Without laughing, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday’s World News Tonight advanced the White House hope that Barack Obama will be seen as Ronald Reagan was in 1987, as a President who rescued the economy and was rewarded by voters. Opining on the President’s political mission in his State of the Union speech, Stephanopoulos said the goal was for Obama to convince the public that the economic “recovery is sustainable.... and it’s because of the work that he did over the last six years.” When the public credited Reagan for the boom in the 1980s, Stephanopoulos reminded, “he was able to... continue reading
All three network morning shows on Tuesday spun American Sniper as controversial and possibly as a movie that "glorifies killing." ABC, CBS and NBC played up attacks by Michael Moore, but they ignored the most incendiary part of the liberal filmmaker's comments. Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos opened the show by hyping, "Taking fire. American Sniper , the record setting blockbuster burning up the box office, feeling the heat from Hollywood heavyweights who say it glorifies killing." Co-host Robin Roberts chastised, "Some are asking if the record-setting movie glorifies a hero or a killer." Neither host pointed out that... continue reading
On Tuesday's NBC Today , co-host Matt Lauer actually grilled White House chief of staff Denis McDonough on President Obama's tax hike proposal: "During the President's last press conference of 2014, he was asked how he might be able to work with the new incoming Republican-controlled Congress and he said, quote, 'The tax area is one area where we can get things done.' And now he's proposing a middle class tax cut paid for with a tax hike on the wealthiest Americans that just about everyone says cannot pass this congress. So why is he going this route?" As McDonough... continue reading
On Tuesday, ABC’s Good Morning America previewed President Obama’s 7th State of the Union address and the network did its best to play up President Obama’s recent unilateral actions aimed at normalizing American relations with Cuba. During a brief report that sounded more like a White House press release, ABC’s Jim Avila insisted that “tonight at the State of the Union President Obama will tell Congress that he has done all he can do to normalize relations with Cuba.” The ABC reporter continued to play up Obama’s Cuba proposal and insisted that the president believes “the time is right to... continue reading
Ed Schultz on Monday bashed American Sniper as "disturbing" and contributing to the culture of "normalizing Islamophobia." The MSNBC anchor warned that the late Chris Kyle was "far more complicated than the hero portrayed in [Clint] Eastwood's movie." Schultz jeered: "To Kyle, if they weren't Americans, they were the enemy. Unfortunately, some of those feelings have spread into our culture." The Ed Show host lectured, "The public reaction to the movie American Sniper also highlights some of the most disturbing consequences of this war, the normalization of Islamophobia..." Schultz concluded, "I was disturbed by the movie. I sat there in... continue reading
At the top of NBC's Meet the Pres s on Sunday, moderator Chuck Todd wondered if a Republican rising star could overcome a major obstacle that has occurred "year after year" for the GOP: "Can Iowa's Joni Ernst avoid becoming the latest victim of the curse of the State of the Union response?" Todd wrapped up the show with an entire segment promoting the supposed curse: "It sounds like...a ticket to political stardom, until you realize that in recent years giving the response has been more trouble than it's worth." He proclaimed: "In fact, it's been a lot like the... continue reading
Ahead of President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, the networks offered previews of his speech during their Monday evening newscasts with ABC and NBC working particularly hard to paint a rosy picture for Obama with rising poll numbers and having “redefined” the “model of how to sell the State of the Union.” ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir began hyping the President’s upcoming speech by following their morning counterpart in promoting the latest ABC News/ Washington Post poll that shows Obama’s approval rating at 50 percent and suggesting they are due to lower gas prices and... continue reading
On Sunday's NBC Nightly News , anchor Lester Holt touted how President Obama's plan to "propose tax hikes for wealthiest Americans" during Tuesday's State of the Union address would be "potentially putting Congress in the position of appearing to defend the highest income earners over the middle class." Turning to CNBC chief Washington correspondent John Harwood, Holt wondered: "John, will a Republican Congress go along with any of this?" Harwood seized the opportunity cheer Obama's politically posturing: "It's not likely, Lester. But that doesn't mean they aren't important. These proposals and others from both parties in Congress all mark a... continue reading
Good Morning America journalists on Monday eagerly promoted good news for Barack Obama. Co-host George Stephanopoulos hyped an ABC News/ Washington Post survey "showing the President going to a pretty high approval ratings, going up to 50 percent, the highest he's had in 18 months." Jon Karl enthused, "With unemployment down, gas prices lower, Americans feel better about the economy. You know, just three months ago only 27 percent in our poll said that the economy was either excellent or good." He added, "That is the highest level of the Obama presidency." When the news wasn't so rosy for Obama,... continue reading
President Obama is set to give his seventh State of the Union address on Tuesday night and on Monday, January 19, CBS This Morning did its best to give him some free publicity during their preview of the president’s annual speech. CBS reporter Bill Plante hyped President Obama’s tax increase agenda and argued that the goal of his State of the Union “is to put Republicans on the defensive as the party of the rich.” During the segment, Plante did play two soundbites from Republicans who harshly criticized Obama’s latest tax-and-spend proposal, but the CBS reporter surrounded the clips with... continue reading