The Balance Sheet

Liberals Complain, CNBC Caves In Given the state of the economy, financial networks have come under increasing scrutiny. CNBC specifically has been attacked for its pro-investment point-of-view, but after a few weeks of harsh criticism the network seems to be making a big, left turn. Big Government in an Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Bikini The nanny state waxes huge. Obama Putting Our Tax Dollars on Auto Pilot Major media pushed for bailout billions when many knew it was throwing good money after bad. continue reading
Despite Calls for Resignation, Media Support Geithner Congressmen and Senators have already called for the Treasury Secretarys resignation or firing because of A.I.G. debacle, yet the news media defend him. Time magazine even touted Geithners transformation from incompetence to success this week, but it was a different story when Bush appointees were under fire. Michelle to Young Girls: Aim for Vacuous Celebrity, Not Useful Productivity The first lady sends a signal about what she considers acceptable ambition. The Obamathon Continues And we're all 'Barry's Kids' now. continue reading
Like a Mama Bear, Networks Protect Obama from His Down Market Stock market reports ignore president's influence or defend him against criticism, but give credit for March 4, Election rallies. But What If the Rich Refuse To Be Eaten? Between bites of Kobe beef burger, President Obama has decided to eat the rich no matter the damage to the economy. We'll Pry Global Warming from Their Cold, Dead Hands Lefties cling to shrill climate claims despite their own research about cooling trend. continue reading
Media Myth: Networks Stick to Warming Theme Despite Avalanche of Chilling News Its cold outside. Just ask residents from Florida to New England and they will tell you its been a brutal winter. Despite bone-chilling records for cold and snow, the networks continue to warn about global warming and ignore scientific claims that the Earth is facing a cool spell. A Letter from a Working Person Dear Chris Matthews, build your own business and see if it feels like work. Here Lies a New Administration - Again and Again Media ignore the excesses of Pinocchio politics. continue reading
Nationalization: It's Not Just For Communists Anymore The word nationalization used to be a dirty word one synonymous with authoritarian regimes. Now politicians threaten to nationalize companies and the media play along calling it a necessary evil or worse, have no idea why it would be a bad thing. Mr. President, Oprahs got the Right Idea A modest proposal for the Detroit debtors. Its Our Tea Party, Politicians Can Cry If They Want To Santelli rant touches a nerve with White House, media. continue reading
New from the Business & Media Institute continue reading
New from the Business & Media Institute continue reading
Media's Zandi Zeitgeist: Government Spending Trumps Tax Cuts Journalists' leanings toward Keynesian stimulus tactics have centered on economist that advised McCain presidential campaign, but is a registered Democrat. Where Have All the Tough Guys Gone? A couple of old men remind us of the missing ingredient for a strong society. Final Deadline Looms for U.S.A.s Newspapers Journalists killed the news business and now some want us to save it. continue reading
Gore to Turn Up Heat as Snow, Ice Hit Washington Will the former vice president be well received by the press on eve of testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations committee? History says he will because when Al Gore speaks, the media drop everything to listen. Bailout Bait 'n' Switch We buy one bill of goods. Washington delivers another. It's Winter, So That Must Be Gore Talking about 'Warming' The left's own Punxsutawney Phil brings more hot air to a chilly Washington. continue reading