On Tuesday's edition of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and his panel discussed the 2010 midterm elections and trashed Republican candidate Sharron Angle as a "mental patient" and a "jackass." The conversation, which included Chris Matthews and Mike Barnicle, began with MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin claiming Angle is "vulnerable" in the race because "she has extreme positions that are out of step with the mainstream." Barnicle asserted that Angle was "embarrassing" to the residents of Nevada and "sounds like a mental patient." After this incident, Chris Matthews began to quote Angle's radio interview with Lars Larson asserting, "She understands why people... continue reading
Less than an hour before CBS's Craig Ferguson-hosted 10 PM EDT " Boston Pops Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular" national broadcast on Sunday night, local anchors Jack Williams and Lisa Hughes from Boston's CBS-owned television station , along with a couple of local actors, took to the stage to narrate the music-accompanied "The Dream Lives On: A Portrait of the Kennedy Brothers." ( Video: downloadable from NB twenty second wmv clip of Williams and Hughes in action.) Introducing the 20-minute production carried by WBZ-TV channel 4 in Boston in its 8-10 PM EDT coverage, Pops conductor Keith Lockhart ludicrously insisted... continue reading
According to USA Today's Susan Page, Lincoln Chafee, a Republican who left the party and voted for Barack Obama in 2008, is simply a "moderate." A cover story for Tuesday's print edition of the paper featured the misleading sub-headline: " Centrists Fuel Big Crop of Contenders This Year. " Nowhere in the 1800 word piece did Page describe Chafee as a liberal. Instead, the politician, now running for governor of Rhode Island as an independent, is part of a "rebellion in the middle." Page sympathetically described the then-Senator's exit from the Republican Party after losing a 2006 reelection bid: "Chafee... continue reading
In an interview on's 'Media Beat,' MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer told TVNewser editor Kevin Allocca about the cable network's high standards in its audition process: "'s got to be like the Marine Corps obstacle course in order to land this job." She later complained about "difficult" guests: "When someone comes on with an agenda and their agenda is to take you down." Allocca asked Brewer about some her toughest interviews. She responded by describing certain guests who "come on and they are prepared to be challenging and to be difficult." Two examples came to her mind, former Homeland Security... continue reading
West coast viewers got to see a July 4 CBS Evening News on Sunday, and those who tuned in saw CBS's interim "report card" on Congress's performance so far. Under the headline of "unfinished business," correspondent Wyatt Andrews and his sole expert, Politico's Jonathan Allen, both fretted how Congress is now "paralyzed" due to a "growing fear of the deficit." Many Americans are probably wishing Congress had become "paralyzed" a few trillion dollars ago. Andrews rued that supposedly job-creating "stimulus spending" may be sacrificed if enough congressmen feel deficit spending is now "political Kryptonite." Many members of Congress especially those... continue reading
Back in April, as ABC's Jake Tapper took over as interim host of This Week (pending the arrival of ex-CNNer Christiane Amanpour in August), the show asked the fact-checkers at PolitiFact to evaluate the truthfulness of statements made on the show . After nearly three months, the results show far more Democrats and liberals earning a "False" rating, with most of the "True" ratings going to Republicans and conservatives. The discrepency remains even if you take into account that about two-thirds of the evaluated statements came from Democrats in the first place. From April 11 through June 20, PolitiFact has... continue reading
"The side that talks about the need to rein in the federal government" is "not very rational," yet "is winning" the debate over whether to pass another "stimulus" bill, Al Hunt regretted on Sunday's This Week on ABC. The former Washington Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal, who's Washington Editor for Bloomberg where he hosts Bloomberg TV's Political Capital show, fretted over how "right now, that argument - that we have to rein in because the stimulus didn't work - well, I think most economists would say the stimulus did work in the sense it would have been a... continue reading
Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos on Thursday attacked Republican Carly Fiorina for opposing the current unemployment plan in the Senate. The Good Morning America host derided, " And are you running for the wrong job? How do you create jobs in the Senate if you don't pass legislation? " Stephanopoulos also recycled the California candidate's June 9 joke about Democratic opponent Barbara Boxer's hair. Citing the nearly month-old gaffe , he challenged, "I have to ask you about what everybody saw right after the primary, that hair comment, off-mic. Why not apologize for that?" [Audio available here .] Each Stephanopoulos question... continue reading
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Thursday slammed John Boehner's work ethic, chiding the House Minority Leader for drinking and smoking cigars. This verbal assault came just ten days after the Morning Joe host defended Barack Obama's golf outing, asserting that he wants the President to have a "happy place to go to." The former Republican congressman ridiculed Boehner, saying "Everybody on Capitol Hill knows about John Boehner, he's not exactly the hardest worker in the world. He's a guy that likes golf, and he's a guy that likes, you know, socializing." Scarborough made sure to stress that even though he... continue reading
CBS's Chip Reid on Thursday railed against the Senate for failing to extend unemployment benefits. The Evening News reporter opined, " So who's fault is that? On the surface, it appears Senate Republicans are to blame. Led by Mitch McConnell, they killed the bill with a filibuster ." At no point did Reid or fill-in anchor Scott Pelley discuss whether unemployment benefits should be extended yet again. Democratic culpability included having one member who sided with the Republicans. Reid chided, "Democrats also have themselves to blame. One Democrat, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, voted no. If he had voted with his... continue reading