Even more unhinged than usual, and that's saying a lot, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann delivered a tirade Thursday night in a "Special Comment" in which he declared the Supreme Court's ruling, that corporations have a free speech right to participate in elections, was "a decision that might actually have more dire implications than Dred Scott." High on sanctimony, Olbermann charged: This is a Supreme Court-sanctioned murder of what little actual democracy is left in this democracy. It is government of the people by the corporations for the corporations. It is the Dark Ages. It is our Dred Scott. In full paranoia,... continue reading
The unencumbered ability to sway voters is great for the news media, but journalists are outraged others could re-acquire the same First Amendment rights. Instead of painting a victory for free speech in the Supreme Court's ruling that corporations, non-profit groups and unions can spend money to influence elections, the Thursday broadcast network evening newscasts feared a ruinous future: "Opening floodgates" to "big money" with "corporate interests having even more of a say" by "attacking political candidates," resulting in "the real danger...that the candidates are just going to get drowned out" as "special interests" may "take over political campaign advertising."... continue reading
Appearing on Thursday's CBS Early Show, White House reporter Nia-Malika Henderson argued to co-host Harry Smith that Senator-elect Scott Brown's humorous remark that his daughters were "available" during his Tuesday night victory speech showed that: "this might be a senator who is gaffe-prone, who has to kind of walk back from remarks that he - that he makes." However, Henderson followed that statement by concluding that Brown's style could make him a "hero for at least folks in the tea bag movement and grassroots folks because he says what's on his mind." Smith agreed: "Yeah, a breath of fresh... continue reading
CNN's Jack Cafferty blasted the Defense Department's report on the Fort Hood massacre as a "joke" on Thursday's Situation Room, singling out how there was "no mention in the report of the suspect's [Major Nidal Hasan] views of Islam." Cafferty also highlighted a recent Gallup poll that found that "43 percent of Americans admit to feeling at least a little prejudice toward Muslims." The CNN commentator wasted no time in criticizing the 86-page report released by the Pentagon on the Fort Hood shootings: "The Pentagon report into the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas that left 13 people dead- it's a... continue reading
NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, over the last three days on the Today show, has refused to acknowledge Scott Brown's success as something for the GOP to celebrate. On Tuesday she accused Brown of ducking the GOP label throughout his campaign, then on Wednesday's show she noted that in Brown's victory speech "Interestingly, Senator-Elect Brown did not talk about being a Republican, instead, he framed this all as being about independence." Finally, on Thursday, O'Donnell cast Brown's win as him merely "riding a populist, anti-Washington wave." Somehow the fact that Democrats are in charge in Washington had escaped O'Donnell's attention. The following... continue reading
With a complete lack of irony, Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Thursday commented on the revelation that John Edwards had fathered a love child. The former top aide to Bill Clinton marveled, " How did he ever think he was going to get through a presidential campaign sitting on all this? " Stephanopoulos, perhaps not thinking of his old boss and the Gennifer Flowers scandal during the 1992 campaign, chided Edwards: " It is just unbelievable. " In a second story on the subject, correspondent Bianna Golodryga introduced the story by explaining, "Former presidential candidate John Edwards, now admits... continue reading
On Wednesday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann defended his recent attacks on Massachusetts Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown by insisting that some of the incorrect claims he made are true when, in fact, two are factually without merit while the third represents one of Olbermann's typical episodes of distorting the words of a target. Among other complaints, Olbermann on Wednesday claimed that Brown "swore at" high school students at an assembly in 2007, that he has refused to renounce a vulgar threat made against Attorney General Martha Coakley by an audience member at a Sunday rally, and that he demonstrated... continue reading
The day after President Barack Obama's policies were rebuked by the voters of one of the most liberal states when Massachusetts picked a Republican to replace Ted Kennedy, the White House turned to former Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos as their preferred vehicle to forward their spin as Obama sat down for an interview with the ABC News journalist. An accommodating Stephanopoulos, in the excerpt run on Wednesday's World News, failed to consider Obama's policies were too liberal as he asked the chastened President to confirm he was "surprised and frustrated by the vote" and to agree "this has been about... continue reading
Good Morning America's Yunji de Nies on Wednesday used the one year anniversary of Michelle Obama's tenure as First Lady to file a fawning look at the "every woman" who is "wowing the world." And while many were focusing on the crushing Democratic defeat in Massachusetts, de Nies gushed, " He may have won the presidency, but when she set foot on Pennsylvania Avenue, Michelle Obama captivated the country." [Audio available here .] As though de Nies were a PR representative for the First Lady, the ABC reporter could hardly contain herself: "Her spotlight seems to only shine brighter. She's... continue reading
CNN's Carol Costello reminisced enthusiastically about President Obama's inauguration a year ago on Tuesday's American Morning, highlighting how, at the time, " the hearts of millions of Americans were ready to burst- with a Woodstock kind of love ." Costello also took a shot at Republicans, stating that they "used the President's strategy [on health care] to create fear and confusion among voters ." [audio available here ] Anchor Kiran Chetry set the gushing tone for the correspondent's report, which aired at the bottom of the 6 am Eastern hour: "It was a year ago that love was in the... continue reading