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Attacking Executive Pay While Shielding Courics of the World From ExxonMobils Lee Raymond to United Health Groups William McGuire, the networks have called executive pay staggering, stratospheric and stunning. What theyre not telling you is Big Media wants to hide the details of its top contracts. Should We Worry About China-U.S. Trade? Following Chinese President Hu Jintaos visit to the United States,Business & Media Institute adviser Dr. Don Boudreaux explains how politicians are missing the point in their trade rhetoric. G: Washington Post: Rustic road regulation roils farmers B: Parade rains on American Dream U: CNN anchors solution to high... continue reading
Earth Day Special The Business & Media Institute wishes everyone a happy Earth Day on April 22. But before you recycle something, check out our new paper-free article on HBOs Too Hot Not to Handle , airing on the 22nd, and our own Alaska pipeline retrospective ahead of PBSs, which airs April 24. Why Are We Over a Barrel? Networks blame big, bad oil companies for gas and oil prices but skip threats, taxes and increased demand. G: Chicago Tribune explains the reasons for oils climbing price B: Post slams wealthy landowners, ignores government's role in real estate U: ABC... continue reading
Taxation with Misrepresentation A tax dollar by any other name spends as sweetly, but the networks dont always call attention to the fact that Joe Taxpayer makes the country (and parts of the world) go round. A Word from Our Founding Fathers Taxes Business & Media Institute National Chairman Herman Cain says Americans are overtaxed and under-informed. G: Christian Science Monitor: economy producing good jobs B: Media praise Mass. law forcing people to buy health insurance U: Insurance industry battered by CBS News for high profits ABC Recycles NY Times Story Slamming $165-Million Gift CBS Revels in Corporate Catfight over... continue reading
Paris When It Sizzles As French protesters clash with riot police, Americans arent getting the full story from U.S. broadcast media. Journalists have focused on a new labor laws provision for businesses to fire not hire young workers. In reality, its just the socialist French system showing its flaws. Econ 101: When the Job Market Isnt Free Dr. Gary Wolfram explains why French protests show students ignorance about a consumer-driven economy. G: Washington Post toasts a family business B: Movie reviewers cheer Ice Age 2 for global warming message U: Media complain new regulations on fuel efficiency not strict enough... continue reading
March Madness: Full-Court Press on Global Warming Its Time and ABC, and other media outlets promoting the threat of manmade climate change. Theyre pushing the danger of a tipping point and skipping any journalistic balance. Major media either ignored or marginalized scientists who dared disagree with catastrophic prophecy. Media Declare Warming Debate Ended Again Journalistic rules of fairness swamped by rising tide of bias from Time, ABC and others. G: ABCs Stossel finds the upside of outsourcing B: ABC credits liberal activist with Pulitzer he never won U: Time for a global warming deluge Reuters, NY Times Push Study Predicting... continue reading
TV News Bearish on the Economy The U.S. job market for college grads is the best its been since 2001. Yet, polls are saying Americans feel skittish about the economy, and its probably because TV news is misleading them. Whether theyre ignoring good news or playing up the negative, journalists have portrayed a grim reality. The Science Fiction Slant on News CNN: the network that doesnt just report. It makes things up. But is CNNs documentary competing with Battlestar Gallactica? G: Fox shows U.S. economy soars above Europe B: CNN admits to fanning flames of fear U: Today Show Currys... continue reading
Where Do We Go from Dubai? The headliners of Dubai ports stories were politicians pontificating about national security. But who knew that foreign firms already owned 70 percent of U.S. port terminals? Foreign investment is common and is a boon to the economy now the media tell us. Econ 101: Rich and Poor in a Market Economy Dr. Gary Wolfram answers a readers questions about wealth distribution and social stability in the United States. G: USA Today finds jobs outsourced to a living room near you B: Media ignore Chavez-controlled oil company evading oversight U: NY Times leads media in... continue reading
Avian Flu: A Media Pandemic The media are abuzz with the terrible possibility of an avian flu pandemic. Even though cooked meat is safe to eat, the poultry industry is taking a hit thanks to the hype. We have a long way to go before the virus could pass easily between humans but media reports have called it deadly again and again. According to them, its not a matter of if but when. What We Know and Don't Know About Bird Flu Dr. Elizabeth Whelan of the American Council on Science and Health says its not time to panic. G:... continue reading
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New from the Business & Media Institute Wal-Mart: Always under Attack. Always. Whether its health care, a high-paid CEO, bicycles or banking, theres no end to the medias gripes about Wal-Mart. As critics complain about the Wal-Mart effect on business competitors, the Business & Media Institute takes a look at the effect on media coverage slanting it against business. Herman Cain: Media Whine, Consumers Win Its no secret that the unions are behind most of the attacks on Wal-Mart. But more people are starting to realize these attacks wont stop with the retail leader. An attack on Wal-Mart is an... continue reading