Rather Raised Money for Democrats; Katie Couric's Ten Years of Liberalism; Sheen Changed Tune on Bush; "That's My Bush!" to Debut 1) "Please join us for an evening with DAN RATHER," read the invitation to a Democratic fundraiser in Austin. The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz wrote that Rather adopted Al Gore's Buddhist temple excuse, claiming "he hadn't realized beforehand that the event was a fundraiser." But Rather "stopped short" of "saying he would not have attended had he known in advance that he was being used to raise money." (This item includes links to the MRC's compilations of Rather quotes.)... continue reading
China Enraged by "Militant" Bush; "Historic" Win for "Landmark" McCain Bill to Ban "Attack Ads"; Bush "Poisoning" the Air & Water 1) "Militant" Bush's anti-communism at fault. ABC's Peter Jennings warned about a "backlash" fueled by how the Bush administration has "been very militant rhetorically with the Chinese government." Terry Moran insisted the Bush stand had "raised mutual suspicions" and thus made a "resolution of this much more difficult." 2) Tom Brokaw celebrated "a historic moment in the United States Senate" with the passage of McCain-Feingold, which Dan Rather dubbed a "landmark measure." NBC's Lisa Myers relayed as fact the... continue reading
McCain's "Monumental" Triumph; ABC Mocked Bush's "Energy Crisis" Then Used Same Term; Bill Maher: Bush "a Lying Sack of..." 1) In the stupidest question of the Sunday talk interview shows, on Fox News Sunday the Washington Post's Ceci Connolly equated the overseas abortion counseling "gag rule" with the free speech impediments imposed by McCain-Feingold. In a Freudian slip NBC's Tim Russert asked John McCain about his "fellow Democrat." 2) Margaret Carlson offered John McCain "congratulations" and Al Hunt trumpeted how "McCain and Feingold deserve enormous credit" for "a rare, monumental legislative achievement." Hunt also characterized the National Right to Life... continue reading
Mozambique Floods Bush's Fault; McCain's "Historic Event"; Brokaw Offered "Congratulations"; More Helen Thomas; CBS's "J. Clay" 1) For the second night the CBS Evening News treated Bush's decision to not pursue Kyoto as radical. Mark Phillips blamed U.S.-produced greenhouse gasses for flooding in Mozambique and famine in Sudan as he rued: "It's a sentiment echoed around the world: Kyoto may have been an imperfect treaty, but in an imperfect world it was the only global warming treaty we had." 2) The networks rejoiced at McCain's impending victory and worried about roadblocks. ABC's Elizabeth Vargas gushed about an "historic event." CBS's... continue reading
"Controversial" Kyoto "Rollback"; Tax Cut "Bankrolled" on Backs of Kids; ABC Ecstatic McCain Might Win; Turner Mocked Reagan 1) A Senate resolution rejected the Kyoto treaty 95-0 and Clinton never submitted it for ratification, but CBS and NBC painted Bush's decision to not push ratification as, in Dan Rather's words, "another rollback, another reversal in U.S. environmental policy." Tom Brokaw cited "another controversial decision on the environment." Campbell Brown bemoaned how Bush had pulled "the U.S. out of a landmark international...treaty." 2) Dan Rather characterized Bush's budget which passed in the House as including "his big tax cut plan, partly... continue reading
"Sneaky" Attacks on McCain; ABC Suppressed Poll Which Found Most Want Bush's or Bigger Tax Cut; Bush's Anti-Environmental "Madness" 1) Good guy McCain versus anyone against him. "The McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform legislation survived some attempts to gut it," Dan Rather assured CBS viewers. McCain needs Democratic votes "to prevent what he calls 'this sneaky, tricky poisoned pill.'" NBC's Tom Brokaw framed his network's story around how McCain "sees some potential ambushes ahead." 2) CBS's John Roberts highlighted attacks on Bush's Kalamazoo speech. He led into a scolding from Gene Sperling: "It was the furthest Mr. Bush has gone to... continue reading
Senate Debate But No Media Debate; Bush to Pack Courts with "Right Wing Nut Cases"; Liberal Upset with Bush Big News to ABC 1) Bob Schieffer admired how Senators engaged in "real debate" about campaign finance reform, but he didn't provide any "real debate" on Face the Nation. He failed to substantively challenge John McCain and instead acted more like his coach. When McCain demurred on running against Bush in 2004, Schieffer prodded: "Would you rule out running as an independent?" 2) Weekend quotes: Time's Jack White claimed Bush withdrew the ABA "to make it easier to pack the federal... continue reading
"Do the Markets Now Miss" Clinton?; Laura Bush Pressed on Gun Control; Gay Journalist Conceded Media Bias on Dirkhising 1) Bush "has done very little" about the plunging stock market "with the exception of seemingly adding fuel to the fire with talk of a worsening economy," complained Bryant Gumbel who proposed: "Do the markets now miss Bill Clinton and Bob Rubin?" 2) ABC and CBS, but not NBC, squeezed in brief mentions on Thursday night of President Bush's decision to take the ABA out of the judicial nominee vetting process. Both displayed labeling balance in crediting the change in policy... continue reading
Imbalance on "Balanced Approach"; Bush Fooled People into Thinking He's Not Conservative?; President Gore: "Will of the People" 1) The Bush decision to not implement a last-minute Clinton rule to reduce arsenic in water led CBS's Bob Schieffer to relay only how it "drew a stinging rebuke" from Tom Daschle. NBC's Campbell Brown began with how "critics of this administration say the President has declared war on the environment" as "environmental and consumer advocates" were "stunned" by the decision. 2) Peter Jennings expressed worry that President Bush fooled the public, wondering if he "is different in action than he was... continue reading
McCain-Feingold Trumpeted; Corporate Investment in Bush "Paying Off"; Morning Shows Worried About Impediments to McCain's Success 1) "This year reformers think the time for what's known as McCain-Feingold has finally arrived," trumpeted NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. The CBS Evening News portrayed Bush as the poster child for what's wrong: "No presidential candidate ever raised more money from business than George W. Bush. For corporate America those investments may be paying off." 2) Monday's morning shows all gave a forum to John McCain but no campaign finance "reform" opponents as each show failed to question his premises and worried... continue reading