Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Monday lobbied that if one were to "set aside" the Fort Hood terror attack and the botched Christmas bombing, there haven't been successful attacks on America in the last few years. Stephanopoulos was talking to William Arkin, the co-author of a new Washington Post investigation into the top secret agencies created in the wake of 9/11. The GMA host began by asserting, "I spoke with an administration official early this morning." Putting a positive spin on Obama's first 18 months, he trumpeted, " And that if you set aside the Fort Hood bombing in... continue reading
MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan took time out his Friday show to send a special message to the founder of the left-wing Huffington Post blog: "happy birthday to a good friend of the show.... Miss Arianna Huffington , earlier this week, turned 60 years young and had quite the celebration.... I had the privilege of being able to join her." Not content with simply wishing her a happy birthday, Ratigan went on to declare: "Arianna Huffington, who represents such a voice of truth and the highest aspiration for any individual that hopes to improve themselves each and every day, as they... continue reading
Following a report on Saturday's CBS Evening News , in which White House correspondent Chip Reid defended President Obama's Maine vacation with a comparison to President Bush's vacation time, Monday's Early Show took the same approach as correspondent Michelle Miller reported: But it's not just where and when presidents travel, it's how often. Ronald Reagan took 349 vacation days at his California ranch during his eight years in office. In his first year and a half as President, George W. Bush vacationed 96 days. Over that same time period, President Obama has taken 36 days. On Saturday, Reid had similarly... continue reading
CBS and NBC on Saturday night ran full stories on criticism of President Obama for vacationing with his family this weekend in Maine instead of along the Gulf coast, but Chip Reid, CBS White House correspondent, couldn't resist defending Obama by invoking an unfavorable comparison with George W. Bush, enhanced by an on-screen graphic: Whatever criticism there may be of the President's vacation choices, he's spent 33 days on vacation in his first 18 months. His predecessor, George W. Bush, spent 96 in the same period. Reid proceeded to assure CBS Evening News viewers that Obama is on the job... continue reading
On Friday, Kendall and Gwendolyn Myers, who spied for Cuba, were sentenced to prison terms (life for him, six years for her) by the federal court in DC, an action which Washington Post reporter Spencer Hsu described as "a grim ending to the Myerses' idealistic embrace of the Cuban revolution." Flashback to a June of 2009 BiasAlert post from when the couple was charged 13 months ago, illustrating how the New York Times and Washington Post painted the traitors as a lovable duo: "She fell for his worldly sophistication" while he "admired her work helping ordinary people," gushed a front... continue reading
On Friday's Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC, host Dylan Ratigan reported on Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann attempting to form a congressional tea party caucus and proceeded to rant: "...the tea partiers were nowhere when it came to ending the mass extraction in Wall Street, so I think they're actually full of crap." [Audio available here ] Ratigan then wondered: "...for a movement, however, that prides itself on having no formal ties to the federal government, forget the aspect of being full of crap when it comes to the banking system , why are the Republican Party members and tea party... continue reading
"An earthquake hits Washington," fill-in ABC anchor David Muir announced Friday night as he gushed that "it comes as the President wraps up a seismic week." He soon noted how the First Family began a brief vacation in Maine which, he proposed, "comes after the President marked quite a week in Washington. The oil, for now, is finally stopped, and on the political front, his financial reform package finally passed." He pleaded: "So why such low poll numbers?" Over "Getting His Due?" on screen, Jake Tapper related how "some Democrats have been grumbling that the public is not giving the... continue reading
On Thursday's CBS Evening News, anchor Katie Couric touted the just-passed financial reform bill as a "big win" for President Obama, "as was the passage of health care reform." She then lamented how despite that: "...there are rumblings he's in big political trouble as the midterm elections approach." In the report that followed, White House correspondent Chip Reid proclaimed: "...the President was reveling in another victory on a major piece of legislation.... he'll add it to a long list, headlined by health care reform and the stimulus." A graphic then appeared on-screen actually listing half a dozen of the Obama... continue reading
Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Friday offered White House spin for the passage of financial reform, enthusing, "... You've got the well looking like it's capped. Passage of financial reform. Big day for the White House. " Over two segments, he touted Obama's take: "But, the President called it a big win for the whole country." Talking to Jake Tapper, the former Democratic operative fretted, "This is another big pillar of his legislative agenda, the stimulus, following health care. Yet, his poll numbers continue to slide. How does the White House plan to address that?" At Stephanopoulos' prompting, Tapper... continue reading
While discussing President Obama's sinking approval ratings with Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer on Friday's CBS Early Show, fill-in co-host Erica Hill did her best to make lemonade out of lemons for the Democratic Party: "But in the end, could losing the House ultimately be good for the President? Because it certainly helped Bill Clinton." Schieffer was the rare voice of wisdom, replying: "You know, Erica, I don't think it is ever good to lose. I think you're always better off when you win." Though he did try to downplay the potential Democratic losses by suggesting both parties were... continue reading