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Gas Hysteria: Prices are Falling, But While gas prices have been falling, the nightly newscasts have still referred to high or rising prices more often than falling. Even when journalists admitted the decline now at 68 cents since August 11 they undermined it half the time. I Recycle! BMI Adviser Dr. Donald Boudreaux explains that many environmentalist pursuits lack simple cost-benefit analysis. G: CNNs Serwer pooh-poohs conspiracy theories on markets performance B: NY Times takes a Debbie Downer approach to $4 prescriptions U: Wash. Post pushes liberal critics of Forbes 400 billionaires, raising calls for higher taxes CNNs Serwer Dismisses... continue reading
Unions: Good Ol' Days or Part of Ford's Demise? Ford Motor Co. is in trouble now, and journalists at the networks are singing their old dirge for the American dream. But its not just gas prices that plague manufacturers its unsustainable union contracts. Movie Review: 'Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers' Election-season release from Wal-Mart film's director is latest documentary that attacks businesses. G: USA Today finds a free-market alternative to payday loans B: CNN declares the people winners in Calif. minimum wage hike U: NY Times again hypes housing bubble Post, Times Produce Opposite Headlines from Same Retail Report... continue reading
Up in ARMs over Mortgages Foreclosures may be the new housing boom, say the media, thanks to adjustable-rate mortgages that homeowners can no longer afford. BusinessWeek said the banking and mortgage industry is to blame. Which is more dangerous: a hyper journalist or an uninformed consumer? Curses, Foiled Again by Another Oil Conspiracy CNN's Cafferty claims industry is dropping prices to help Republicans win mid-term elections. G: CNNs In the Money drops conspiracy theories B: NY Times slams Wal-Mart for conservative ties U: CNNs Romans turns to former Nader fundraiser to push liberal study Good Morning America Brushes off Wal-Mart... continue reading
Where Povertys Rise Ends, Slanted Coverage Continues New government reports show poverty leveling off after four years of increases. Incomes are up for the first time in six years. But the media, who were so concerned about poverty this time last year, have ignored the good news and insisted that workers are still getting stiffed. Earning Freedom: A 9/11 Tribute Each American owes a debt to those who have given their lives for us. BMI National Chairman Herman Cain reminds us in a time where common ground seems scarce in America, its up to us to live lives worthy of... continue reading
Labor Day or Layoff Day? Just as youre settling down for your holiday BBQ, the media led by ABC News want to warn you your job might be in jeopardy. But unemployment starts to sound better when the media are describing work as hazardous to your health. Media Workers Unite for Hit Job on Employment Not to belabor the point, but journalists rarely mention the hundreds of thousands of available positions in nursing, teaching and manufacturing. G: Foxs Cavuto highlights Orecks successful post-Katrina rebound B: ABC hypes CrackBerry epidemic U: NBC slams insurance companies over Katrina lawsuits NBC Dismisses Oil... continue reading
Unhappy Anniversary: Katrina Insurance Battle Continues Journalists have paraded lawyer Dickie Scruggs and his plaintiffs against insurance companies, calling a recent ruling a blow to hurricane victims. But those homeowners and the general audience are getting shortchanged by the medias omissions of fact. While Insurance Companies Targeted, Taxpayers Soaked Ted Frank, director of AEIs Liability Project, explains in a guest column how the government created the flood exclusion in private insurance policies and how taxpayers pay while the media blame business. G: USA Today, ABC notice lower gas prices B: What a difference a page makes in Wash. Post global... continue reading
Bad Company II The Oscars are Hollywoods presentation of its best. In 2006, half of the best movies nominated in the top categories portrayed businessmen as criminals. From the corrupt insiders of Syriana to the murderous drug company in The Constant Gardener, businessmen got anything but the red-carpet treatment. Hollywoods New Villain: Businessmen Overture. Dim the lights. This is it for the American free enterprise system if Hollywood has its way. G: Parade magazine marches against eminent domain B: CBS Evening News suggests turning up the juice on energy regulation U: ABCs Stark maximizes bias in minimum wage story Econ... continue reading
Have you taken the Boone Pickens Challenge? Were less than $25,000 away from meeting this years goal of $500,000. Your gift of any size could be the one that triggers Boone Pickens matching grant! Help us further the mission of improving business journalism and contact Thom Golab today. Housing Bust: Just Kidding! For almost five years, the media have warned of a damaging dive in home prices. But all of a sudden, theyre waking up to the idea of a buyers market. And mortgage rates are still far from the highest ever, which one reporter exaggeratedly suggested. I Hate to... continue reading
Minimum Rage A New York Times reporter has called the Democrats argument for raising the minimum wage straightforward. A CNN host has called opponents arguments a lot of bull. Its not hard to see where the media are on the issue but we bring you the facts theyre leaving out. Forget Tea Leaves: Read Congresss Bills to Forecast Future Deficits Just how much taxpayer money is each member of Congress proposing to spend? Our colleagues at the National Taxpayers Union give us an idea. G: USA Today reports the dastardly results of over taxation B: CNN bored by housing situation... continue reading
Networks Include Fear Premium in Oil Coverage Journalists and oil traders have been quick to warn viewers that $4 gas is coming. Oil might rise to $100 a barrel! But will it? Meanwhile, the Senates move toward increasing domestic oil supply wasnt as interesting to network news. Hollywood Export Undermines America It's time for TV scriptwriters to give up the evil business stereotypes and cowboy up. G: NY Times finds car rental tax drives away customers B: CBS treads out whine on global warming but doesnt taste critics opinions U: CNN omits anti-Wal-Mart group giving NY Times the dirt on... continue reading