In his State of the Union address Wednesday night, President Obama: defended his nearly $1 trillion "stimulus" spending package from last year; repeated his plea for comprehensive health care "reform;" proposed taxing banks to pay for his use of TARP funds to bailout the auto industry; and - in an obvious display of the politics of class warfare - insisted on increasing the taxes of "oil companies, investment fund managers, and those making over $250,000 a year" because "we can't afford" not to. Yet according to Newsweek's Howard Fineman, that was "one of the most conservative speeches that a Democratic... continue reading
Immediately following President Obama's State of the Union address Wednesday night, ABC's George Stephanopoulos got reaction from Newsweek editor Jon Meacham, who observed: "There were at least three moments where he expressed explicit humility. 'I'm not - I know that people aren't sure I can deliver this change. I take my share of the blame for not explaining health care.'" At the same time, both Stephanopoulos and Meacham agreed that Obama's speech was Reaganesque. Stephanopoulos argued: "What I saw there is the President not being contrite like Bill Clinton in 1995, much more defiant, more like Ronald Reagan in 1983."... continue reading
The three morning shows on Thursday reacted to Barack Obama's State of the Union address by highlighting the risk Republicans run in continuing to oppose the President's agenda. On NBC's Today, Meredith Vieira fretted to Joe Biden, " What risk do the Republicans run by continuing to say no, by being the party of no?" NBC put the happiest spin on the speech, featuring a graphic that trumpeted, "'Never More Hopeful': Obama's Renewed Message of Hope for America." Chuck Todd cooed, "The President took pains to talk about hope at a time when so many Americans seemed to have so... continue reading
Nightline anchor Terry Moran started laughing Wednesday night just as George Will finished his critique of President Obama's State of the Union address while Democratic activist Donna Brazile was also not impressed by Will's assessment. Leading into the chortling from Moran, who is reportedly under consideration to take over This Week, Will wrapped up: Finally, he said at one point that we are going to freeze government spending for three years. That's just not true. We're proposing to freeze one-sixth of government spending for three years. Finally, the motif of his talk was Washington is tiresome, annoying and dysfunctional -... continue reading
Following President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, on CBS Katie Couric revealed her reading interests as she endorsed the take on Obama from a liberal New York Times columnist: "Well, as Tom Friedman said, 'he's better at making us smarter than making us angry.'" (Friedman's actual assertion in his January 27 column : "He is so much better at making us smarter than angrier.") Then, after the Republican response, Anthony Mason recited as relevant the very skewed findings of a CBS News/Knowledge Networks online poll only of those who watched Obama, nonetheless touting how 83 percent approve of... continue reading
Both ABC's Diane Sawyer and CBS's Katie Couric interviewed White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as part of their networks' run-up to Wednesday's State of the Union address, but the contrast was stark. While Sawyer attempted to feel Emanuel's pain over the setbacks for health care legislation ("Two times you have rolled the health care rock up the hill....and two times you have seen it crash back down"), a much feistier Couric interrogated Emanuel over the White House's political failings. "As you know, people were pretty disgusted by deals that were made up on Capitol Hill like the one... continue reading
The Associated Press on Wednesday insinuated there might be a wider conservative plot behind James O'Keefe's alleged misdeeds at Senator Mary Landrieu's office, and invoked the Watergate scandal in their lede: "Was it an attempt at political espionage? Or just a third-rate prank? How high did it go? And what did the right wing know and when did they know it? " AP writers Michael Kunzelman and Brett J. Blackledge, in their article titled, " Phone-tampering case: Prank or political spying? ,"got even more explicit about the Watergate comparison in subsequent paragraphs: In what some Democrats are calling the "... continue reading
When the ACORN scandal broke, the New York Times dragged its feet for six days before issuing a story on the devastating footage from conservative activist and guerilla film-maker James O'Keefe, who caught on video the left-wing housing group giving advice to a "prostitute" and "pimp" on how to shelter illegal income from taxes. But following Tuesday afternoon reports of the Monday arrest of O'Keefe for attempting to tamper with the phones of Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu, the Times wasted no time issuing a story for Wednesday's print edition. caused a web sensation September 10 posting hidden camera footage... continue reading
All three morning shows on Wednesday highlighted the revelation that a conservative activist had been arrested in connection to an attempt to tamper with the phones of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. Despite jumping on the " Louisiana Watergate " story only 17 hours after it was first reported, the networks took five days to file full reports on the same James O'Keefe and his undercover footage exposing corruption at ACORN. On ABC's Good Morning America, reporter Pierre Thomas recounted O'Keefe's previous expose, charitably describing ACORN as " an advocacy group which helps the poor ." On NBC's Today, Pete Williams... continue reading
Scott Brown replacing Ted Kennedy in the Senate really irritates the Washington press corps, as evidenced by Washington Post business section columnist Steven Pearlstein , who in Wednesday's paper cited Brown's victory as an example of the "wretched" state of the nation while he scolded Massachusetts voters for selfishness in picking Brown to replace Kennedy who had fought "for social justice." In " The State of the Union speech Obama would give in a more honest world ," Pearlstein, a former reporter who won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for commentary, recommended President Obama begin: "My fellow Americans, the state of... continue reading