Monday's Washington Post has a lengthy front-page article documenting how conservatives and grass roots groups opposed to big government have rallied since the 2008 election to become a major force on the Internet. The print headline: "'Wired' Conservatives Get the Message Out." The headline at took more negative angle: "New media help conservatives get their anti-Obama message out." The Washington Post's Jerry Markon details how conservatives, including the Media Research Center, have capitalized on new media innovations over the past few years to become a more formidable movement: [Media Research Center President Brent Bozell] operates a mini-empire with seven... continue reading
In a contribution to the Boston Globe Magazine published nine days before the January 19 Senate election won by Republican Scott Brown, veteran Globe Magazine writer Charles Pierce ridiculed the idea Brown could win, in a piece formulated as a letter to Brown: Well, we're almost here, aren't we? The end of a long, arduous, four-month campaign for a Senate seat that you have approximately the same chance of filling as you did the pilot's chair of the Starship Enterprise. The cocky Pierce wasn't done, writing in his weekly "Pierced" column toward the front of the January 10 magazine: The... continue reading
Barbara Walters began her This Week interview with Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown by reciting his "fascinating resume," including how "at 12 you were arrested for shoplifting" and "at 22 you posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine," before she proceeded to press Brown from the left to distance himself from, or denounce, the Republican Party positions on abortion, same-sex marriage and "don't ask, don't tell." She pushed him: "Are you out of step with your party, or do you think that the party has to broaden and change its platform?" Given "Massachusetts requires that all residents purchase health insurance" and "you voted... continue reading
"Tonight, the President takes on his Republican opponents face to face and fact by fact," Katie Couric teased at the top of Friday's CBS Evening News in setting up an anti-Republican zinger from President Barack Obama: "That's factually just not true. And you know it's not true." Reporting on Obama's appearance before GOP House members at their retreat in Baltimore, Chip Reid was in awe of Obama and delivered lines that might as well have been formulated by White House Press Secretary Roberts Gibbs: ♦ It was extraordinary. And it was a command performance by the President. In fact, some... continue reading
At the top of Friday's Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC, the show announcer teased a story on President Obama speaking a meeting of House Republicans in Baltimore: " What will Republicans do with President Obama's olive branch? He's reaching out to the GOP yet again, despite a year of push backs and criticisms. Is he being naive or crazy like a fox?" Moments later, host Dylan Ratigan made a biblical reference to explain Obama's supposedly gracious gesture: "We begin today with a biblical story of Noah and the floods....he sent a dove....To look for dry land after a great flood... continue reading
On Wednesday's Countdown show on MSNBC, shortly before the beginning of the State of the Union address, as Keith Olbermann discussed the speech with Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, after Olbermann brought up the possibility that President Obama would give a divisive FDR-style speech, Matthews seemed to lament that such a speech would "spook" the middle class, and, as he credited the Democratic party with actually "creating" the middle class, he argued that Democrats are a victim of their own success. After claiming that it would have been "unpatriotic" not to increase government spending in time of recession, he went... continue reading
At the top of Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith declared: "President Obama meets with GOP leaders as he tries to tackle the growing employment problem. Will it be a monologue or a dialogue?" White House correspondent Bill Plante later reported: "The President is also reaching out to Republicans today , speaking to the GOP House retreat. But it could be a tough crowd." In Plante's report, only brief a clip of Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner was played, making Republicans seem unwilling to negotiate: "We're not going to vote for things that we believe will hurt our... continue reading
On HLN's Joy Behar Show on Thursday, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg gave a racial explanation for Chris Matthews' recent "I forgot he was black" remark about President Obama. Goldberg cracked that "this has been quite a year for the white man." Behar replied, " Traumatic ," and Goldberg continued it was "traumatic in many ways have to think before you speak" [audio clip from the segment are available here ]. The HLN host brought up Matthews post-State of the Union comment during her interview of her colleague from The View. After playing the clip of the MSNBC host,... continue reading
On the soon-to-be canceled 'It's the Economy' program on MSNBC on Thursday, co-host Contessa Brewer grilled Republican New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg on his calls to reduce out-of-control government spending: "Which programs are you willing to cut? Are you willing to tell schools, no money for you?" Gregg shot back: "What an absurd statement to make. And what a dishonest statement to make." Gregg called out Brewer for her unfair framing of the issue: "...nobody's saying no money for schools....On its face you're being fundamentally dishonest when you make that type of statement." He went to explain the kinds of... continue reading
Washington Post TV writer Tom Shales was glowing for Obama at the keyboard again in his State of the Union review on Thursday. Obama had the ability to "snatch humility from the jaws of hubris." He was as honest and direct as "the guy next door." He was so enthralling, "they could have had a live shot of purple people-eaters watching from Mars and not upstaged Obama." Here was the first bloom of flowery praise: Obama does have the ability to snatch humility from the jaws of hubris. While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pontificated about how honored and thrilled she... continue reading