The Balance Sheet

White House Pushes Economic 'Recovery,' Media Spin Jobs Reports Journalists emphasize 'glimmers of hope' for the economy as unemployment rises to a 26-year-high. Bread 'n Circuses Looking past Obama's song 'n dance. Obama: Out of Frying Pan, Into the Fire No matter how little media focus they get, president's tough times are getting tougher with nationwide 9-12 events. continue reading
UAW Has Reason to Celebrate This Labor Day The Labor Day holiday is upon on and while the media talk about gas prices and travel delays, journalists will likely be ignoring the story of the many blessings bestowed upon labor unions in 2009. 'Free' Our Political Language from Falsehood It's time to demand truth-in-advertising about government give-aways. The End of Obama's Summertime Blues President looks back unhappily on how he spent his vacation. continue reading
Health Care Co-ops: Just another Public Option Due to the outcry of many about a public option, some senators have suggested a compromise in the form of health insurance co-ops. Conservatives worry that the result will be public option by another name, but those concerns havent been reported by the network news. Front Page to Back Page to No Page: the Outrage That Went Away The administration arbitrarily and unaccountably closed auto dealerships, and the media quickly lost interest. Media Have 'Special Interest' in Pushing Health Care Reform Obama and journalists complain the president is fighting some fictional opposition to... continue reading
Looking for a Health Care Scapegoat: Networks Try to Marginalize Talk Radio Media blame ObamaCare struggles on conservative stations, reminiscent of 2007 immigration reform failure. The Terrible Cost of Eating the Rich When government bites the hand that feeds it, the hand just may bite back. The Peasants Are Revolting Elites in politics, journalism discover that people have the power and the world is changing. continue reading
Media Cover Town Hall Outrage from Left, Calling it 'Orchestrated' and 'Not about Policy' The outrage at health care town halls across the country have garnered plenty of media attention, but many of those stories focused on the nasty and ugly disturbances at some events. Many journalists have reacted by portraying the outrage as staged or Astroturfed instead of reporting what proposed legislation might mean for our health care system if passed. Obama's Big Slush Fund The community organizer now has $800 billion in walking-around money. When the Right Protests, It Must Be Wrong After 8 years of Nazi images... continue reading
Networks Praise 'Clunker' Program, Downplay Critics ABC, CBS and NBC all say car trade-in scheme is a 'victim of its own success,' after burning through $1 billion in a week. In stories citing experts, proponents outnumber critics nearly three times as often. Wealthy Americans Unholster Their Weapons While Obama sells socialism, affluent citizens aren't buying. Experts Put the Con in E-con-omics Downturn? Upturn? Journalists, politicians and economists are predictably wrong. Dr. Waxman's Miracle Cure-All & Tonic More evidence that liberals suffer from enlarged ego syndrome. continue reading
Uncritical Condition President Obama is running a full court press to get a health care reform bill passed before Congress August recess, and hes gotten plenty of help from the networks. ABC, CBS and NBC joined Obamas campaign for health care change favoring proponents by more than 2-to-1, barely discussing exorbitant costs, exaggerating the number of uninsured and failing to compare ObamaCare to the problems of similar government programs. Just As Intended 'The Big Lie' and the gullible press. Third World Owes U.S. More Than Just Debt of Gratitude Time to call in all those loans, and be paid for... continue reading
For 'Leverage,' Round Two of 'Destroying' Evil Businessmen TNTs business-bashing show returns for its second season July 15 after targeting insurance companies, military contractors, bankers, hedge fund managers and land developers in its first season. President OOPS-Bama The unravelling of The Amazing Ozbama... Econ 101: Health Care Reform The market needs less government inefficiency, not more, to improve the system and lower health care costs. continue reading
Media Help Obama Gear Up for 'Stimulus, The Sequel' Political rhetoric and journalistic support suggest building momentum for a second stimulus package, despite the previous $787 billion spending packages failure to help the economy and stem job losses. Obama's Climate of Fear Real businesspeople are really afraid of what the president is doing to free enterprise. Conservatives, let this be our Waterloo It's time the right teaches Obama his victory was short-lived. continue reading
Global Warming Overshadowed: Media Give Massive Cap-and-Trade Tax Second Billing Deaths of celebrities Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and TV pitchman Billy Mays dominated recent news coverage allowing the network news media to practically ignore the potential damage of cap-and-trade legislation passed narrowly by the U.S. House of Representatives on June 26. On Health Care (and Everything Else), What is the American Way? We should look to individuals for answers. Discrimination ruling a reason to get fired up against Sotomayor Media have downplayed impact 'liberal' Supreme Court nominee had on ordinary working men continue reading