The Balance Sheet

A Different Standard: Gas Price Coverage Shifts since 2008 High Reporting of consumer hardship, market-factor scrutiny and the effects Middle East turmoil on oil and gas prices has evolved since last summer. The Audacity of Speed How much havoc can Obama wreak before our buyer's remorse catches up with him? We are part of an Indoctri-nation Media push for Obama-care downplays privacy dangers of electronic medical records. continue reading
Obama Pushes Gov. Health Care; ABC Responds with 'Prescription for America' Coverage from White House ABC caused a stir June 15 when the network announced special programming on health care from inside the White House June 24 causing many to question the credibility of the news agency. ABC said it would include critics in its town hall, but the networks track record shows a 3-to-1 bias toward supporters of ObamaCare. What We Would Ask: Questions about Obama's health care plan The Incredible Disappearing Nobel Prize-Winner North Korea imprisons his employees, but Al Gore doesn't seem inconvenienced. Liberals Say Conservatives are... continue reading
Obama, Media Likely Wrong on 2009 Job Figures ... By May Finding the 'glass half full,' nets and newspapers find good news about job loss, ignore failure of stimulus to halt rising unemployment and its impact on 2010 budget. You Will Wear White, and You Will Like It Our emerging dictatorship of clowns. Book Review: 'Now or Never' Rehashes Old News, Name-Calling But Doesn't Offer Economic Solutions CNN's Jack Cafferty lives in the past, but offers surprising remarks on mortgages, bailouts. Journalists Ignore Reality That 'Post-Racial' President Isn't Sotomayor pick for court underlines Obama's support for workplace discrimination. continue reading
Networks Ignore Trillion Dollar Price Tag of Climate Cap Bill The media regularly hype the threat of global warming as well as proposed fixes for it, but when a cap-and-trade bill left committee last week the networks were strangely silent about a policy that would raise energy prices for all. The California Bailout is Next on Obama's Spending Agenda Battle over Proposition 13 returns 30 years later and journalists still don't like it. A Nation of Social Workers (and the Victims Who Need Them) Forget 'plastics.' In the Obamas' America, the one word is 'helping.' continue reading
Broadcast Networks 'Hail' Obama Auto Fuel Efficiency Standards In the name of fuel efficiency, the networks favored federal intervention and ignored critics of Obamas new CAFE standards. In fact, pro-CAFE standard experts were included 6 times as often as critics. The Trap Door Beneath His Throne The legions of unemployed peasants will someday bring down our imperial president. If it's a Smart Car, why does it look so stupid? Obama embraces California's definition of what cars we'll be allowed to drive. continue reading
Networks Tell One Side of Health Care Story: Obama's Reports on president's meeting with health care industry and assume the need for government-run 'reform' and leave out critics as well as free-market solutions to health insurance issues. Is There Any Moral Obligation? America is rapidly becoming a country without individual responsibility. Liberals Cash in on Their Own Brand of Hate Journalists decry conservative 'anger,' but left has turned venom into big business. continue reading
Media Deride Tax Haven 'Cheats' and 'Loopholes;' Ignore Benefits When Obama announced his tax reform plan on May 4 the news media rapidly embraced his terms (crackdown, loophole, scam), but mostly ignored the negative impact such changes would have on businesses and American jobs. Ecuador tries crude form of justice to steal $27 billion from Chevron Leftist government ignores its own agreement and using bogus legal system to strive for oil settlement. continue reading
Media Latch on to Swine Flu 'Pandemic' The national news media served up hype with scary comparisons to the 1918 flu epidemic with a side of unanswered questions in the near 24/7 coverage of the swine flu outbreak. Balance The Budget? Mission Accomplished 4-20-09 Buying bulk office supplies and other strokes of genius. Maybe This Flu Isn't for the Birds, But the Last One Was Watch the media also ignore the issue of border security. continue reading
Media Talk Up Pot Legalization as Possible Answer to Bad Economy The troubled economy has some in the media exploring the idea of marijuana legalization and taxation, but other experts argue it would not be a panacea for government deficits. The New Gospel of Less It was pathetic when Jimmy Carter preached it, and its pathetic now. Gainor's Testimony on 'A New Age' for Newspapers Newspapers are a dying breed because of technology and disappearance of neutrality in reporting. continue reading
National Media Dismiss, Disparage and Attack Tax Day Tea Parties Three networks and CNN ignore populist storm until tax day; blast FOX and repeat left-wing claims of 'AstroTurf' in same-day coverage. MSNBC continues vulgar 'teabagging' jokes. When Hope Changes to Fear The president himself is stimulating gun demand. continue reading