Leave it to CNN’s “American Morning” to just not get it when it comes to curbing the growth of government. “[T]he House last night voted to authorize this new children’s health insurance program – $35 billion additional funding over five years. The Senate’s going to take it up in the next couple of days. President Bush is vowing to veto it. Why? Is that going to hurt him and Republicans as well?” asked a dumbfounded John Roberts on the September 26 “American Morning.” But Bush has explained on several occasions that the bill “goes too far toward federalizing health care.”... continue reading
Andrew Rosenthal, who oversees the editorial board as editorial page editor for the Times, is taking readers' questions this week, and is busily revealing his classicallyTimesian (liberal) view of the world. "But there are enormous issues facing this country in the economy, health care, education, crime, terrorism, the war in Iraq. It is our job to keep those issues front and center for our readers. We believe that the war in Iraq has gone disastrously wrong, and that it is vital to keep writing about it and yes, President Bush's missteps, mistakes and misrepresentations are central to that story. Similarly,... continue reading
In an attempt to dredge up old fears about beauty products, Marie Claire alarmed readers with an onslaught of one-sided experts and arguments about why you should be more concerned with what you put on your body than what you put in it. In an attempt to dredge up old fears about beauty products, Marie Claire alarmed readers with an onslaught of one-sided experts and arguments about why you should be more concerned with what you put on your body than what you put in it. The magazine’s October issue, featured an article on ‘Eco-beauty’ that was supposed to recount... continue reading
If there were any question that labor unions are an outdated institution, CBS has cleared that up. “CBS Evening News” business correspondent Anthony Mason explained to viewers why the United Auto Workers decided to walk off of the job at General Motors (NYSE: GM) plants nationwide . “This is a tactical move by the UAW in part to show its members that it's still fighting for them, because it's about to make a monumental concession, and that is taking over control of retiree health care benefits from GM,” said CBS correspondent Anthony Mason on September 24. Those health care benefits... continue reading
Occasional TV critic Ginia Bellafantejustcouldn'tkeep politics out of her review of new NBC action-drama "Journeyman," which made its debut Monday night. The first episode of "Journeyman" featured Dan, an accidental time-traveler and hero of the story, convincing a woman not to abort her child, which Bellafante finds provacative. In her Monday review of the show (avoiding spoilers), Bellafante sniffed: "What hangs in the balance is never the fate of the world, or even just the possible aversion of a major crisis. Dan doesn't find himself in 1977 to alter the course of the New York City blackout. He arrives to... continue reading
On Monday, the day Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his controversial appearance at Columbia University, Michael Slackman wrote from Tehran wondering what all the fuss was about ("U.S. Focus on Ahmadinejad Puzzles Iranians"). Slackman soft-pedaled both Ahmadinejad'ssignificance and his Holocaust denial and dreams of Israel's annihilation, as merely "provocative remarks," and accused the West of "demonizing" the Iranian president. "But it is because of his provocative remarks , like denying the Holocaust and calling for Israel to be wiped off the map, that the United States and Europe have never known quite how to handle him. In demonizing Mr. Ahmadinejad,... continue reading
Now we must save the polar bear – so that we can kill it? In the October 1 Time Magazine – an issue that is dedicated to “who owns the Arctic” – Managing Editor Richard Stengel compares two Arctic regions that have been affected by the warmer swing in temperatures in the northern regions of Norway and Canada. Stengel reported on two different Arctic attitudes based on what two Time reporters are telling him. In Norway, the people are “delighted” because they are now able to harvest natural gas reserves. But people in Canada’s Nunavut territory are “not so sanguine.”... continue reading
On September 30, a Sunday – the Lord's Day in the Christian church – San Francisco will host the Folsom Street Fair, perhaps the most hedonistic event held in public in America . The fair is the San Francisco homosexual community's annual celebration of promiscuity, sadomasochism and debauchery. The ad for this year's fair mocks Da Vinci's The Last Supper, with a half-naked beefcake Christ and disciples bedecked in all manner of leather and chains. The bread and wine of The Last Supper are replaced with sex toys. Many Christian groups have expressed outrage. Will the national media cover the... continue reading
Want a good laugh? Suggest to liberal presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that her universal health coverage plan falls in line with socialized medicine. Problem is – it’s her doing the laughing. So what’s so funny – that Clinton ’s health coverage plan mandates all citizens must have coverage (which she calls a choice) or that according to Clinton , it’s now that business wants to have its feet held to the fire and be forced to provide coverage or pay a penalty? “[I]t is not only a moral imperative that we try to cover everyone, it is now an economic... continue reading
Gas prices have gone down again, bringing more journalistic wondering of when they’ll rise again – but this time, with a twist. CNN’s Kiran Chetry reported on the September 24 “American Morning” that gas prices dropped “in the last couple of weeks to a national average of $2.79 a gallon,” but Ali Velshi later warned that “you’re going to expect your gas prices to go up.” “How long can it last?” John Roberts asked Velshi in the “Minding Your Business” segment. Velshi responded, “There are all sorts of people saying that there are all sorts of theories about how gasoline... continue reading