The Balance Sheet

Left, Media Try to Cook Up a New New Deal The media have been obsessed with the Great Depression this year, comparing our current time to the devastation of the 1930s. Now, the media and the left are pushing New Deal-style solutions of regulation and taxation the same ones economists say worsened the Great Depression. Higher Taxes Promote Eating the Rich Former vice president is one of many who don't get that tax hikes hurt workers. Media Downplay Any Talk of 'Socialism' Obama's old radio comments make discussion a key election issue, if journalists will actually ask the questions. G:... continue reading
America 2012 Journalists have spent the 2008 Presidential race promoting liberal economic policies. From bureaucratic health care to increased energy costs to higher taxes on the wealthy, the media are pushing for bigger government and less individual freedom in America, 2012. It's Not the Economy; It's the Media's Economic Agenda New special report shows how journalists turn major issues of the day to the left. Would You Hire Them? On A Bet? Media don't ask which candidate has leadership experience to head a nation? G: Post Editorial Board Defends Free-Market Capitalism B: ABC Rediscovers Global Warming U: Media Go All... continue reading
Krugman Follows Well-Worn Path to Nobel Prize: Outspoken Liberal Ideas Like Gore, IPCC and Carter, NYT columnist shows how Bush-bashing and promotion of the welfare state wins the favor of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Fiddlin' Around While Wall Street Burned Serious economic issues exist, but media should show parts of economy that still function. G: NPR Highlights Charitable Giving During Downturn B: Brokaw: Financial Crisis Benefits Obama U: WaPo Declares Capitalism Dead continue reading
Media Endorse $700 Billion Economic 'Rescue' The financial system has been the damsel in distress of the U.S. economy for weeks, and according to the media only one hero could save her: the government and its $700 billion rescue package. Econ 101: The Financial Crisis and Danger of Government Intervention Current meltdown is the result of Washington's interference in free markets. G: CNBCs Francis and Haines call bailout sweeteners crap B: Krugman predicts 'partial and temporary nationalization' of financials U: CNN guest warns mass starvation without bailout. continue reading
Despite Media Mythmaking, Capitalism Didnt Fail Capitalism is taking a beating in the mainstream media these days. Reporters complain that greed, deregulation and market failure brought the financial system to its knees. But free-market economists point out that Carter and Clinton regulations actually led to the crisis. Journalists 'Parsing' Economic Words? Not This 'Crisis' A few in the media act responsibly to set a steady tone, but too many choose Great Depression theme. G: Bailout profit myth debunked by CNBC analyst B: Couric to House GOP Leader: What are you people doing? U: USA Today highlights Great Depression comparisons continue reading
Media Mum on Barney Franks Fannie Mae Love Connection Rep. Barney Frank has done oversight for Fannie Mae for nearly 20 years. He took $40,000 in campaign cash and his former lover was a Fannie Mae executive. Where is the media coverage? Related Article: Networks, Once Silent on Fannie Mae, Blame Capitalism for Debacle Book Review: Toxic Arguments 'Poisoned Profits: The Toxic Assault on Our Children' by Philip and Alice Shabecoff G: GMA reveals EPA cause of gas shortages B: NBC favors Obama tax plan over McCains U: ABC ignores government role, focuses on CEO excess continue reading
Networks Help Obama Bridge Gap on Earmarks Pork. Its whats for dinner for many politicians. When Gov. Sarah Palin started touting a record of earmark reform the media cried foul, attacking her for supporting the Bridge to Nowhere. But network reports examining Obama and Bidens earmark requests were nowhere to be found. Journalists Convinced Government Bailouts Better Solution Politicians, media concur, 'we had no choice' to intervene in almost everything. G: Bartiromo Blames Bureaucratic Regulation for Bank Crisis B: CBS Splashes Bottled Water Industry with Anti-Corporate Expert U: Cramer Calls for AIG Bailout: Tells Europe Pass the Hat continue reading
CNN Parrots Dems on Republicans and Economy The best political team on televisions coverage of the Republican National Convention unquestioningly repeated Democrats inaccurate charge that the GOP was ignoring the economy. Book Review: Confessions of a Subprime Lender An Insiders Tale of Greed, Fraud and Ignorance by Richard Bitner G: CNBC anchor embarrassed by media over Palin pregnancy B: ABC, NBC link hurricanes and global warming U: Media error causes steep loss for United Airlines continue reading
Obama Embraces Media Hype about Economic 'Turmoil' Like looking in a mirror, Sen. Barack Obamas downbeat perspective on the economy reflected the image the mainstream news media have been painting for months. So it was no surprise when reporters didnt race to challenge Obamas negative view. Ensuring Content-Neutral Access to the Internet is Vital All: Conservatives should fear power of companies to control new public square G: Bartiromo, Kudlow Praise Palins Pro-Drilling Stance B: Cramer Supports Higher Taxes If you make more than $250,000 U: Michael Moore Calls Gustav Landfall 'Proof There is a God in Heaven' continue reading
About-Face: Media Outlets Turn on 'Cancer Vaccine' Maker Another pharmaceutical company is being targeted by the media except this time its the maker of the drug Gardasil, embraced by journalists just two years ago. Econ 101: Spike in Money Supply Caused Inflation Media oversimplify problem, rely too much on consumer price index. G: Barrons Recognizes the Threat of Obamas Tax Proposal B: 'Today' Rejects Personal Responsibility, Attacks Online Dealmakers U: Media Call Obama's 'Economic Disaster' Exaggeration a 'Sharpened Attack' continue reading