The House Select Committee on Benghazi that is looking into the 2012 terror attacks in Libya held another hearing on Wednesday and focused on the lack of sufficient security that was in place in Benghazi which, based on the hearing, remains the case across many State Department facilities. When it came to the major broadcast networks reporting on the hearing, the “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC all punted and refused to cover it in any capacity during their evening newscasts. [MP3 audio here ; Video below] An article in USA Today recapped the hearing this way. The hearing... continue reading
The Wednesday editions of NBC Nightly News and ABC's World News Tonight both spotlighted many Democratic lawmakers' objections to portions of a proposed budget compromise in Congress. However, the two evening newscasts couldn't be bothered to mention that many congressional Republicans and their conservative allies also object to parts of the bill, especially on immigration and on social issues . ABC's David Muir gave a brief underlining the "fine print" in the legislation, as a on-screen graphic labeled them, but he only included the impacts on liberal pet projects: [ video below ] DAVID MUIR: An 11th-hour deal from Washington... continue reading
Fusion/Univision anchor Jorge Ramos interviewed President Obama on Tuesdayand spent the interview flaunting his liberal beliefs by constantly hitting the President from the far left on a wide range of issues, including race. After discussing the release of the so-called CIA “torture” report by Senate Democrats, President Obama was asked if he got “angry with” the belief that “many people expected you, probably, to do more on race relations, dealing with white privilege.” [MP3 audio here ; Video below] Just before that, Ramos lamented to the President that race relations in America have not improved because of three high-profile deaths... continue reading
CNN's Anderson Cooper forwarded common liberal talking points on race on the Monday and Tuesday editions of his program. During a two-part interview of Patrick Lynch, the president of the union for New York City police officers, Cooper asserted that " everybody has inherent biases ... biases that, sometimes they're not even aware of " and wondered, " Aren't those amplified amongst those who have power over others? " [ video below ] The anchor gave a similar line the previous Wednesday during a contentious segment with Charles Blow of the New York Times and conservative Dan Bongino, a former... continue reading
Despite ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber being grilled by both Republicans and Democrats in a Tuesday congressional hearing over his infamous remarks that the health care law was passed due to "the stupidity of the American voter," none of the Big Three network morning shows on Wednesday made any mention of the latest development in the controversy. While Gruber testifying before Congress about ObamaCare was not a priority, the NBC, ABC, and CBS morning shows all devoted air time to British royal couple William and Kate wrapping up their trip to the U.S. – something NBC's Today dubbed "Will & Kate's... continue reading
Three of the nation's major newspapers downgraded ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber's testimony to the U.S. Senate, keeping it off the front page. The Washington Post placed Gruber, best known for assailing "stupid" Americans, on A-4. The New York Times on Wednesday demoted the story to page A-20. After recapping Gruber's comments, Times writer Robert Pear related that the ex-aide argued: I behaved badly, and I will have to live with that, but my own inexcusable arrogance is not a flaw in the Affordable Care Act. The A.C.A. is a milestone accomplishment for our nation that already has provided millions of... continue reading
On Wednesday, Michael Morrell, former Deputy Director of the CIA and current CBS News Senior Security Contributor, appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss the Democrat-led Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques against suspected terrorists. While the former CIA official vehemently rejected the contents of the report, co-host Norah O’Donnell did her best to discredit Morrell’s defense of the agency. O’Donnell proclaimed “to me the idea that someone could be waterboarded, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 183 times and that's not torture, I just don't understand that definition.” The segment began with Morrell offering a strong... continue reading
Univision anchor Jorge Ramos scored an exclusive interview with Barack Obama on Tuesday and used the occasion to accuse George W. Bush of "betraying" America. The journalist quizzed Obama on the Senate's new report on the CIA and torture. He demanded, " Is this the responsibility of President Bush? Did he betray American values?" [MP3 audio here .] Obama didn't reply "no" or scoff at accusing the previous commander-in-chief of being a traitor. But he did allow, "After 9/11, I don't think that you can know what it feels like to know that America's gone through the worst attack on... continue reading
Appearing on Wednesday's NBC Today , former CIA Director Michael Hayden went after the network for hyping the so-called "torture report" released by Senate Democrats on Tuesday. After Hayden denounced the partisan report as something that "reads like a prosecutorial screed rather than an historical document," co-host Savannah Guthrie pressed him on what he disagreed with. Hayden replied: "Well, I disagree with the fact that you're claiming it to be news. These topics and subjects were all out there." At the top of the show, fellow co-host Matt Lauer teased the upcoming interview with Hayden: "Cruelty and lies? Outrage over... continue reading
Jose Diaz-Balart, host of MSNBC’s The Rundown , sat down with President Obama for an exclusive interview that aired during his Wednesday morning broadcast. The discussion touched on several key issues including immigration reform and the liberal MSNBC host pushed the president to expand his executive action to cover more illegal immigrants. Speaking to Obama, Diaz-Balart wondered “about the future. Are you actively looking into the possibility of further executive actions that could maybe help the people that didn't qualify this time in the near future?” The segment began with the MSNBC host asking President Obama “you said you didn't... continue reading