Welcome OSHA Into Our Homes; "Nasty," "Racist" & "Authoritarian" Giuliani 1) "The millions of Americans who work out of their homes are getting government protection," promised ABC's Antonio Mora. World News Tonight ran a story bolstering OSHA enforcement in homes. 2) CBS ignored the tax avoidance factor behind the NASDAQ sell-off. ABC looked at how the GOP "establishment" is fighting McCain, citing media support as proof he's gone left. Dan Rather praised him for trying to fix an "endangered part of the American Dream." 3) Profiling Rudy Giuliani Tuesday night Dan Rather stressed charges he's a racist and claims he's... continue reading
ABC Relayed Castro Propaganda; Century of "Red-Baiting"; Hang Gingrich 1) ABC 2000: Cokie Roberts talked to "mommy"; Cynthia McFadden relayed how Cuban school kids fear the U.S. because it's "a place where they kidnap children"; Peter Jennings talked to a professor about the continuing problem of "heterosexism"; and John Quinones griped that Cuban-Americans are "viciously anti-communist." 2) At ABC News not only are there 999 years in a millennium and 99 years in a century, but there are only 23 hours in a 24 hour day. 3) After "decades of Red-hunting, Red-baiting," asserted PBS's Gwen Ifill, "all of a sudden... continue reading
Kristol Canned by ABC; Second Runners-Up in the Best NQs of '99 1) After expanding the role of George Stephanopoulos, ABC News dropped conservative Bill Kristol. This Week's former Executive Producer charged: "They're tone-deaf when it comes to political evenhandedness....they're much more comfortable with people who share viewpoints closer to their own." 2) Filling in for Rush Limbaugh, Tony Snow recited three Best Notable Quotables of 1999. More videos of 1999 award winners and runners-up are now viewable on the MRC Web site. 3) The second runners-up quotes in 14 categories in the MRC's "Best Notable Quotables of 1999: The... continue reading
Time Praised FDR & Dissed Churchill; First Runners-Up in the Best NQs of '99 1) Time picked Albert Einstein as "Person of the Century," but managed plenty of room for admiration of FDR. Walter Isaacson dismissed Churchill because he opposed women's rights and praised Bill Clinton for restoring "the strength of Franklin Roosevelt's legacy by reforming welfare and conquering runaway deficits while still showing how government could help average citizens." 2) The first runners-up quotes in 14 categories in the MRC's Best Notable Quotables of 1999: The Twelfth Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting. 1 Time magazine may have... continue reading
Best NQs of 1999: Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting 1) The winning quotes in 14 categories in the MRC's Best Notable Quotables of 1999: The Twelfth Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting. 2) List of the 44 judges who picked the winners. 3) Video clips of many award quotes viewable online. Plus, read the winners as picked by visitors to the MRC's Web site. 1 Starting with the Quote of the Year, below are the winning quotes in 14 categories in the MRC's "Best Notable Quotables of 1999: The Twelfth Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting."... continue reading
Jesus Goes Left; ABC's Liberal Showcases & Time Capsule; Naked Geraldo 1) To fill in for Sam Donaldson, ABC's This Week picked Mike McCurry. Cokie Roberts didn't press Laura Bush when she offered a Hillary-like endorsement of the National Endowment for the Arts. 2) Picking up on George W. Bush's "Jesus Christ" answer, Al Hunt charged: "If Jesus is a political thinker, I assume he's for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty -- 'blessed are the peacemakers.'" 3) Liberal promotion days at ABC. Thursday and Sunday ABC showcased McCain-Bradley and their campaign finance "reform." Friday night ABC, which refused to show... continue reading
McCain-Bradley = "Virtue"; "Divisive" Pope; FNC Showed Broaddrick Q to Gore 1) Networks jumped on the McCain-Bradley liberal campaign finance stunt. CBS led with it, ABC's Peter Jennings admired it: "So what does this handshake in New Hampshire mean? A demonstration of public virtue." ABC, CBS and NBC all painted Bush as the villain. 2) Bryant Gumbel identified a troubling world figure who is spreading "very divisive" thinking as he keeps "coming down on the side of conservatism." Gumbel's target: The Pope. 3) A Boston Globe writer gushed about Bryant Gumbel: "When the camera flickers to life, he makes just... continue reading
Huang Skipped; NBC's "Paternal" Castro; Bradley: Diane Sawyer's Boyfriend 1) John Huang offered his first ever public comments before a House committee. ABC and NBC ignored him Wednesday night. CBS gave him 32 seconds and CNN 27 seconds. Only FNC provided a full story. 2) NBC's gift to Fidel Castro: A story delivering his spin about how whether Elian Gonzalez can "readjust to life" in Cuba is his chief concern. Andrea Mitchell warned Castro the boy might be "seduced" Disney World. As for Castro, Mitchell found him "old-fashioned, courtly -- even paternal." A nice grandpa. 3) Ted Koppel: "The problem... continue reading
Ted to "Save the Human Race"; Brokaw Hit GOP from Left; W's "Intellect" 1) Relax, Ted Turner is here to save us and your pet dog. Monday night Turner promised to dedicate himself "to trying to save the human race and make things better for human beings and the other creatures." He argued Clinton has "been a real good President." 2) Co-hosting a debate in Iowa Monday night NBC's Tom Brokaw hit the Republicans from the left, advocating more Medicare spending and labeling as "graphic language" platform positions calling for the elimination of the minimum wage, EPA and women in... continue reading
Clarence Thomas Accepted Award on Behalf of Woman Who Wished Him Dead >> Just one topic today, a special once in a decade event: In a fun evening of joking and frivolity, on Thursday night, December 9, at the Monarch Hotel in Washington, D.C., the Media Research Center presented the "Dishonor Awards for the Decade's Most Outrageous Liberal Bias" culled from the MRC's archive of news video and print publications from the 1990s. Stan Evans of the National Journalism Center emceed the dinner event. Serving as presenters of archival videos of the award nominees as originally seen on television during... continue reading