Policies "At Odds" With Uniting; CBS Suppressed Vandalism; Abortion and Greenspan Bias Highlighted; Jane Fonda Canned by CNN 1) Eleanor Clift lashed out at Hillary Clinton, not for what she did in accepting last-minute gifts in a manner to circumvent the Senate gift rules, but for giving fuel to "the right wing." 2) CBS's John Roberts insisted that Bush's backing of conservative policies "has often been at odds with" his claim to be a "uniter." At "odds" with uniting: "The Ashcroft nomination, new restrictions on abortion counseling, plans for school vouchers..." 3) ABC offered a couple of sentences Friday night... continue reading
CBS Tagged Offner "Policy Expert"; Critics Won't "Let Go" of Clinton; NBC Picked Up on Trashing of OEOB, FNC on Plane Theft 1) Without caveats ABC and NBC relayed how Alan Greenspan favored the idea of a tax cut, but CBS's Dan Rather emphasized how Greenspan "did not endorse the big Bush tax cut plan." A follow up story reminded viewers how "the tax cut was roundly criticized during the election campaign for catering to the rich." 2) The CBS Evening News ran a one-sided story relaying the claims of two critics brought forward by John Ashcroft's enemies. Bob Schieffer... continue reading
McCain "Mobbed by the Media"; Brokaw Distorted Ashcroft on Robert E. Lee; Two Women a Year for Gumbel; FNC Beat CNN Head-to-Head 1) Who else but Dan Rather could deliver this sentence about Bush's "big tax cut"? Rather relayed: "Democrats continue to view" the tax cut as "a giveaway to the wealthy that spends the budget surplus and leaves no money for such things as seniors to pay for prescription drugs." Rather warned it's all part of Bush's "Republican-right agenda for Congress." 2) John McCain left the White House meeting with President Bush "like a rock star, just mobbed by... continue reading
"Controversial" Abortion Order; But 8 Years Ago Clinton Just Fulfilling "Promise"; "Ought to be Ashamed" of Ashcroft Portrayals 1) Monday night ABC, CBS and NBC characterized Bush's abortion order as a "controversial" decision in which he "did something to quickly please the right flank." But eight years ago to the day Clinton's executive orders on abortion reflected how he had "delivered on his campaign promise" by taking non-ideological action which demonstrated how he "keeps his word." 2) A reporter lectured Ari Fleischer: "You're not really saying that you believe that the way to build the spirt of bi-partisanship is by... continue reading
Clinton as Ray's Victim; Rather Avoided What Clinton Conceded; Gumbel Scolded Ronnie White for Being Too Nice; Clinton's Chair 1) Dan Rather was impressed by how Al Gore's post-election behavior "told us much about his character." NBC's post-Inaugural ceremony coverage focused on Clinton with eight liberal/Democratic guests compared to just one guest favorable toward Bush. 2) ABC's George Stephanopoulos pushed Bush left: "He'll be able to fulfill that central promise of unifying the country only if he's willing to compromise on some of the big issues." 3) ABC painted Clinton as a victim of an independent counsel who forced him... continue reading
Walters Pressed Bush from Left; Gumbel Complained Ashcroft "Not Going Quietly"; CBS Blamed Deregulation for Electricity Shortage 1) The networks all reviewed how at the hearings Ashcroft assured Senators he would not pursue his anti-gun control and abortion agendas. Barbara Walters told Bush that Ashcroft is "not considered a friend to civil rights" and demanded: "Can an Attorney General enforce federal laws and protect rights that he personally, vigorously, opposes?" 2) ABC and NBC relayed new poll numbers Wednesday night about Clinton's popularity, lack of trustworthiness and how most aren't going to miss him as well as how less than... continue reading
Gumbel's Anti-Ashcroft Harangue; Gibson Demanded Ashcroft's Wife Prove He's Not an "Extremist"; Ashcroft's Religion a Disqualifier 1) The networks relayed anti-school choice Senator Ted Kennedy's attack on Ashcroft for ignoring "the rights of...those black students who were trying to get a decent education." Dan Rather stressed the characterization of Ashcroft as "too far outside the mainstream," but ABC's Peter Jennings actually noted how Ashcroft got to answer "the left wing of the Democratic Party." 2) ABC's Peggy Wehmeyer looked at Ashcroft's Penecostalism and found that "although they may hold conservative moral beliefs," they are, she assured viewers, "far less strident... continue reading
Rather: Bush "Selected" President; Thompson's "Hardline Anti-Abortion Stand"; MLK Day Tied to Ashcroft's Pro-Confederate Agenda 1) Dan Rather twice suggested to David Letterman that Bush was not elected but "selected." Rather argued Bush's pick of Ashcroft, who takes "a hardline stance on a woman's right to choose" and Norton, who says "it's alright for people who own private land to pollute," contradicts promises of being a uniter. Those picks are "a little bit like moon walking in the end zone." 2) On the CBS Evening News Rather issued the same two hits from the left on Ashcroft and Norton. He... continue reading
Ashcroft's "Agenda of Robert Lee"; Unsuited for AG Because He Opposed Current Laws; Clift Unable to Accept Bush as Legitimate 1) On Dateline Tom Brokaw put the burden on Bush for how his picks will make it hard to show how he's a "uniter not a divider." Brokaw highlighted how Ashcroft "is a divisive gesture within the African-American community" because he supposedly "said he's got to speak out on behalf of the agenda of Robert E. Lee." Clinton's popularity proves "the country likes what he's been doing." 2) Ashcroft's critics say he is "too conservative," ABC's John Yang stressed Sunday... continue reading
Harris "Completely Inflexible"; Norton's States' Rights Distorted; Ashcroft "Opposed by Every Group"; Pro-Ashcroft Groups Labeled 1) Diane Sawyer demanded of Katherine Harris: "Do you think you won this election for George Bush?" On Primetime Thursday Sawyer portrayed her as an impediment to the truth: "She seemed completely inflexible, insisting on the narrow letter of the law ...enforced strict deadlines....tried to block the hand recount." 2) Without quoting a single word she said, ABC's Terry Moran claimed Gale Norton "defended the states' rights arguments of the Confederacy during the Civil War and characterized the battle over slavery and states rights in... continue reading