1. Moran: Bush Won't "Budge" Despite View He's "Rushing to War" ABC's Terry Moran adopted the ludicrous "rushing to war" verbiage on Wednesday night as he warned that a stubborn President Bush "is not now willing to budge from the March 17th deadline despite claims from leaders around the world that he is rushing to war." 2. Moran Bemoans Bush Not "Sufficiently Challenged" by Reporters ABC White House reporter Terry Moran, who blamed President Bush at the presidential press conference last week for how "so many governments and peoples around the world now not only disagree with you very strongly... continue reading
1. ABC Frets About Bush's "Hardline" and Cameroon "Setback" ABC's Peter Jennings on Tuesday night reported how Iraq says "it will no longer allow the U.S. spy plane the fly over Iraqi territory" because, Iraq claims, the flights are "simply helping the U.S. prepare for war." Terry Moran characterized the Bush administration position as "hardline" and fretted about a "sign of another possible setback" -- the ambassador from Cameron will not be coming to the White House. And Jennings worried that in this second Gulf war "another Bush administration will have the final say" on what journalists will be... continue reading
1. CBS Admits Support Up for Iraq Action, UN Not Trusted, But... CBS's Bill Plante on Monday night acknowledged how a new CBS News poll found "support for taking military action soon has risen by nine points since last week" and Dan Rather followed up by pointing out how the poll found "58 percent now say the UN is doing a poor job of handling Iraq." But, while Plante emphasized how "a majority still favors giving UN inspectors more time," he skipped over how the poll determined that 55 percent would approve of military action against Iraq even if the... continue reading
1. Jennings Argues to Powell that Inspections are Working ABC's Peter Jennings pounded away at Secretary of State Colin Powell from the left in an interview aired on Friday's World News Tonight, pressing him repeatedly about giving the inspectors more time. Jennings declared: "So many people don't understand why you shouldn't let the inspections continue if they are accomplishing anything." Jennings also argued: "Most people think they're doing a reasonably effective job at the moment." 2. NBC's Typical Iraqi: "America is a Terrorist Country" From behind enemy lines in Baghdad, as if Iraqi public opinion is informed or is accurately... continue reading
1. Jennings Laments Bush Unmoved by Views of Allies or Blix Peter Jennings took advantage of the time ABC allowed him after President George W. Bush's Thursday night press conference to express his disillusionment with how Bush is not listening to allies or Hans Blix as he marches toward war. On Fox, Washington Post reporter Ceci Connolly chided Bush for a "potentially missed opportunity this evening" in not doing "a lot in terms of preparing the country for what might be involved in this sort of a war." 2. Moran's Question Encapsulates ABC's Blame Bush Attitude President Bush was hit... continue reading
1. ABC Suggests White House Trying to Suppress Pope's Envoy ABC's Terry Moran complained Wednesday night that the Pope's envoy, Cardinal Pio Laghi, was "prevented...from speaking at the White House" after he met with President Bush to urge that Bush do all he can to prevent war, but FNC's Jim Angle managed to find Laghi saying something which ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC all skipped over: Angle pointed out that Laghi "made clear that the Vatican doesn't have much faith in Saddam Hussein." 2. Jennings Stresses How Anti-War Marchers Back Homeland Security Peter Jennings went out of his way on... continue reading
1. 11 of 13 Questions on Nightline Express Anti-War Agenda ABC's Nightline Town Meeting on Tuesday night put the burden on those in favor of a war on Iraq, a tilt evident in the title of the 90-minute special, "War in Iraq: Why Now?" While the panel was balanced, an amazing 11 of 13 questions posed from the audience expressed hostility for President Bush's policy or outright disdain for the U.S. One presumed that the U.S. "has lied and deceived" since the Boston Tea Party, another argued that Bush is "in a breach of democratic process," and one proposed that... continue reading
1. ABC: Bush's "Hard Line" Complicating the UN's Peace Efforts "The U.S. could go to war against Iraq as early as late next week," ABC's John McWethy predicted at the top of Monday's World News Tonight before Terry Moran lamented how "there's nothing that the current Iraqi regime could do in the way of disarmament to avoid war" and warned that the Bush administration's "hard line could complicate some of the diplomacy at the United Nations." 2. Moran Tells Fleischer Iraq's Disarmament is "Substantive" At the White House briefing ABC's Terry Moran repeatedly pressed Ari Fleischer about how Iraq destroying... continue reading
1. Moyers Wears Flag Pin to Protest Hijacking by Ideologues Bill Moyers sported a flag lapel pin on Friday night's Now on PBS, not to proclaim his patriotism and/or pride in the U.S., but to "take" the flag "back" which has been "hijacked and turned into a logo -- the trademark of a monopoly on patriotism." Citing how President Bush and Vice President Cheney wear flag lapel pins, Moyers was reminded of communism: "When I see flags sprouting on official lapels, I think of the time in China when I saw Mao's little Red Book on every official's desk, omnipresent... continue reading
1. Rather Confirms Ramsey Clark a "Big Help" in Landing Hussein Dan Rather confirmed on Thursday's Larry King Live on CNN that far-left, anti-American crusader Ramsey Clark, who has drawn up charges of impeachment against President Bush accusing him of "crimes against humanity," was a "big help" to CBS News in landing the Saddam Hussein interview for the network. 2. CBS Shows Iraqi Calling Bush a "Coward" for Rejecting Debate More hype from CBS for how Saddam Hussein used the interview with Dan Rather to challenge President George W. Bush to a debate. Reporting Thursday night from Baghdad on how... continue reading