Networks Obsessed on "Rats"; Bush's Dyslexia; Tying in Willie Horton; Gore versus Bush GMA Contrast -- Back to today's CyberAlert Two afternoon items today: 1) Text of the MRC's Media Reality Check distributed by fax on Tuesday titled, "Why Gore Looks Good: Omit, Omit, Omit: Reporters Tout Democratic Momentum, but Few Report Stories That Might Ruin the Veep's Vibe." News skipped: Lieberman comparing Clinton to Moses; IRS audit for a woman who asked Gore about Broaddrick; Gore hit a baseball player; trouble for wheelchair-bound reporter. 2) Links to the posted version of this morning's CyberAlert. 1 The September 12 Media... continue reading
Networks Obsessed on "Rats"; Bush's Dyslexia; Tying in Willie Horton; Gore versus Bush GMA Contrast -- Extra Edition 1) The "rats" complaint by Gore elevated to news status by the New York Times topped ABC, CNN and MSNBC Tuesday night and earned full pieces on CBS and NBC. ABC seriously claimed that Gore was "taken aback" by it. CNN declared it "an effort to deceive the voters." 2) FNC reported the appearance of the word "rats" in the ad way back on August 28, but the New York Times only decided to make it front page news when the Gore... continue reading
Gore's Flip on FTC Not Recalled; Gore Ogled by Oprah; Lee "Witch Hunt" GOP's Fault; Clymer's Mischief Revealed 1) The networks highlighted how though Al Gore has benefitted from entertainment money, he endorsed an FTC study on how Hollywood is marketing adult-oriented fare to kids. But only FNC recalled: "Gore initially distanced himself from this study, telling potential Hollywood donors that he had nothing to do with it." 2) "Bush today road-tested his latest image and message make-over in a state that was supposed to be a big sure thing for him," Dan Rather intoned about Florida. 3) Al Gore's... continue reading
Cheney Hit at Emmy Awards; Clymer on Bush; Cheney = Bull Connor?; Ban SUVs 1) During the Emmy Awards, of the presidential tickets, only Dick Cheney was hit with a biting joke. A look back at the political agenda of best drama winner The West Wing, as chronicled in past CyberAlerts. 2) Best Line of the Weekend: Cal Thomas's advice to George W. Bush: "He should have said it was unfair to just single out one reporter: 'I think all of you guys are this.'" 3) Adam Clymer revealed his take on George Bush's insult of him: "Using bad language... continue reading
Gore "Surging" or a "Dead Heat"?; Swayed by The "Kiss"; CBS Blamed Reagan for Firestone; Clymer: Hillary Hero 1) NBC's Tom Brokaw: "Gore is surging, Bush is struggling." ABC's Peter Jennings: "The presidential race pretty much qualifies as a dead heat." ABC blamed Bush's stall on "the decision to launch negative ads while at the same time calling for elevating the campaign discourse." 2) NBC's Lisa Myers focused on a middle-aged women swayed to Al Gore by the "kiss" and Gore hugging his daughter. Both made him "much more human." Her reasoning: "I mean, he wouldn't be that close I... continue reading
Gore's "Message of Fiscal Responsibility"; Firestone Tires: Reagan's Fault; Geraldo's Loss of News Zeal 1) NBC's Claire Shipman relayed how Al Gore hopes his economic goals "will send a message of fiscal responsibility to the key voters." Of the broadcast networks, only ABC's Terry Moran pointed out how the Senate Budget Committee determined Gore's spending proposals will consume all of the surplus and more. 2) Dan Rather refuses to use the word "debate." Wednesday night: "Bush insists he'll show up for his own proposed joint appearance, not an actual debate, but a joint appearance with Gore." 3) Bryant Gumbel actually... continue reading
Clymer's Reporting Record; On West Wing Tonight: Prostitute Helped -- Back to today's CyberAlert 1) National Review Online features a review, by the MRC's Tim Graham, of Adam Clymer's record of anti-conservative and pro-liberal reporting. 2) Video clip of Dan Rather scolding George Bush is now viewable. 3) Tonight NBC will re-run the West Wing which featured "President Bartlet" offering to use the power of his office to help a prostitute get admitted to the bar. He proclaimed: "It's nice when we can do something for prostitutes once in a while." 1 Now on National Review Online, "Is Adam Clymer... continue reading
Gore's Non-Negative Attack Ad; Rather Upbraided Bush; More of Clymer's Liberal Crusading -- Read today's Extra edition 1) ABC referred to the DNC's anti-Bush ad as "dirty work." CBS's Dan Rather hit both sides as he complained about how the campaign "is growing more negative," but NBC Nightly News, which tagged the RNC's anti-Gore ad as "negative," didn't use the term last night. 2) Dan Rather, who has yet apologize for suggesting that Bush operatives were behind a leak about the "Republican-backed special prosecutor," Tuesday night upbraided George W. Bush for not apologizing for the "meanness and nastiness" of the... continue reading
Bush Contradicted "Restoring Honor and Dignity"; GW Scolded; More Rebukes Over Anti-Gore Ad 1) Networks pounced on George W. Bush's "asshole" remark. ABC's Kevin Newman scolded that "he was caught on tape with a decidedly uncivil comment." NBC anchor John Siegenthaler pronounced: "Bush may have stepped on his message of restoring honor and dignity to the White House today." 2) Oops. Hosting Face the Nation, Gloria Borger read a quote from Joe Lieberman about religion in politics and then asked Bill Bennett: "Did that cross the line?" Bennett had to tell her Lieberman was just quoting America's first President. 3)... continue reading
Bush's "Negative" & "Nasty" Ad Condemned and Falsely Corrected; "Independent" Geraldo for Mayor 1) Bush's new TV ad came under fire Thursday night. ABC's John Cochran charged "negative campaigning is nothing new" for Bush. CBS and CNN contrasted it with Bush's call for a "clean" campaign while CNN twice corrected an error the ad did not make: "Gore never said he invented the Internet, as he's widely misquoted." 2) "So while Governor Bush is essentially correct the military is in decline, the Pentagon insists it is ready to fight today's wars," NBC's Jim Miklaszewski concluded. 3) ABC relayed only Clinton's... continue reading