The Balance Sheet

ABC, CBS, NBC Join Obama's Attack on Insurance Companies President Obama has been lashing out against the insurance industry, but he hasnt been alone. The three broadcast networks have been making the anti-insurer argument as well with stacked guests, lack of context and criticism of arbitrary rate hikes. Is the Administration Stupid or Lying? Once more with feeling: Businesses don't pay taxes. Health Care Sequel: The Empire Strikes Back So-called reform readies for yet another 'final push,' but journalists still believe Obama deadlines. continue reading
Misappropriating Ronald Reagan: Liberals Use Conservative Icon to Promote Agenda In a stunning reversal of liberal rhetoric, left-wing talking heads are now asking what would Reagan do to promote their agenda on global warming, tea parties and President Obama. Let's Outlaw YOUR Business Next First they came for the student loan providers, and I did nothing ... Drill, Baby, Drill ... Maybe Obama makes lame promises of energy independence, while media adopt shill, baby, shill strategy. continue reading
Bias By the Numbers: Networks Celebrate Year of Strong Stimulus Support The one-year anniversary of President Obama's stimulus package is right around the corner and media support for the intervention hasn't dissipated. ABC, CBS, NBC cite supporters of $787 billion bill nearly three times as often as critics in a year of favorable stimulus reports. Family Budget Advice from Obama? Don't you dare gamble with his money. $787 Billion Reasons Why Journalists Love the Stimulus One year later, ABC, NBC and CBS still have a crush on Obama's overspending. continue reading
Obama Submits Largest Budget in History, But Portrayed as Fiscal Conservative by Networks What would you call a president who wants to spend $700 billion more than the last president? Certainly, you wouldnt call him thrifty yet ABC, CBS and NBC reports on Obamas 2011 budget proposal presented him as fiscally responsible and ignored experts who would have said the opposite. I Am Not an Ideologue But the president really is imprisoned by ideology, and that's good news. Rapid Rail Is Really Just Political Pork Media ignore how Democrats on track to give stimulus to their core voters. continue reading
Media Ignore Contradiction between Obama's Middle Class Giveaways, Spending 'Freeze' After the upset in Massachusetts last week, the Obama administration changed its focus from health care to the economy. In the days leading up to the State of the Union address, Obama called for middle class giveaways and a paltry spending freeze of $250 billion over 10 years. Networks praised the giveaways and failed to note the irony of the two announcements. Obama Points out Obscene Profits, but the Eye is Catching up to the Hand The mediocre magician tries to distract us from his real act. continue reading
Companies Donate $83 Million to Haiti, Get Less Than Three Minutes of Coverage When tragedy strikes as it did in Haiti last week, American individuals and corporations rush to donate cash and goods to meet the need. But as hundreds of companies gave a total of $83 million to aid the island nation, the three broadcast networks devoted a mere 2 minutes 46 seconds reporting those donations. Mass. Vote Shows Obama a Rerun of Carter Despite media efforts, election shows Big Government could be history. Taxpayers Will Pay Twice if Obama Gets His Bank Tax President's attempt to punish bankers... continue reading
Networks Fail to Criticize Obama Despite Most Jobs Lost in a Year Since 1940 More than 4.1 millions jobs disappeared in 2009, but the network media are not reporting the "devastating" jobs data as a tragedy or as a failure of Obama's stimulus spending. Truth in Advertising If only the Federal Trade Commission would hold its boss to the same standards of veracity it demands from businesses. Many Faces of Obama Don't Want to Face Job Losses No matter who the media says the President is this week, he's still presided over the worst job loss since before WWII. continue reading
Networks Downplay $42 Million in 'Outrageous' Bonuses, 'Unlimited' Bailout of Fannie, Freddie Journalists critical of pay at bailed out banks muster only 175 words to report compensation of Fannie execs. Rich in Excuses It's not my fault. It's not your fault. It's the new America. Washington Liberals Find This Election Isn't Their Cup of Tea Protesters plan to party like it's 2010 while the media try to marginalize them. continue reading
Media Go Easy on Obama As He Reinvents, Extends TARP to Weeks before Midterm Elections Network news shows barely report criticism of 'slush fund' tactics, although they criticized Paulson for 'bait-and-switch' in 2008. Gifts Under The Tree There's something for nearly everyone this gift-giving season. Class Warfare: Government vs. Everybody Else Media helped promote Obama attacks on 'fat cat bankers,' while federal employees earn 76 percent more than private sector. continue reading
The Media's Top 10 Worst Economic Myths of 2009 From jobs 'saved or created,' to stimulus saving the economy, to 'deficit neutral' health care reform; here are ten biggest stories the media got wrong this year. Small Business vs. the Great Ozbama A crash business course for the Community Organizer-in-Chief. And We're Living Here in Allentown At least Obama and media want us to think so. continue reading