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Gassing Up If you think $3 for a gallon of gas is high, you havent been watching the network news. Theyve warned of $4, $5 or even $6 gas and havent been right yet. But years of media hype have proven convincing three-fourths of Americans believe $4 gas will hit this year. Journalists Give Viewers the High Test on Gas Reporters drive price predictions to $4 a gallon and higher, and hope no one remembers they've been wrong before. G: NBC praises Chinese insourcing; WSJ includes criticism of CFLs B: Fortune magazine claims American business is respectable again U: Eco-extremist... continue reading
Networks Chip Away at Dow Milestones How many times does the Dow have to break records before broadcasters admit its good news? BMI looked at the Dows run from 10,000 to 13,000. All along the way, network news has found reasons to frown. Econ 101: Betting on the Media or the Market? Dow record shows investor confidence, but the media worry over every aspect of the economy. BMI adviser and economist Dr. Gary Wolfram advises news consumers on the facts. G: Bloomberg provides good news about automaker GM B: CNNs Dr. Gupta wants to increase food fund despite obesity U:... continue reading
Media Blame Businesses in the Wake of Tech Tragedy Unwilling to stop at the Virginia Tech gunman who committed suicide, journalists have shifted blame for the campus shooting onto gun makers, gun stores, and even eBay. In the midst of the hype, at least one gun store owner has received death threats. Media to U.S.: Lose the Guns, Get Sophisticated BMIs own rarity a trained gun user and journalist speaks out on the medias treatment of American gun culture following the latest shooting. Amy Menefee shows how journalists have ignored facts and common sense in their dramatic attempts at political... continue reading
Green Day(s) All Year 'Round No trees are dying for you to read this online newsletter! Welcome to The Balance Sheets Green Issue, sandwiched between last weeks Step It Up global warming rallies and Earth Day (April 22). But in media reports, every day is a green day never mind what the planet-savers actually want our government to do to business and individuals. Green Issues Are the Place to Be Global warming goes glossy as magazines turn up heat on business with environmental ideas. G: CS Monitor reports expanding reach of government B: CNN In the Money trashes Wall Street,... continue reading
Media Amnesia Strikes on AMT Reform House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has bragged about Democrats initiative to save middle-class taxpayers from the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). But wait: wasnt that Pelosi who voted against getting rid of the AMT in 1999? Oh. Instead of reporting that congressional duplicity, the media blame what else the Bush tax cuts. How High Can You Stand for Your Taxes to Go? Liberals won't go on TV to defend their sly plan: a $2-trillion tax increase. G: APM questions insurance bailouts for coastal residents B: CNN team snarks on oil executives pay U: Vanity Fair sentences... continue reading
The Consumer Group That Doesnt Want You to Consume Drop that soda! Turn in your Chinese takeout menus! The media are helping the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in efforts to tax and regulate your food and drink. CSPI says it must help you, because it takes more than willpower to stay healthy. Tax Threats on Tax Day 2007 National Taxpayers Union President John Berthoud warns that Congress will hike our taxes as many times as they can. G: Forbes magazine explains why globalization is really a good thing B: Evening newscasts complain about airline, but customers... continue reading
Watch the MRC's 20th Anniversary Gala Live! The MRC's 20th Anniversary Gala, featuring the " DisHonors Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting" and the first annual "William F. Buckley Jr. Media Excellence Award," will be streamed live over the Internet on Thursday, March 29 at 8 PM EDT. Cal Thomas will serve as Master of Ceremonies and you'll see, live from the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC, awards presented or accepted by a host of conservative luminaries, including Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, Ann Coulter, Herman Cain, G. Gordon Liddy, Ward Connerly, Mary Matalin, Pat Sajak and Michael Steele. Live streaming,... continue reading
Gas Price Season: California, Here We Come Its springtime again, when the medias fancy turns to thoughts of gasoline. And what better way to begin the hype than visiting California, which has some of the nations highest pump prices? Of course, taxes and strict environmental regulations are two culprits that dont get much air time. We Cant Afford to Follow Al Gore Marlo Lewis explains that Gores call for massive legislation ignores reality of global energy consumption and plight of the world's poor. G: ABC and NBC cheer for ingenuity B: CNN claims foreign investment is example of economic decline... continue reading
Special Report: Prescription for Bias Medical breakthroughs dont grow on trees, but network news rarely admits it. In a new BMI study, nearly 80 percent of the stories on prescription drugs left out the drug companies entirely. Journalists emphasized consumers costs and company profits, largely ignoring companies investment to create life-saving medicines. Climate of Bias, BMIs new one-stop shop for global warming media coverage! Find the list of more than 70 scientists who stand against the hype; our highly acclaimed Special Report Fire & Ice, and much more. G: NY Times finally prints criticism of Inconvenient Truth B: ABC World... continue reading
Can We Atone for Our Energy Sins? The media are caught up in the celebrity culture of carbon offsets. Buying these credits is like buying an indulgence from a priest so one can freely enjoy the guilty pleasure of energy use. But does it help the planet? And what does it cost? Econ 101: Lets Be Honest about Entitlements Dr. Gary Wolfram goes to the root of Americas government benefits, revealing that we dont really want to talk about who pays for whom. G: NY Times provides positive oil discovery story B: USA Today hypes stuck on a plane scenarios... continue reading