On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez twice highlighted how "several Republicans want to keep the cap on what oil companies pay for spills at $75 million" and how apparently that's about "how much they [oil companies] spend on campaign contributions to politicians each year," but omitted that President Obama was the top recipient of money from BP during the 2008 election cycle. Sanchez first made those statements during a segment just after the beginning of the 3 pm Eastern hour, as he reported on left-wing organization Code Pink's interruption of a hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources... continue reading
On Wednesday's Today show NBC's Matt Lauer, Chuck Todd and Kelly O'Donnell forwarded the Democratic line that Tea Party candidate victories in Republican primaries will be the GOP's downfall in November. First up Kelly O'Donnell, in a set up piece, claimed: "In Nevada, a big Tea Party victory in the GOP Senate primary...But Democrats are actually cheering Sharron Angle's win, believing that a Tea Party candidate would be an easier opponent" for Majority Leader Harry Reid. Then, during a post-election analysis segment with Today co-anchor Matt Lauer and NBC News' political director Chuck Todd, Lauer wondered if the Angle win... continue reading
On Wednesday's CBS Early Show, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer provided analysis of Tuesday's primary elections across the country, describing the South Carolina gubernatorial race "where they continue to draw their political plot lines from, you know, 'Desperate Housewives' or something" and how Nevada Democrats were "very happy" with the victory of tea party candidate Sharron Angle. Speaking to Early Show co-host Maggie Rodriguez, Schieffer ran down the most watched races in Arkansas, California, South Carolina, and Nevada. When he got to South Carolina, he described gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley as "very conservative." After making the 'Desperate Housewives' comparison,... continue reading
Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday again highlighted charges of adultery against Republican Nikki Haley. He pressed the South Carolina gubernatorial candidate, demanding to know if she'd embarrass the state with scandal. After reading a quote from a voter, the former operative to scandal-plagued Bill Clinton fretted, " Can you assure South Carolina voters that they're not going to be embarrassed if they elect you? " [Audio available here .] The ABC host referenced claims, touted by Republican primary opponents, that she had been unfaithful. Stephanopoulos quoted, "And last night, the man you face in the runoff, Congressman Barrett,... continue reading
All three network morning shows touted the good showing by a bevy of Republican women and Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln in yesterday's primaries. NBC's Today and CBS's Early Show both headlined "Ladies Night," while ABC's Good Morning America's take was "Women Rule." But ABC fill-in anchor Elizabeth Vargas suggested credit should really go to Hillary Clinton, because she "helped by running for president," paving the way for "all these other women about to possibly take office, high office, in those states." Vargas's co-host and former Clinton employee George Stephanopoulos offered no comment. Here's how ABC's Good Morning America opened their... continue reading
On Tuesday's World News, ABC's George Stephanopoulos touted how "we've got a new poll out tonight that shows the Tea Party may be losing steam nationwide" as its unfavorable rating has "gone up eleven points in the last couple of months to 50 percent. Their favorable rating has gone down." Stephanopoulos and ABC, however, didn't find time, in multiple stories on the oil leak, to inform viewers how the same ABC News/Washington Post survey, released Tuesday morning, found that by 49 to 44 percent the public disapproves of President Obama's handling of the disaster. In addition, "the number of Americans... continue reading
More than 24 hours after NBC's Matt Lauer prompted him to say it in an interview, the morning programs all showcased it - and even after day-long playback on the cable channels - CBS and NBC on Tuesday night delighted in again highlighting President Barack Obama's boast that he's gathering information on the oil leak "so I know whose ass to kick." Katie Couric put the soundbite, from a competitor, at the top of the CBS Evening News: "In a TV interview aired today, the President said if BP's CEO worked for him, he'd be fired. And Mr. Obama defended... continue reading
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, and Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday's "The Daily Rundown" were in "anguish" over the forced retirement of Helen Thomas, but showed little sympathy for the Israelis that the Hearst columnist so odiously disrespected. "I think a lot of people feel some anguish about this because the comments were beyond the pale," lamented Guthrie. "And yet it tarnishes a career that otherwise people would be celebrating because she was indeed a trailblazer." Glossing over the longtime reporter's comments that Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to Germany or Poland, Mitchell lauded Thomas's... continue reading
In teasing the more emotional portion of Matt Lauer's exclusive Today show interview with Barack Obama, in which he blurted that he needed to "know whose ass to kick" over the oil spill in the Gulf, NBC's Brian Williams, on Monday's NBC Nightly News, left the impression that the President was finally showing "some anger." Something, as the MRC's Brent Baker pointed out, liberals had been pushing the President to do for some time. However what Williams failed to point out was that outburst and even the President's use of colorful language was prompted by Lauer's question, as he asked... continue reading
The three evening news shows on Monday treated the announcement of Helen Thomas' retirement as an occasion to gush over the "bona fide icon" and "trailblazer." At the same time, CBS's Evening News, NBC's Nightly News and ABC's World News didn't find much time for outrage over Thomas' attacks on Jews and Israel. Instead, NBC's Andrea Mitchell played a clip of Thomas ranting to President Bush in a White House Press briefing: "Are you going to get out of Afghanistan? Why are we continuing to kill and die there?" According to Mitchell, this was Thomas simply being "outspoken." On CBS,... continue reading