Another " now they tell us " moment from the New York Times on Obama-care appeared on Thursday's front page: " Study Cited for Health-Cost Cuts Overstated Its Upside, Critics Say " by health reporters Reed Abelson and Gardiner Harris. The study originated from the obscure Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care group and was heavily promoted on Capitol Hill by Congressional Budget Office director turned Obama budget director Peter Orszag. Abelson has trod lightly over this ground before, in a December 23, 2009 story , pointing out flaws in the Dartmouth study, but this is the first Times story that... continue reading
In what was a twist of "Blame America First" attitude into one of "Blame Men First" both NBC's Andrea Mitchell and Newsweek's Evan Thomas, on Thursday's Andrea Mitchell Reports, used pop psychology to dissect the causes of past and recent American wars, with both of them citing insecure men as a key reason. Mitchell even pondered: " What is it about testosterone that gets us into war?" On to promote his new book The War Lovers, Thomas, specifically referring to the Spanish-American War, noted it was a time of "masculine insecurity... Everybody had to run around with guns," and added:... continue reading
NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams granted an interview to the website Mediaite on Thursday, boasting that whatever the Obama administration and BP are doing to stop the oil spill is due to TV news cameras. Obama is behind the Williams curve, apparently. Williams insisted he led with the story on the first night and described it on air as potentially "one of the most catastrophic events of all time" for the environment. Except he didn't lead the news with it on the first night. And he didn't call it a catastrophe. Here's his claim today: The night the rig... continue reading
On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, Pentagon correspondent David Martin reported on the United Nations criticizing U.S. drone attacks against terrorists: "Philip Alston is author of a new U.N. report which argues that drone strikes amount to a 'license to kill' without being held accountable , a license the U.S. would not want any other country to have." A clip was played of Alston proclaiming: "You've got complete silence from the CIA...they should not be operating major projects which kill people directly." Martin then chimed in: "Think about it, a operation the U.S. doesn't even admit exists has killed more than... continue reading
The American lawyers who flock to Guantanamo Bay to represent captured terrorists are simply fulfilling their duty to provide representation, it is often argued by those who seem to enjoy mucking up efforts to curtail future terrorism. But once representing the American beverage giant Coca Cola makes Attorney General Eric Holder a "corporatist" who's going to "do the Devil's work" and only "pretend" to go tough on BP after the oil spill, lefty talk radio host Mike Malloy (a onetime CNN news writer) argued Wednesday night. (Audio here .) I guess you know this by now, the, uh, Justice Department... continue reading
"Don't you think you're jumping the gun a little bit? I mean, the show's not even on the air." That's how MSNBC's Contessa Brewer opened her June 3 interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who appeared via satellite to discuss his work with the newly-formed Citizens Against Religious Bigotry (CARB) to get advertisers on Viacom's Comedy Central to publicly pledge to not support or underwrite a show currently in pre-production entitled "JC" for Jesus Christ. For full disclosure, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell is a founding member of CARB. "Just playing devil's advocate here, because I am the daughter of... continue reading
On Thursday's 11AM EST hour on MSNBC, anchor Tamron Hall asked Ryan Grim of the left-wing Huffington Post about recent scandals involving the Obama White House tampering with Democratic primaries: "Darrell Issa of California...he wants the FBI involved in this....Any legs here, or is this, again, a situation that may be politicized by the other side?" [Audio available here ] Grim dismissed the idea that there was any need for an investigation: "I mean, this isn't criminal activity. This really is politics as usual." He then lamented: "...the problem for the administration is that, you know, they ran against politics... continue reading
On Thursday's Today, the NBC program ignored the revelation that the Obama administration attempted to persuade a Democratic Senate candidate to drop out of a primary race. ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's Early Show both highlighted the story in full reports. CBS's Erica Hill announced, " There are new allegations of back room politics by the White House. A Colorado politician says the Obama administration hinted at a job offer if he stayed out of the Senate race." ABC's Jake Tapper pointed out the potential problems for the White House: " But this does look bad. It looks, again,... continue reading
The obfuscation displayed by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Tuesday, in refusing to address factual contradictions in the Joe Sestak job offer storyline, is so obvious that even MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Wednesday night showcased a "kerfuffle" between Gibbs and's Fred Lucas who dared to point out a Congressman cannot serve in the un-paid board position reportedly offered to Sestak if he refrained from running against Senator Arlen Specter. Matthews declared of Gibbs, who wouldn't go beyond repeated "I'd refer to the memo" deflections: "That is a big case of bluffing and BS." An hour later on... continue reading
On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Drew Griffin pressed former Clinton administration official Robert Reich on his call for a federal takeover of BP and its efforts against the Gulf oil leak. Griffin first questioned Reich if his proposal was serious, and later stated that the Democrat's idea " sounds not only highly illegal ...but seems to me to smack of something that we might see in Venezuela " [audio clips available here ]. The CNN personality, who was filling in for anchor Rick Sanchez, brought on the current University of California, Berkeley professor to discuss his proposal, which he first... continue reading