if Democrat Martha Coakley lost the race for the Massachusetts Senate, it would improve chances of health care reform passing: "I actually think they may get health care more easily than if they win." While Halperin acknowledged that losing the Senate seat that once belonged to the late Ted Kennedy would be a "disaster" for Democrats, he explained the supposed upside: "...if she wins, if they hold the seat, they're still going to have to come up with a deal and... continue reading
NBC's Tom Brokaw, on Monday's Today show, joined in the chorus of those depicting Rush Limbaugh as some sort of insensitive lout who doesn't want Americans to donate to the Haitian earthquake victims. The former NBC Nightly News anchor, in response to a question from Today co-anchor Matt Lauer, praised America's generosity to the disaster, but then took a swipe at the conservative radio talk show host: "It's a tribute to this country, Rush Limbaugh aside , that you have former President Clinton and former President George Bush, who are political arch enemies, coming together to say, we have to... continue reading
ABC's George Stephanopoulos is worried enough about Tuesday's Massachusetts Senate race to be thinking about a "Plan B" for Democratic plans to push ObamaCare onto an increasingly unwilling public. " You have top Democrats like Barney Frank of Massachusetts who said flatly if Martha Coakley, the Democrat, loses, health care is dead. So what kind of planning is the White House doing right now for backup? What's their Plan B? " Stephanopoulos fretted to White House correspondent Jake Tapper on Monday's Good Morning America. Tapper replied that the current "Plan B" is for the House leadership to force an up... continue reading
While concluding a story on the Massachusetts Senate race on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez acknowledged the possibility that Republican Scott Brown could win the long held Democratic seat but wondered: "It'll be interesting to see if Brown, the Republican, wins, if the Democrats can defer his swearing in and get health care passed. We will watch that." At the top of the show, Rodriguez teased the story: "In Massachusetts it's more than just a Senate race, it's a battle that could end President Obama's fight for health care reform." Correspondent Nancy Cordes followed up with a report... continue reading