Speaking to political analyst John Dickerson on Wednesday's CBS Early Show about Republican Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts Senate race, co-host Maggie Rodriguez lamented: "When it comes to health care, I think it's so ironic that the late Ted Kennedy's passion was health care. He dedicated his career to it. And the man who will replace him could be the one to derail it." Rodriguez wondered: "Do you think that'll happen? Do you think that Senator Brown will be seated in time to vote no?" Dickerson replied: "I think so. It looks like there's not any appetite to try and... continue reading
MSNBC's David Shuster on Wednesday used the victory of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts as another opportunity to trash the tea party movement. Teasing an interview with one of the organizers, he smeared, " The first anniversary of President Obama's inauguration. The Hitler mustaches and the Joker and everything else. " [Audio available here .] Talking with the grassroots director of FreedomWorks, Brendan Steinhauser, Shuster rejected the notion that the tea partiers are part of the political center. The host derided, "Right, but is it the dead center when you see signs like the signs that we just showed that... continue reading
NBC's Meredith Vieira, on Wednesday's Today show, rained on Scott Brown's parade as she wondered if the Senator-Elect's post-victory call to Ted Kennedy's widow Vicki was an awkward moment since, as the Today co-anchor pressed, "You plan to do whatever you can to derail...the cause of his lifetime?" MEREDITH VIEIRA: You know on a personal note, you said last night the first call you made after your victory was to Ted Kennedy's widow, Vicki. SCOTT BROWN: That's right. VIEIRA: How comfortable was that for both of you, knowing that you plan to do whatever you can to derail what Ted... continue reading
When Democrats lose, liberal reporters tend to see anger and fear, and never positive motivations. CNN reporter Jessica Yellin found the "anger and fear" on Monday night in Massachusetts. She found it again during live coverage just after 10 pm Tuesday night from the Coakley campaign after the Democrat's concession speech, painting Coakley as a "very subdued woman" swamped by "a tidal wave of voter rage." "The president told her you can't win 'em all, that's what she told us, and you could see the Martha Coakley there that voters saw, a woman who spent 20 years in public service,... continue reading
While it is well known that MSNBC's Keith Olbermann is the most viciously liberal voice to host a news program within the mainstream media, even he normally tones down his anti-conservative, anti-Republican vitriol when anchoring special events like election results. But during MSNBC's coverage of the Massachusetts special Senate election, Olbermann's presentation was more rabidly partisan than if the Democratic National Committee itself were producing the show. As he anchored a special 10:00 p.m. edition of Countdown, Olbermann not only used one of his "Quick Comment" segments to repeat his infamous attack from the day before on Republican Senator-elect Scott... continue reading
Less than two hours before the polls closed in Massachusetts, CBS News political analyst John Dickerson argued that if Republican candidate Scott Brown wins tonight, " it's just going to get a lot uglier in Washington ," declaring that Republicans " feel excited and they see glory in attacking the President ." After talking about prospects for the Democrats' unpopular health care bill, CBS anchor Katie Couric asked Dickerson: "Finally, if this seat goes Republican, how will it change the political climate in Washington?" Dickerson warned: "It's going to get uglier. Republicans, no matter what the outcome is, feel emboldened,... continue reading
Chris Matthews left no doubt for Massachusetts voters what was at stake with their vote in today's Senate election as the MSNBC host, on Tuesday's Hardball, underlined, in graphic terms, that a vote for Republican Scott Brown was a vote to kill health care. Matthews, on the 5pm edition of his show, blared: "If they go for Republican Scott Brown it's deliberate, premeditated murder for health care!" The following depictions of health care's imminent demise at the hands of Brown were aired on the January 19 edition of Hardball: CHRIS MATTHEWS: Leading off tonight, for Obama health care it's final... continue reading
Nightline's Brian Ross on Monday filed a hyperbolic report on "secret Jesus codes" that are on the sights of rifles used by the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Ross featured two voices highly critical of the fact that Bible versus can be found on these weapons, but no clip of the opposing side. Ross repeated, " Michael Weinstein runs the Military Religious Freedom Foundation which claims thousands of members in the US military who he says are endangered by the secret Bible codes. " On the MRFF website , the organization trumpets, "MRFF breaks major news story." Ross featured Weinstein in... continue reading
On Monday's AC360, CNN's Jessica Yellin spun the rise of Republican candidate Scott Brown as coming from "folks here in Massachusetts [who] are feeling angry and scared. They're angry and scared about the economy, about jobs...and especially in this state, about health-care reform....[Brown] has tapped into that fear and sold himself essentially as a man of the people who will fight big government" [audio clip from the segment available here ]. Anchor Anderson Cooper, reporting on location from Haiti, brought on Yellin 41 minutes into the 10 pm Eastern hour of his program to discuss the potential effect of the... continue reading
On Tuesday's Today show NBC's Kelly O'Donnell - apparently reaching to find something negative to say about the surging Scott Brown - accused the Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate of running away from his own party as she questioned: "You don't mention the Republican Party much in your campaign. Why is that?" To which Brown quickly asserted: "I think people know I'm a Republican. That's never been a secret." However O'Donnell didn't let Brown have the last word on the topic, as she elaborated: "Not a secret, but clearly not on display. No mention of being a Republican on Brown's bus,... continue reading