MRC in NY Post ; Real Politicos on The West Wing -- Today's New York Post (Wednesday, April 24), features an op-ed piece by the MRC's Brent Baker, "When Jews Don't Show Up on Film," adapted from this April 22 CyberAlert article about how ABC's World News Tonight covered a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington, DC after having ignored an earlier pro-Israel rally: It's not on the New York Post Web site, but if you have access to the real newspaper you'll find it on page 25. -- From the NBC Web site, the plot of Wednesday's The West Wing,... continue reading
Jennings' New Way to Criticize Israel; NBC Aided Gore's View of Global Warming; CNN Anchor: All Bush Wants to Do With Land Is "Dig it Up"; Three "Conservative" Tags; CNN's Pre-Conceived Agenda & Newest Liberal 1) Palestinians lied about a "massacre" by Israeli troops in a Jenin refugee camp, but ABC's Peter Jennings on Monday night found a new way to criticize Israel's actions. He highlighted how Amnesty International was upset with Israel. FNC's Brit Hume noted reports about how Palestinians had booby-trapped buildings. 2) NBC Nightly News picked Al Gore's side in the debate over environmental policy between Gore... continue reading
Pro-Palestinian March Covered, Pro-Israel One Skipped; WashPost Reporter Rebuked for Criticizing Gore; Contrasting Headlines for Same AP Story; Another Begala Cheap Shot at Bush; SNL Mocked Alec Baldwin's Threat to Leave if Bush Won 1) A pro-Palestinian protest in Washington, DC on Saturday, which CBS News pegged at drawing "upwards of 20,000," generated full stories on ABC's World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News, but ABC ignored and CBS only gave a few seconds six days earlier to a pro-Israel rally which drew over 42,000. CBS's Joie Chen highlighted how "a contingent of Hasidic Jews led one pro-Palestinian group."... continue reading
Credence to "Massacre" Claims; CNN's Brown Scolded Ashcroft; This Week with George Stephanopoulos; From CyberAlert Readers: "Top Ten Reasons Bryant Gumbel is Leaving The Early Show." 1) Despite the lack of evidence of any massacre, CBS's Mark Phillips highlighted claims of atrocities by Israeli soldiers as he relayed how Jenin "residents say noncombatant civilians were trapped in the buildings as they collapsed. They put the death toll in the hundreds and call it a massacre." 2) CNN's Aaron Brown scolded John Ashcroft for opposing Oregon's assisted suicide law: "Why would a conservative administration, a conservative Attorney General, tell the people... continue reading
Rather Recognized Terrorists; Bush's "Mammoth" Tax Cut; Clinton Praised Helen Thomas; Time's Kid Liberal; Media Label Liberals More? 1) Unlike Peter Jennings, Dan Rather is able to recognize a terrorist group. Introducing an interview with a Hezbollah leader, Rather noted: "Until September 11th, Hezbollah was responsible for the largest number of Americans ever killed in a terrorist attack, 241 Marines in Lebanon in 1983." Three weeks ago, however, Jennings refused to endorse the idea that Hezbollah is a terrorist group as he said "a man" with a truck bomb destroyed the Marine barracks. 2) To the Washington Post, President Bush's... continue reading
Peter's Palestinian Proclivity; Palestinian Teens "Trapped" in U.S. Understand "Despair" of Suicide Bombers; "No Greater Honor" Than to Kill Jews; Alec Baldwin Denied Saying He'd Leave U.S., But 1) Peter Jennings portrayed a Palestinian terrorist as a man who was forced into it since he "was in favor of the peace process until, as he told an Israeli newspaper, the Israelis didn't withdraw from the territories and went on building Jewish settlements." 2) ABC's World News Tonight featured a story on the plight of two Palestinian teenage girls "trapped" in California. Judy Muller let the girls spout off about their... continue reading
60M Skipped Clinton's Enron Tie; Stephanopoulos This Week's Solo Host; Gumbel Chided "Far Right" on Powell; Saudi Suicide Aid Noted 1) Despite the Clinton administration's active role in promoting Enron's since-failed electric power plant project in India, in a 13-minute story on Sunday night's 60 Minutes, CBS's Bob Simon didn't mention the word "Clinton." But, Simon linked the Bush administration to nefarious efforts in 2001 to get India to pay Enron what it owed the company. 2) A number of firsts on Sunday morning for ABC's This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts, but without either: Clintonista George Stephanopoulos... continue reading
Congressman James Traficant (?-OH); Saudi Aid to Suicide Bombers Skipped; Terrorist and Victim Equated; MSNBC Imitating FNC? 1) Following his conviction on multiple corruption counts, anchors on ABC, CBS, FNC and CNN on Thursday night all identified Congressman James Traficant as a Democrat. But not NBC's Tom Brokaw or MSNBC's Brian Williams. 2) Saudi Arabia makes payments to the families of suicide murderers, FNC's Brit Hume reported on Thursday in picking up on a UPI story. But while highlighting a Saudi telethon "to raise money for Palestinians in the occupied territories who the Saudis are referring to as 'martyrs,'" ABC's... continue reading
Cloning Opponents Labeled; Arab/Arafat Defiance Ignored; MSNBC's "Leftist" Producer; Jennings on Goldberg & Bias; PBS's CBS Liberal 1) NBC's Tom Brokaw characterized President Bush's position against human cloning as "hardline" while reporter David Gregory, who failed to tag supporters as liberal, decided Bush is "siding with anti-abortion conservatives who want an outright ban." 2) The media are focusing nearly all of their attention this week on Ariel Sharon's "defiance" of President Bush's request that he pull troops out of the West Bank. But, as Eric Fettmann pointed out in a New York Post column, the media are ignoring "the real... continue reading
Israel Creating More Bombers; Israel Treated as Suspect; Gumbel's Last Shots; Lamb's Lament; Banfield's About Face on Osama Interview 1) Dean Reynolds acknowledged on Monday's World News Tonight that since Israel sent its military into the West Bank "attacks on Israeli civilians have all but ended." But in the very next story, Gillian Findlay decided that how Israel is abusing Palestinian means that it is creating "many more" suicide bombers. 2) The Weekly Standard's parody of a memo to reporters: "The U.S. action in Afghanistan was an effort to root out a terror organization, which had sponsored suicide attacks on... continue reading