The Balance Sheet

When the Storys Got Children, Who Needs Facts? Leading up to President Bushs veto of the State Childrens Health Insurance Program expansion, the media have ignored critical problems. Distracted by cute kids paraded by the left, they forgot to mention that Bush wants to continue the program and that Congresss tobacco tax funding wont work. If Government Is So Good, Let It Fix Journalism Media show support for socialist solutions like Hillarycare, but few back similar involvement in news. G : CNN shares optimism about stock market B : Top Model goes green with communal bath U : CBS critical... continue reading
Special Report: Bad Company For American Businessmen in the News, the Defense Never Rests BMI has studied how businessmen and women have been portrayed in the entertainment media usually as corrupt and criminal. This latest look at an entire year of TV newscasts revealed that when it comes to real life, theres still plenty of negativity to go around. They May Be Sexy, but Dirty Businessmen Return to Prime Time New fall shows continue the trend of twisted, troubled, unethical businessmen as characters. G : CBS exposes excessive government spending B : Save the polar bear to kill the polar... continue reading
Read Hillary's Lips: 'No New Bureaucracy' The return of HillaryCare is draped in free-market language like choice and private insurance. But dont be fooled there are enough tax hikes, government expansion and mandates to go around. Just dont ask the media to find out the details. In an election season, the truth about the economy is of the utmost importance. Want your friends and colleagues to hear the other side of issues like HillaryCare and global warming policy? Forward this edition of The Balance Sheet! To subscribe, all you have to do is click here. G : ABCs Stossel shows... continue reading
Media Coverage Rated 'R' for 'Recession' Every year for the last four years, the networks have predicted a recession. But the economy survived and thrived through higher gas prices, hurricanes, and even a housing slowdown. Will this finally be the year gloomy journalists are right? Four Years of Media Fairy Tales about the Economy Journalists pushed fable of recession throughout job-heavy economic recovery. G : Magazine admits hybrids arent always fuel efficient B : Newsweek calls Hillarycare bold but hardly radical U : Editor & Publisher columnist says abandon ethics to fight global warming Save the Planet (and Bring Your... continue reading
Media Negative throughout Nearly Four Years of Job Growth Roughly four years and at least 8.3 million jobs later, the media have done a terrible job reporting on U.S. employment since the Bush tax cuts took effect. Instead of lauding 47 straight months of job growth, the media have criticized, downplayed or ignored this positive economic news. Econ 101: The Problem with Bailouts Bailing out a bum sector of the economy - with my money and yours - sends the message that people can do whatever they want without consequences. And that idea is how the mortgage problem started. G:... continue reading
Networks: Bashing Airlines Is Just the Ticket Its been a turbulent summer for the airline industry thanks to the network news media. Journalists have been quick to attack airlines for problems that can actually be traced to government incompetence namely the Federal Aviation Administration and its outdated air traffic control system. Left-Wing Cry of 'Revolution' More than Same Old Song Calls for societal change show liberals want to overturn the things that made America great. G: Gas Prices Drop in Time for Labor Day B: Fighting Obesity with Highway Money U: A Left-wing Solution to the Foreclosure Dilemma: Federal Home... continue reading
Networks Still Get High on Gas Gas prices have been dropping since May 25 before Memorial Day but broadcasters keep bemoaning rising prices. BMI noticed this trend last year and it continues this summer. According to the networks, prices are still skyrocketing, soaring and painfully high. New NASA Temperature Data Yet Another Reason to Re-Assess Global Warming Scare In a special column for BMI, climatology professor Dr. Tim Ball explains that faulty data abounds in the foundational arguments of climate change zealots. G: NBC Praises American Ingenuity B: CBS Housing Industry Reporter Admits to Own Mortgage Trouble U: Time Blames... continue reading
Ups and Downs on Wall Street Send Journalists Panicking The media worried about Armageddon, recession and market crashing last week in reporting on the credit crunch and mortgage defaults. CNBCs Jim Cramer ranted that the Fed needed to cut interest rates and NBCs Meredith Vieira asked if Black Monday was coming. It was a bumpy ride for viewers, too hearing hype from one journalist and then a rational perspective from another. Stock Markets and Credit Crunch: Free-Market Experts Speak Out Free-market economists and financial advisors talked to BMI about markets, mortgages and the Federal Reserve. G: Bloomberg Reports Unexpected Rise... continue reading
Networks Use Bridge Tragedy to Build Support for Higher Taxes The media have been quick to move from a horrifying bridge collapse to calls for more government funding despite the fact that its government that maintains and inspects bridges. When private companies are involved in tragedies, the media arent so lenient. Capitalizing on Tragedy Journalists blame taxpayers, not government incompetence, for infrastructure problems. G: Forbes Reports Declining Oil Prices B: BusinessWeek Thirst for Green Water is Unquenched U: Media Mislead Viewers with Foreclosure Data Velshi: Gas and Oil Price Relationship Hard to Understand ABC Hypes Market Meltdown with Misleading Data... continue reading
Media Manic About Wage Increase The 70-cent minimum wage increase took effect on July 24 and the news media sure were happy about it despite the potential job loss and harm to businesses. CNNs Ali Velshi heralded the unmitigated good news, but if the Democratic presidential candidates and CNNs Lou Dobbs get their way the minimum wage is going to continue to go up and up and up. Murdoch Purchase of Journal Is about Stocks not Bonds Rupert Murdoch hit a grand-slam home run this week to win Dow Jones Company and its prized Wall Street Journal, despite all the... continue reading