The Balance Sheet

The Nanny State Diaries From trans fat to plastic grocery bag bans, the media often take the side of the government making decisions for you. The Business & Media Institute takes a look at nine examples of regulatory nonsense promoted by journalists. What about the Choice to Say No? The left attacks pro-life pharmacies the free market solution for medical professionals who conscientiously object to contraception. Good: CNBC Host to Obama Adviser: Ask Yourself - 'WWMD?' Bad: ABC Grills Exxon CEO over Obscene Profits Ugly: Green Is Not the Color of NBCs Beijing Olympic Broadcast continue reading
Network News Barely Considers Nuclear Option Nuclear energy is a hot debate on the campaign trail today, but the network media dont have much to say about the possibility. Perhaps journalists were lulled to sleep by this No Nukes anthem of 1979: Just give me the restless power of the wind. Give me the comforting glow of a wood fire. But please take all your atomic poison power away. Govts 4-Day Work Week Doesnt Work The media embrace a shorter work week without regard to taxpayers. G: Post Drills Through Arguments Against Offshore Oil B: CBS Declares Death of the... continue reading
Oil War: The Media Crusade Theres a super villain in the news and its not The Joker. Reporters on the broadcast networks and CNN battle the oil industry day after day for profits, price manipulation, and even muddling the global warming debate. Climate-Change Games China's use of force to solve Olympic-sized pollution problems may be preview of cap-and-trade policies. G: Jim Cramers August 2007 Rant Proves True B: BusinessWeek Recession Blog Goes Belly-Up U: WaPos Pearlstein Writes Obituary for Capitalism continue reading
Second Wage Hike Not 'Enough' for the Media The minimum wage went up last week, but the media still mostly ignored the economic problems that may result. Labor economists say that increasing the minimum wage can cause job loss and price increases, but that didnt stop journalists from complaining that the federal standard is still too low. (Click image for larger version) G: ABC Anchor Highlights the Economics of Energy B: CNN Attacks Partisan Standoff on Energy in Congress U: CNBCs Burnett Declares Schumer Not to Blame for IndyMac Failure continue reading
19 Times Bigger than Enron, and the Networks Didn't See It Coming Cooking the books but protected by powerful politicians, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financial crisis was seen a mile away by print media, but mostly overlooked by networks. Econ 101: Is the Fed a Source of Our Economic Problems? Dr. Gary Wolfram shows that a look at how the Federal Reserve works, and its effects on the economy, reveals the source of many of today's issues G: Barrons sees housing market plunge nearing an end B: ABC suggests recent bank failure evokes 'people stuffing their mattresses' like... continue reading
Starbucks Coverage with a Shot of Schadenfreude Some people are glad to see the coffee chain suffering and closing stores. But for years, the media have been criticizing Starbucks and similar chains for everything from calories to caffeine. This Broadcaster Wants Freedom Radio host Martha Zoller warns that the ill-named 'Fairness Doctrine' is rearing its ugly head again in Congress and would end radio as we know it. G: World News: Create gas out of coal to solve energy woes B: CBS: More food stamps allotments needed to match food inflation U: 'World News' ties California fires to global warming continue reading
'Energy Independence Day': Take Two Its been a year since Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared July 4 Energy Independence Day. In that time, gas prices have soared while journalists and politicians attacked oil companies and opposed domestic energy exploration. Meanwhile, the push for alternatives led to ethanol and a worldwide corn crisis. (Click Image For Larger Version) G: NBC shows community taking responsibility for its own economic future B: CBS portrays $7 gas as a positive U: CNN: Suburbs the new ghetto with neighbors 'firing up crack pipes continue reading
Media Try to Cool Down Oil Drilling Fever Did you know a majority of Americans favor more domestic oil drilling? The mainstream media havent told you. Theyre too busy dismissing arguments for expanding the oil supply. From the Front Lines Web-A-Thon to Send Care Packages to Our Troops Abroad There are more than 180,000 U.S. troops serving bravely in Iraq and Afghanistan, and each of them is owed a great deal of gratitude for their service and sacrifice. In a first of its kind Web-A-Thon to raise funds to send the largest shipment of care packages in history to our... continue reading
CNN Brings Negative View to 'Issue #1': The Economy The economy is Issue #1. CNN has that much correct. BMI is watching the networks new show dedicated to jobs, housing, money and everything else, and so far its making a lot of the same errors as other economic coverage. But there are glimmers of hope. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for Tomorrow We Die Forget the first three, as media keep viewers afraid of their own shadow. G: 'Evening News' segment praises oil company for $50 million tuition gift B: CBS blames corn prices on floods, but ignores ethanol mandates... continue reading
Global Warming Alarmists Like High Gas Prices No one likes paying $4 a gallon for gas, right? Wrong. There are those in the media, Congress and activist groups who want to see your pump price go even higher. (Click on the Image for a larger version) G: ABC features rational personal finance advice pertaining to gas prices B: CBS blames gas prices in GM closures, disregards union labor cost U: ABC predicts suicide rates will go up, just like during Great Depression continue reading