Giuliani's Liberalness; Celebrities Back Hillary; Hitting Reagan 1) Not since Bobby Kennedy has a candidate "so won over the press corps," Newsweek's Evan Thomas conceded. Eleanor Clift denied Al Gore tells lies, attributing his tendency to "embellish" to his being "just so damned competitive." 2) Meet the Liberal Press. The NBC show featured an all-liberal panel. Tim Russert asked Rudy Giuliani: "Is national health care a left-wing cause?" But both Russert and ABC's Cokie Roberts illustrated how Giuliani shares many of Hillary's liberal views. 3) Celebrities have showered Hillary Clinton's campaign with their money while only one actor gave to... continue reading
Trumpeting McCain's Poll Surge; No Outrage Over's Terrorism 1) CBS and NBC trumpeted McCain's rise above Bush in a Zogby poll in South Carolina. "A Republican Revolution," declared Dan Rather. ABC's Linda Douglass focused on the success of "the kind of blunt talk his campaign thrives on" as McCain assailed Big Tobacco. 2) ran a story by a reporter celebrating how he infiltrated the Gary Bauer campaign in order to lick doorknobs so he could infect Bauer with the flu: "My bodily fluids -- flu bugs and all -- were all over his hand!" Where's the media outrage?... continue reading
McCain Pronounced "Conservative"; Worried Bradley-Gore Fight Could Hurt 1) ABC focused on how Bush went to a "place that's so conservative interracial dating is still banned." While NBC's David Bloom noted how Bush charged McCain "sounds more like Al Gore than Ronald Reagan," Tom Brokaw pronounced McCain "a conservative maverick." 2) ABC's Cokie Roberts admonished George Bush about the dangers of going right. Gore and Bradley not asked about policy, but two morning hosts pressed McCain on the Confederate flag. CBS and NBC worried the Gore-Bradley fight may harm the Democrats in November. 3) "McCain has worked the press constituency... continue reading
Bush Hit "Boulder," But Don't Go Right; Pro-McCain Press; GumbelAid 2000 1) Did Bush hit "a boulder" or "a big chug hole"? Newsweek's Howard Fineman warned that he'll be hurt in the fall if he goes right. Carl Bernstein vilified McCain's "reactionary record" but asserted "everybody knows" he's right about campaign finance. 2) "McCain is riding media momentum," noted CNN's Bill Schneider. CNBC's Chris Matthews pointed out how "the press seems to be totally pro-McCain." Two reporters for major media outlets agreed. 3) Dan Rather: "A lot of reporters...made the mistake of saying, 'oh, well, Clinton fatigue is going to... continue reading
Can't Agree on Bradley; Reporter Stumbled into Liberal Admission 1) ABC and NBC reported that Bill Bradley laid off his attacks on Al Gore, but CBS's Dan Rather didn't agree. NBC's David Bloom contrasted how a "relaxed Bush has been frolicking across New Hampshire" while "McCain slogs from one rally to the next." 2) Bradley's attack on Gore's abortion flip-flop forced the networks to recite it. Friday night only ABC raised Clinton's "liberal" slip of the tongue, but portrayed it as a help to Gore. 3) In an unusual approach, NBC's Tim Russert pressed John McCain from the right about... continue reading
Speech Never Tagged Liberal; Bemoaning Clinton's Loneliness; He's a "Martyr"? 1) A "virtuoso" speech by "a proud President, a tireless policy wonk," gushed ABC's George Stephanopoulos. A wistful Dan Rather recalled Clinton's last chance "to preach, to teach." Reporters noted the spending costs; NBC dubbed his gun idea a "wedge issue." 2) Networks refused to label Clinton's plans as liberal. CBS's John Roberts gushed about how Clinton "really wants to improve the social status of everyone." ABC's reporters listed reasons why the address could be called "historic." 3) "His agenda is ambitious," crowed NBC's Claire Shipman. If Congress gets in... continue reading
More Abortion Troubles; NBC's Dream Theme; Stahl's Anti-CBS Conspiracy 1) Bernard Shaw demanded during Wednesday night's Republican debate that George Bush write a proposed abortion amendment and that Alan Keyes answer for U.S. policy toward Pinochet. At the Democratic debate Bill Bradley was asked by the local anchor: "In basketball, have you ever cried in victory or in defeat?" 2) Prompted by John McCain's comment that he'd allow his daughter to decide whether or not to have an abortion, ABC and CBS painted pro-life advocates as a hindrance who burden GOP candidates. 3) NBC's Andrea Mitchell warned that "Steve Forbes... continue reading
Bush Hit from Left, Dems Not Pressed; Today Asked Gore About Marijuana 1) "New Hampshire is now a three-way race" amongst Bush, McCain and Forbes, declared NBC's David Bloom. But CBS's Phil Jones held: "If Steve Forbes is a serious factor I sure haven't seen it." In the morning, ABC and NBC stressed pressure on Bush from the right. 2) Al Gore and Bill Bradley were not asked Tuesday morning about policy issues, but ABC and CBS pressed George Bush about abortion with ABC asking if women who have one should be prosecuted. ABC's Diane Sawyer described Bill Clinton as... continue reading
Bush Pushed Right Out of Mainstream; Clinton: Victim of Teen Oral Sex Culture 1) To win in Iowa, NBC's stars contended Monday night, George Bush moved right, which will hurt with the wider electorate. "Bush had to run with Jesus Christ," remarked Brian Williams. Tim Russert expressed concern about how Forbes pushed Bush into a big tax cut. 2) Katie Couric griped about how "Forbes has forced George W. Bush to...turn right...on taxes and abortion." When Forbes said that his policies have "broad-based" appeal, Bryant Gumbel scoffed: "Do you really expect to win moderate votes in this country?" 3) Live... continue reading
CBS: Bush's Rush to "the Hard-Right"; Improper Hillary Query; Post's Oops 1) In just three nights over this past weekend the CBS Evening News used the labels "conservative," "right" or "hard-right" an incredible 20 times, but did not once issue a liberal label. CBS tagged not only Bush and other Republicans, but the Supreme Court. 2) NBC applied labels to Republicans, but just two. Avoiding the word "liberal," ABC's Jackie Judd referred to "the big, bold government envisioned by Bradley." ABC aired two news stories over the weekend narrated by George Stephanopoulos. 3) On Fox News Sunday Tony Snow asked... continue reading