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This Christmas the Gift of Balanced Reporting We told you who was naughty in our Top 10 Media Myths last week. This week you can find out who was nice in 2007. BMI highlights good business reports and the journalists behind them. Negative reports on the economy were tempered with positive stock market stories, inclusion of scientific criticism of green tactics and praise for good-old American know-how. Katie Couric Won't Support MRC, So We're Counting on Your Donation Support The Balance Sheet and the work of the Business & Media Institute with a tax-deductible year-end donation. We can provide The... continue reading
Top Ten Media Myths of 2007 Its that time again our Top 10 Media Myths about business and economic news for the year! You might recognize some popular themes youve seen before, but each year has its signature issues. From food to airlines, green strategies and housing What will make #1? Check our list twice to find out. Two Views of Mortgage Solution Is the mortgage plan a bailout or a rescue? Does it help homeowners and lenders? How involved was the Bush administration? BMI presents two views of the plan from economists in the know. MSM Misses on Mortgage... continue reading
Fixing Overheated Housing Market with Half-Baked Bailout Plan Its the housing crisis; its the subprime crisis. But its also a reporting crisis. Average home prices are actually up 80 percent over the last seven years. But listening to journalists, it sounds like every house in America is worthless. The media have been quick to promote a government-backed rescue for mortgage holders who can no longer make payments. Like our videos? Theres much more on our YouTube page! You can view TV appearances by BMI Director Dan Gainor and Managing Editor Amy Menefee. You also can see journalists in action, delivering... continue reading
Talking Ourselves into Recession The Federal Reserve has said it doesnt expect a recession in 2008. A slowdown, perhaps, but not a recession. Still, the media obsession continues whether the measurement is sweaters, Starbucks or RVs. Climate Changes, but Media Remain the Same Environmentalists, journalists head to Bali to discuss ways to spend your money. G: Holiday sales off to healthy start B: NBC pushes for more taxpayer money to museums U: CBSs Storm needs regulation to get concert tickets continue reading
Happy Thanksgiving from the Business & Media Institute! The Balance Sheet will take next Wednesday off and will return to your inbox December 5. If youre thankful for the analysis and commentary we provide, please consider donating to us! Its tax-deductible. Thank you for reading! Special Report Debt: Who$ Responsible? From mortgages to student loans, Americans are drowning in $2.4 trillion worth of red ink. But the problems of consumer debt worsen when the media ignore personal responsibility, using the issue to beat up on businesses that lend money to people who want to borrow. Last chance to make your... continue reading
A Ho-Hum Christmas Already? Thanksgiving is still weeks away, and already the media are predicting a not-so-Merry Christmas for retailers and the U.S. economy. Some journalists have even warned that slower consumer spending could result in economic recession. But gloomy holiday sales reporting is a theme in the media, going back to the 2006 and 2005 Christmas shopping seasons. Econ 101: What Does a Falling Dollar Mean? What changes our exchange rate, and should we worry about it? BMI adviser Gary Wolfram explains. G : CNN credits airlines for improved on-time performance B : NBCs Sunday Night Football pulls eco-publicity... continue reading
Going Green Puts Business in the Red Green may be the new black in the media, but it can leave companies in the red. As reports of businesses trying to go green fill the television screen, Business & Media Institute takes a look at the other, more costly side of the story. Your opinion counts help us improve! We want to know what you think! Just click on the link below to take our quick and confidential survey, which should take no more than five minutes of your time. Its completely anonymous; no identifying information will be collected or kept... continue reading
Are You Afraid of the News? Happy Halloween. News reports are a fright fest these days with Planet in Peril, a freefall in the stock market and the threat of superbugs. The media make it sound like the end of the world. Yes, you should be afraid of the news. Journalists See 'Crisis' Where Even Economists Aren't Sure Is the economy half-full, half-empty or even empty? The experts disagree, but reporters made up their minds a long time ago. G : BusinessWeek: Spending on greenhouse gas cutting efforts dubious B : CNN: Perception of recession trumps economic fundamentals U :... continue reading
Media Worry About Another Black Monday This week marks the unhappy milestone of Black Monday for Wall Street, which had some journalists warning it could happen again. Even if it doesnt, the media hammered home the prospect of a possible recession. In fact, just since September 1 the network evening broadcasts have been downbeat about the economy because of housing, oil or jobs almost daily. Real Debate Questions for GOP Candidates Voters need to know what presidential candidates would do with their money. These questions would get answers. G : Dr. William Gray Speaks Out on Global Warming B :... continue reading
Senate Could Vote Soon on Return of U.N. Sea Treaty Reagan Opposed Youve heard about the race for oil that global warming is supposed to bring to the Arctic. But you probably havent heard about the Law of the Sea Treaty, which governs offshore territory. After all, isnt everyone on board with signing it? The truth is, theyre not because it could enter the U.S. into massive international regulations. Beware of Following Michigan's Steps Down the Road to Serfdom Economically troubled state ironically turned to tax increases - a move that won't help its financial standing any time soon. G... continue reading