The Balance Sheet

Media Pave the Way for Next President to 'Cap' U.S. Energy Use Advocates and the media have compared global warming to World War II. To fight a threat portrayed that urgently, politicians are now pushing cap-and-trade, a massive bureaucracy that would limit Americans energy use, take taxpayers money, and raise prices. Book Review: CACI's London Makes Strong Defense of 'Good Name' Account from technology firm shows businesses can take a stand against bad reporting and flourish. G: Good Morning America showcases 'glimmers of light' in lending industry B: 'Nightly News': Increase in Spam sales indicates a bad economy U: Reporter:... continue reading
Special Report: The Great Media Depression The Great Depression was the darkest economic period in American history yet the mainstream media continue to cite it as a point of comparison in 2008. In fact, media coverage of the Bear Stearns financial scare this spring was four times more negative than that of the 1929 stock market crash. Hop into the BMI time machine. The Medias Drastic No-Confidence Vote on Economy BMI Vice President Dan Gainor unpacks the findings of BMIs latest study on journalists comparisons to the Great Depression. G: Post exposes union leaders tactics B: BusinessWeek blogs on Recession... continue reading
Pressure Builds on Oil Companies - from Lawmakers, Media and Candidates Oil executives told the Senate about the same old supply and demand again on May 21. Democratic presidential candidates are pushing for a windfall profits tax. And journalists are covering it without explaining the oil market and companies existing taxes. Econ 101: Old MacDonald Had a Subsidy As Dr. Gary Wolfram explains, the veto-proof farm bill shows the power of politics to take and redistribute our money. G: Wall Street Journal finds new optimism on the economy B: CBS blames gas prices for swimming pool crisis in Louisville U:... continue reading
Media Make Economic Storms Out of Silver Linings The American news media declared the U.S. economy in free fall as it slowed in March of 2008. But much economic data hasnt supported that negative view. Recently journalists have wrung the negatives out of stronger-than-expected numbers for retail sales, consumer spending and economic growth, as well as lower-than-anticipated job losses. Despite some economists downgrading recession forecasts the media keep seeing the dark clouds. Drill the Wasteland, Not the Consumers Media's 'green is good' philosophy strangles our energy policy. G: NBC meteorologist: cooler waters, not global warming, behind tornadoes B: ABCs newest... continue reading
Polar Bear Scare Could Maul Energy Productio n Just how endangered are polar bears? The U.S. Department of the Interior must decide that by May 15. The media love the white furry creatures, ignoring growing populations in favor of global warming alarmism. If global warming is declared a threat to the polar bear, it opens the door for widespread regulation to protect them. (Click image for a larger version) G: ABCs Blakemore on advocacy journalism for global warming prevention B: CNN calls Obamas $150-billion energy proposal 'valuable' U: 'Evening News' distorts food inflation by reporting highest increases continue reading
Media Side with Anti-Coal Environmentalists Despite Urgent Power Needs Coal provides half of U.S. power. Yet anti-carbon activists are calling for Americans to stop using it. The industry gets little balanced coverage in a media climate filled with global warming advocacy. (Click image for a larger version) G: CNBC's Cramer blasts ethanol mandates B: 'Incredible shrinking rebate' now not good enough, says CBS U: Another Ted Turner prediction: more food riots to come continue reading
Networks Ignore Government's Role in Ethanol-Driven Global Food Crisis Food inflation. Rioting. Shortages. The world is feeling the effects of U.S. ethanol mandates, while Democratic presidential candidates advocate even more biofuels. It wasnt that long ago the media were hailing ethanol as the wave of the future. Voters Don't Care about Global Warming - but They Should In what's become Earth Month, the media press on as though it's Public Issue No. 1. G: ABCs Champion exposes recycled footage in An Inconvenient Truth B: Nightline echoes DNC talking point without checking math on gas prices U: Time Magazine doctors Iwo... continue reading
Nine Worst Business Stories (of the Last 50 Years) What makes a bad anti-business media report? Its one that is based on hype and/or faulty info and that causes a negative impact. Is the worst one that time NBC rigged the exploding truck? Check out our list. See Video of the Media Research Centers 2008 Dis Honors Awards! If you missed the MRC Dis Honors Awards, dont worry you can view highlights on! See funny media clips and presentations by Ann Coulter, Cal Thomas, Mark Levin, Rep. Mike Pence, and Rep. Tom Tancredo. Hear Tony Snows remarks on accepting... continue reading
Media Pile on Airlines over 'Safety Concerns' Recent flight cancellations for plane inspections have had networks criticizing airlines again, though the Federal Aviation Administration admitted its own fault in inspection oversight. The overall safety of air travel often gets lost in reporting on the industry. Econ 101: ElectionWatch: Presidents Shouldn't Have 'Plans' Candidates race to present plans for the economy, education, health care and global warming - but a planned economy has never worked before. G: Honest ethanol reporting in the unlikeliest of places B: '60 Minutes attacks foreign investment from sovereign wealth funds U: World News broadcasts playbook for... continue reading
Media Pit 'Main Street' Against Wall Street Its a tired comparison: Wall Street versus Main Street, and youre hearing it in the presidential campaign and media coverage of the economy. Does one rise when the other falls? Or are the interests of Wall Street and Main Street connected? Gore Campaigns to Win Over 'Tiny, Tiny Minority' $300-million propaganda launch gets a complete pass from supportive media. G: WaPo: Housing market not bad for everyone B: 'Evening News' finds foreclosure victim who was paid to leave U: CBS hypes rising sea levels in one-sided global warming report continue reading