The Balance Sheet

Thou Shalt Tax Every Sin The media love to tell people what not to do: smoke, eat, emit carbon dioxide, etc. So, journalistic support for taxing those sins is rarely a surprise. As Congress prepares for a vote, the media are promoting an expansion of taxpayer-funded health insurance to be paid for with huge tax increases on cigarettes and cigars. Thats the real sin. Super Rich: The New Code for Media Disapproval Journalists think the very wealthy are anything but super. The media use the term as one weapon in class warfare. G: CNBC survey: Experts see strong stock market... continue reading
Health Care Lie: '47 Million Uninsured Americans' Forget what youve heard. That often repeated claim about the 47 million uninsured Americans simply isnt true. Michael Moore, President Bush, the presidential candidates and the media were wrong. According to the Census Bureau, that figure includes nearly 10 million non-citizens, but thats just the tip of the iceberg. The crisis of the uninsured is significantly smaller than youve been told. Blackouts: New Energy Conservation Program? Energy supplies are running low, gas prices climbing high and in the media businesses get the blame. But that blame really belongs in Washington, D.C., where a... continue reading
Journalists Contribute to Power Gridlock As a heat wave grips the nation, one possible solution increasing Americas energy supply is next to impossible because of opposition from the news media and rabid environmentalists. According to their claims, we cant increase use of coal or oil because of global warming or nuclear because of the danger. Oh, and hydroelectric is out because the greens want the dams torn down for the salmons sake. Whats left is a serious power problem. Book Review: Web Site Founder Offers Media Criticism with an Attitude head embraces dead-tree technology to bash the old media... continue reading
There will be no July 4th issue, but The Balance Sheet will resume on July 11. Have a safe and happy holiday. Enough Gushing over Moore to Make You 'Sicko' How much do the media love socialized medicine? Enough to suggest Michael Moore should run for office. Coverage of his new film, which opens June 29, downplays his distortions and aggressively promotes a shift toward government health care. Drug Company Profits Are Good for Your Health Michaels Moores new shock-umentary attacks insurance and pharmaceutical companies for obscene profits, but anti-industry reporting is nothing new. BMI adviser Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan... continue reading
Too Busy Admiring Greens to Notice What They're Really About Environmentalists want to curb travel, take away our energy sources and force businesses to carry out their bidding or shut down. But the media are too distracted by green celebrities and endless feature stories about saving the planet to ask activists the hard questions. Going Green: The Media Reveal a Major Color Scheme Journalists lose their jaded attitudes and embrace an environmental pallet for just about everything. G: CNN host John Roberts admits skepticism about Michael Moore B: ABC accuses student lenders of stealing food from borrowers U: Left-wing group... continue reading
Media Exaggerate Student Loan 'Crisis' Say the word kickback and the media dont need to hear any more. Despite lack of criminal charges, journalists have been treating lenders and financial aid offices like a dark underworld of student debt. And personal responsibility is scarce in the tales of students who had little choice but to borrow more. Media Deliver WSJ Paper Chase Exactly as Expected Reporters and editors continue to oppose Journal bid from 'predatory capitalist' Murdoch. BMIs Dan Gainor explains why. G: AP shows gas prices havent killed the economy B: CNN says Americans work more than medieval peasants... continue reading
Journalists Prefer Left-Wing WSJ Buyout over Murdoch A successful businessman makes a premium offer for a struggling company. Shareholders and workers rejoice at the prospect of a turnaround. Right? Not in the case of Rupert Murdochs bid for Dow Jones & Co., which would put the Fox News Channel owner over The Wall Street Journal as well. The journalists union which we dont hear much about is having none of it. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of 'Free' Health Care BMIs Amy Menefee notes that every new 'right' the U.S. government has promised has turned into a massively expensive failure... continue reading
Media Spread Suspicion of Gas Gouging How many investigations will it take to convince the media and politicians that gas companies arent conspiring to crunch consumers? At least 30 such inquiries in the past have found no wrongdoing. Yet journalists are at it again, calling gas prices suspicious. Media Hit the Gas Correctly, for a Change Finally, 26 years and thousands of stories later, journalists find the record-high price is right. G: American Morning honest about ethanols flaws B: CBS attacks private health insurance U: Backyard cookout police throw water on summer grilling BMI on TV BMI Director Dan Gainor... continue reading
Assault on the Great American Cookout Drop the spatula and step away from the grill. You may be planning to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with friends and family, but youd better not eat or drink. That is, if you listen to the medias warnings about the food industry from soda to snacks and yes, even grill marks on your burger. Food or Fuel? You Aint Seen Nothin Yet The media are focused again on tough consumer choices and gas prices. But theres a bigger price squeeze affecting our grocery shopping: corn. U.S. ethanol mandates are causing a widespread spike in... continue reading
A Thieving Dictator Only U.S. Media Could Love A socialist Latin American leader seizes foreign businesses property and squelches freedom of the press by taking over his countrys media. No, its not the latest James Bond flick its current events in Venezuela. The month of May has brought more hostile takeovers from Hugo Chavez, but the networks continue to show him as a friendly coffee drinker. Q&A with Rep. Connie Mack on Hugo Chavez BMI sits down with a congressman who has been outspoken on this week's topic. G: CS Monitor shows employment prospects for 2007 grads B: World News... continue reading