The Balance Sheet

Top 10 Media Myths of 2006 Its been another year of wild media predictions, slanted stories and glaring omissions. What were the biggest whoppers? Be sure to check our list twice to find out whos been naughty. Econ 101: Who Benefits from Boost in Student Grants? 'Round and 'round the taxpayer money goes ... and where it stops, nobody knows. Oh, and tuition will go up, too. Dr. Gary Wolfram explains. G: Brian Williams admits NBC blew it with hurricane predictions B: CNNs OBrien criticizes Clinton for spending too little on AIDS U: CBS demonizes oil industry in story about... continue reading
Unhealthy Bias in Implant Stories, Then and Now Silicone breast implants have been cleared by the FDA for the marketplace once again. During the 14-year ban on the product, multiple studies showed no connection with diseases, including cancer. But the media dont seem convinced. Hurricane Hype Clouds Warming Debate Despite wild weather predictions and warnings about global warming, media must watch quiet season blow by. G: CS Monitor reporter sees a holly jolly shopping season B: ABC and USA Today script melodrama: The Young and the Indebted U: ABC takes worry about over-working to the extreme ABC Hypes Extreme Jobs... continue reading
The Inflation Monster Under the Medias Bed Gas prices and health care and food costs, oh my! But the truth is, theres been a drop in inflation. Surprised? Thats because the media have been scaremongering about 70s-era inflation for two years now. An American Thanksgiving Story BMI National Chairman Herman Cain worries that, like the colonists who bought Manhattan, Congress has offered us trinkets in exchange for valuable ground our free market. G: CS Monitor notes something to be thankful for: fast-growing wages B: NBC, CNN hype gas price increase coming just in time for Thanksgiving U: CNN derides Wal-Mart... continue reading
Electronic Voting: The Catastrophe that Wasnt Since the 2004 election, the media have been buzzing about Diebold, maker of electronic voting machines, and warning that the company could have control over elections. But now that 2006s votes have been counted, the airwaves have been starkly silent. Where have all the fraud and conspiracy charges gone? Media Rely on Stories That Are 'Bad for You' BMI Director Dan Gainor marvels that sugar and spice and everything else are all supposedly harmful - except when they're not. G: CS Monitor writer gives advice for sellers in a buyers market B: Lou Dobbs... continue reading
Media: U.S. Should Throw Billions of Dollars at Global Warming Back in 1997, the Senate resoundingly said the U.S. wasnt interested in any emissions-cutting treaty that would hurt our economy. Will a new Congress give in to world pressure on global warming? If the media had their way, America would be paying $180 billion per year. Trans Fats: Public Health Enemy No. 1? BMI Adviser Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan, president of the American Council on Science and Health, explains why the medias focus on trans fats is misleading. Meanwhile, other health threats are getting little attention. G: Washington Post finds... continue reading
Then and Now, Media Sing Along to Dems' Election Song: 'No Tax Cuts' In 2003, Democrats and the media said the tax cuts wouldnt work. They said (and still do) tax cuts cause deficits. But as the declining federal deficit has proven, they were wrong before the last election and not much has changed. CNN Is All Wet When It Comes to Economy Drip, drip, drip of economic coverage used to attack conservatives, business. G: Investors Business Daily says dont be ghouled, economys doing well B: NBCs Carl Quintanilla scares up two spots in this weeks review with housing bubble... continue reading
CNN's War on the Economy As the election nears, CNN is pushing the war on the middle class throughout its broadcasts. According to its reporters and anchors, workers might as well give up, despite a great economy. And the American dream? Forget about it. Big Tobacco and the Supreme Court: Double Jeopardy, Civil-Style? This Halloween, the Supreme Court will determine how much plaintiffs can scare up in punitive damages. G: Wall Street Journal details big business conspiracy that scuttled Wal-Marts banking plans B: CBSs Katie Couric all but dismisses record Dow close U: The Weather Channel gives global warming skeptics... continue reading
A Massive Reporting Deficit Networks have spun the federal deficit negatively 35 times since the State of the Union address. Only once did a journalist mention the number was going down without undermining the good news. More Economic Bull from Media Bears It may be just right, but as BMI National Chairman Herman Cain shows, the media wont acknowledge the Goldilocks economy. G: Fortune reporter notes weather-related speculation in driving up oil prices B: CBS pushes oil price conspiracy theory U: ABC attacks corporate breast cancer funding and Wal-Mart health clinics Special Report: Bad News Bears The truth of the... continue reading
In Governments Name: New York Times Bashes Religious Tax Exemptions The Times took four days and more than 17,000 words to argue that churches are fleecing taxpayers In Gods Name. Diana B. Henriques extensive series accused religious groups never mind that theyre made up of taxpayers of shifting local tax burdens onto other citizens. Econ 101: It Pays to Be Ignorant Dr. Gary Wolfram explains why its actually rational to be an uninformed voter. G: AP reporter noted strong September shopping B: Media blew past hurricane predictions as they were scaled downward U: Networks overlooked 810,000 new jobs CNN Heavily... continue reading
Waging War When the media talk about wages, its usually a story of stagnation or decline. So why does the government say compensation has increased by 7.7 percent since last year? One word: benefits. Coastal Protection Turned into Reefer Madness Environmentalists to thank for yet another eco-tastrophe. G: USA Today finds tax cuts rising tide lifting all boats B: NBC changes Fleecing series rules to slam oil companies, not government waste U: American Morning heats up hit piece against senator skeptical of global warming On Day of Dow Record, CBS Warns of Economic Problems Oklahoma Senator Spars with CNNs Miles... continue reading